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Briffin - why do you do this to me? by weinerdogriffin
Briffin - why do you do this to me?by you are my enemy
Billy bullies Griffin with his friends to let out his anger. Billy then starts to regret everything he has done. He wants to be forgiven by Griffin. But Griffin doesn't...
lucent | chatfic, tbp by stxrghosted
lucent | chatfic, tbpby - 𝗋𝗈𝗌𝗂𝖾.
𝐓𝐁𝐏 | 𝘨𝘢𝘺𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘢 𝘤𝘪𝘳𝘤𝘭𝘦 (SLOW UPDATES!!) brance, rinney, briffin 2023 | stxrghosted
Hate to Love You (RINNEY) by i_love_tbp123
Hate to Love You (RINNEY)by i_love_tbp123
This is an enemies to lovers rinney book! Warnings: curse words maybe spice(no smut) f-slur (dw im one of them queers) abuse blood maybe more, not sure rn!
SLEEPLESS ;; tbp chatfic by luvjaist
SLEEPLESS ;; tbp chatficby luvjaist
just a groupchat full of goofballs ❤️
A TBP Chatfic by River_ashley
A TBP Chatficby Ashley/Ash/Ashes🏳️‍🌈
The missing kids have a GC and has 2023 humor Finneys bullies (Matty,Matt, and Buzz) well be added later on in the Fic and get Abused by Vance and Bruce This is a colla...
Mr. Lone boy by EinsteinWanna-be
Mr. Lone boyby EinsteinWanna-be
Nobody really knows Griffin. He prefers to be alone. Billy, however, is a popular kid. He enjoys to be with people, especially Griffin. Griffin thinks Billy is extremely...
The black phone Groupchat Becoz I CAN by AbbysSh1tyStories
The black phone Groupchat Becoz AbbysSh1tyStories
Chatfic about TBP lolz THEY DONT HAVE THEIR NORMAL PERSONALITYS IN THIS !!! main ships are rinney, brance and briffin 🤭 I drew the profile cover ANGST PARTS LMAOAO The...
enchanted •°{°•*} // tbp by luvelymason
enchanted •°{°•*} // tbpby luvelymason
_| C H A T F I C !! X REAL LIFE robinsadmirer:: O H. M Y. G O D robinsadmirer:: GUESS WHO JUST WINKED AT ME!!???!!1??!1? billysfuckboy:: the principal duhh who else pi...
enemies to lovers (improved one) by Jen470
enemies to lovers (improved one)by Jen
2 boys bound to hate each other for a typa reason, how will they end up becoming friends or perhaps boyfriends or even husband's..?
Classfight(tbp chatfic) by VanceHopperKinnie
Classfight(tbp chatfic)by Heyyo!!
I made this as a joke!! -IRLfic AND chatfic -Modern AU -no Grabber -Ages and shit in the first chapter -Griffin and Vance are stepbrothers -There will be ships!
tbp chatfic 🤷‍♀️ by overlydramaticcvnt
tbp chatfic 🤷‍♀️by fullofshit
ships: robin x finney (rinney) bruce x vance (brance) billy x griffin (briffin) the ages are 15-16
bootylicious😻|tbp Chatfic Sequel☏ by Itsyagurlbackagain
bootylicious😻|tbp Chatfic Sequel☏by theyluvholly★
Sequel to pookies And this is such garbage oml
Don't say it. (Rinney, Brance, Briffin) by Pluto_55
Don't say it. (Rinney, Brance, Pluto_55
Vance: Robin is gayer than me, like, that boy has hearts in his eyes whenever he looks at F- Robin: I guess we'll never know what he had to say. Bruce: I leave you guys...
Hallucinations by EinsteinWanna-be
Hallucinationsby EinsteinWanna-be
After the incident with the Grabber, Finney realized he can still see the missing kids. However, he believes they're just stupid hallucinations. When he goes to the fai...
Rinney oneshots  by Alb3rt_Einstein
Rinney oneshots by Alb3rt_Einstein
I don't feel the need to explain anymore :)
🎸 -  TBP chatfic 📞 by SeedlingCanary
🎸 - TBP chatfic 📞by ☆ Finnely
Please read the information page before continuing ^^ A TBP (The Black Phone) based chatfic! I own no characters featured in this book <3
The black phone//random stuff//chatfic// by orphan_fruitrollup
The black phone//random stuff// URLOCALTOASTSTEALER
I'm bad at this so- Will most likely include ships but I will go over that in the info sheet/page so yeah- Instagram(maybe?), chatfic, irl
tbp chatfic/irl by Maxthecoolone
tbp chatfic/irlby Maxcheese
ig this is a au where the ghost boys survive, robins mom is still there, terrence is not abusive anymore he got better and stopped drinking, gwen and donna are bff, donn...