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addicted to you by slinky443
addicted to youby slinky443
"Jor look around kooks and pogues giving you all this attention any boy would kill to have this many girls want him" "Kie they aren't the girl I want atte...
Magcon Imagines by abbarae
Magcon Imaginesby ARC
I wrote this when I was like 14 and it's trash, but feel free to read and judge my trash writing skills.
He changed everything by madelinebay
He changed everythingby madelinebay
Madi is your typical teenage girl. Obsesses over cute boys and shopping. What happens when she runs into her idol somewheres? Somehow this boy changes her life, but some...
My crush x by readingx_x
My crush xby readingx_x
This story is about your dream life with your crush so in it will be y/c and y/n. This is going to be a very getting butterflies in your stomach story and maybe a few di...
Adopted by magcon by miss_alexandra_hood
Adopted by magconby Alexandra Brown
Millie gets adopted by magcon. What happens when she grows feels for one of the guys? Who is it? Will they feel the same?
What If I'm Happy Here? (Shawn Mendes) by shawn_stuff
What If I'm Happy Here? (Shawn M O
It's just life with him. Nothing unusual, we were just happy together... all these years.
It's You by kiersyy
It's Youby Kiersy
Katie Jones works at her small family owned diner, when two blue eyed boys come to the small town and shake things up. "Go ahead and leave, Mr. Famous, I didn't ex...
Shawn mendes imagines  by newuserr14
Shawn mendes imagines by newuserr14
This are imagines of Shawn mendes written in English I hope you like it. Tones of love!!!!💖💖 ( I'm from Spain so my English is not perfect but I try ) There's also ano...
A kiss is a kiss ,so I though  by Nicoleswaysu
A kiss is a kiss ,so I though by Nicoleswaysu
I'm not a fan of anything you do but what happens when I meet you, how would I react? Would my opinion change or will it stay the same?