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La Mafia Rusa  by CLJauregui18
La Mafia Rusa by Yamilee CL
Camreng¡p (Lauren) Lauren es hija única de uno de los más temidos e importantes mafioso Ruso. Sus objetivos son claros en cuanto a liderar el imperio de su papá, pero t...
Love and Betrayal by camilzer
Love and Betrayalby NeverBeIntoIt
It had been 18 years since Lauren Jauregui left Charolette Falls. All these years later and she finds herself back in that small town after her father's passing. Camila...
SAVE ME [Camren Original] by moonsun_light0726
SAVE ME [Camren Original]by moonsun_light0726
Chief Inspector Camila Cabello of Cambridge Station 4 in UK was respected by the citizens there, she was loved because of her good deeds that the citizens always see and...
Calamity by SurfacePressure
Calamityby SurfacePressure
Camila Cabello likes to think that she was destined for greatness. How could she not? She's sharp, level-headed, and sometimes too smart for her own good. As she steadil...
Care For Me (camren fanfic) by christinacuevas0
Care For Me (camren fanfic)by lizzy_camren12
lauren and camila had there ups and downs, they would constantly argue with each other all the time, but there was always a soft spot between the two, they would care fo...
ADaaD(A Dollar and a Dream) by awsomness_01
ADaaD(A Dollar and a Dream)by awsomness_01
This story isn't mine! No Copyright or plagiarism intended. The person who originally converted this Britanna fic deleted it and I've missed it. I found it and decided t...
Romantic Harmony (5H One Shots) by NickiBoog
Romantic Harmony (5H One Shots)by Gay Author
A collection of stories featuring all the Fifth Harmony "ships"! Camren, Laurmani, Norminah, Alren, Laurinah, Caminah, Normally, Normila, etc. Enjoy!
Someone To Watch Over Me by SeeThroughMySoul
Someone To Watch Over Meby LoveItIfWeMadeIt
A camren one shot. PS: All credit goes to Sharon Wajda as she wrote this story and I just converted it into a camren fanfic. XX
The Mistress Of A Married Woman  by SunrisexCamren
The Mistress Of A Married Woman by 𝓙𝓮𝓻𝓰𝓲
Lauren Jauregui is a highly powerful, influential businesswoman and married to Katherine Kingston, daughter of a very powerful, influential businessman. Even having thre...
The New Transfer Student by MaysTheShit
The New Transfer Studentby MaysTheShit
❗GIP LAUREN❗ ⚠️⚠️plz do not ignore the first chapter, it's very important on what you're gonna read and my experience.⚠️⚠️ DESCRIPTION: Camila's life is normal. Although...
Once a cheater aways a cheater  by Koolkatjade26
Once a cheater aways a cheater by Koolkatjade26
I say "I Told you Dinah" I sigh looking down. "Once a cheater always a cheater"
The Vampire Bet by 5HCamren5H727
The Vampire Betby 5HCamren5H727
Lauren inhaled her favorite scent deeply. "Please don't leave me." She whispered. "I love you." "You need to learn to love yourself first."...
text messages by Olicty
text messagesby BLINK 🖤💓
New message from: Unknown ✉✉✉
Diary About Her by Olicty
Diary About Herby BLINK 🖤💓
Gdzie Lauren w pamiętniku opisuje swoje uczucia do nowo poznanej dziewczyny i ich nie do końca łatwą relację. Krótkie wpisy.
SMUTS (gxg and g!p) by moaningcamilasname
SMUTS (gxg and g!p)by camrens 3rd member
This is a smut book :) Some of these stories are from Ao3 and Tumblr but mostly I wrote them. Credits go to all the owners Enjoy 😊 Twitter 🕺💃
The Lies We Tell (LGBT Fanfic) by NickiBoog
The Lies We Tell (LGBT Fanfic)by Gay Author
A group of 17 year old seniors who attend Valley High School in Miami, Florida are collectively living and telling the same lie! They each have a similar secret that the...
Stronger Than Us (Camren) by Fallen_Angel_1975
Stronger Than Us (Camren)by Fallen_Angel_1975
Camila and Lauren have finally found each other again after many years. Lauren is a WNBA star and Camila is a successful sports medicine doctor. However, something or...
At least one year by celinadwd
At least one yearby celinadwd
Living abroad isn't so bad, is it? The German native Camila is staying in the United States for an Au Pair-year. Leaving behind her family and friends she makes it her g...
My Person ↞Camren↠ by dcrkscul
My Person ↞Camren↠by The Cult
A bet was made that set the bar for what the future of two childhood best friends would be like. Lauren finds herself reconnecting with her childhood best friend Camila...