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Y/n slander by izzy_da_dum_bish
Y/n slanderby issame_adumbish
We fully support y/n slander here❤️🥰
The three yandere's (PPG x RRB) /Completed/ by RRBxPPGships
The three yandere's (PPG x RRB) / RRBxPPGships
A tale of three Brocken girls all sisters, and have the same age, but obviously Blossom is the the oldest, and Buttercup is the second oldest, and Bubbles is the third o...
#truelove story of white emily pick me girl and 'cute boy' in her class by iloevme
#truelove story of white emily ☆
this is the product of a boring sleepover this "story" is ass don't read
Fixing brocken dracko  by idhdksndidn
Fixing brocken dracko by idhdksndidn
Mcaighleigh Snifflecock is a transfer to hogwarts school for wizardry and witchness. She is so timid and week and feels so alone on her first day, and it gets worse when...
Fnf Chatfic!!! (cancelled) by ienjoy_frog
Fnf Chatfic!!! (cancelled)by Chipss
!cover art not mine! There aren't enough of these fr fr This was a request!! Sorry it's so late i had another request sorry I cancelled it, I just can't find the time...
Her tomorrow  by bookasmyloyalfriend
Her tomorrow by Emma
She was a person who lived her life fr no particular reason... till... She never had anyone to live for though she had everyone. she was the invisible person , for evero...
I'm Not Like Other Girls by bluuluvsu
I'm Not Like Other Girlsby 𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖚!
She's different. She's not like other girls.
Donald Trump x Bibble by noxoid_
Donald Trump x Bibbleby Nox<3
i am bored and this happened no i am not mentally well
Douma x Kotoha heehee by Cutebean17
Douma x Kotoha heeheeby Cucumber_🥒
IDK WHY BUTTTTT.. I like modern au's a lot for some reason SOO ima make another one here's my failed description: Kotoha's husband was very abusive towards Inosuke ( in...
Enemies to Lovers - Elmo x Kermit by xElmyWelmyx
Enemies to Lovers - Elmo x Kermitby Emly Welym
Elmo's heart belongs to eshay man kermit, but when cookie's yandere personality gets in the way, will kermit come to save the day?
My Saviour | Rin X Reader by Sticker_3rdA
My Saviour | Rin X Readerby Sticker_3rdA
y/N didn't exactly hate her life, but as the second born she of an elite exorcist family she had to uphold all expectations and reputations of the family- her tyrannical...
Trajity anf Pane by Boothebanana
Trajity anf Paneby rin
This is just a cursed story please don't take any of this seriously and no hate, if you don't like it go away this is just for content Warnings: CRINGE 🥰 - RLY GROSS...
die pls (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL👴🏻🕶🤏🏻) by SnorpMorp
die pls (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL👴🏻🕶🤏 Child eater
welcome back lovelies👹👹👹😈😈😈😈👀👀👀 #girlboss
Just a shitpost by me_when-the
Just a shitpostby me_when-the
Y/N is just a high school student trying to live life, except, they have a secret. It was a normal day of school until the new kids showed up, completely sweeping Y/N o...
Booty juice😈(Erejean, Jeaeren.)  by wassupbozo
Booty juice😈(Erejean, Jeaeren.) by Totallynotjaspery
Basically me and my friend were having a virtual sleepover till shit got really suspicious and I started saying "Draw Eren sitting on my face." And then we jus...
Attaction 🙂🧢❤️ by SoHaYoon4
Attaction 🙂🧢❤️by jeon Ha-Yoon
Hey gys Lets enjoy mah new story No description about හිතුවා.ලිව්වා upload කරා
random shit 🏃‍♂️💨 by SatanReadsGayShit
random shit 🏃‍♂️💨by Satan
Posting random stuff about me and what happens in my everyday shit ass life