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Trackside Serendipity by Sebbantom
Trackside Serendipityby Sebbantom
''Serendipity: finding interesting or valuable things by chance.'' Y/N and Carlos Sainz's paths briefly cross during the Monaco GP. Nothing happens, but it leaves an ind...
HIGH & DRIVING | oscar piastri by tributefilms
HIGH & DRIVING | oscar piastriby 𝒂𝒅𝒅𝒊𝒆 ﻬ
"feelin' like i just found god and the heaven that i never wanted." a half drunk conversation in a bar while hiding your profession wouldn't make you think co...
This story is about two people who have never met, but they know each other's lives a little to much for that. Katrin Horner a 20 years old girl who loves sport, mostly...
infinity | carlos sainz jr. by -midnightserendipity
infinity | carlos sainz adri
when they had always been around each other, and finally noticed. BOOK 1 OF THE HEARTBEATS SERIES carlos sainz jr x fem! oc
My brother's best friend by carlosfanboy
My brother's best friendby f1_lover_forever
Matthew, Lando's twin brother, will meet his brother's best friend, Carlos, and little by little he will begin to get to know him better and over time feelings towards h...
hearts on track (on hold) by Ellenqatqe
hearts on track (on hold)by Elle🫶
Carlos has a wrist injury and can't compete in the 2022 season. His replace driver, Madeline, causes waves in the paddock and in her new teammate, Charles leclerc. Will...
Always be there for you (Maxiel)  by charl0s_lest4ppen
Always be there for you (Maxiel) by
Where Daniel finds out that Max has been hiding something or someone from him..
LISBOA // LANDO NORRIS by NandoSainz33
But "best friends' don't look at each other like that.
Carrera de Pasiones { Max Verstappen } by Aliixwritxr
Carrera de Pasiones { Max Ali S.
En un mundo donde la velocidad y la elegancia se encuentran en constante contraste, dos personas extraordinarias persiguen sus sueños en los opuestos extremos del espect...
drive or die by vroomvroomcarsvroom
drive or dieby tills
carlos sainz x oc! carlos broke up with his girl friend of 5 years (isa) because he didn't feel a connection with her anymore. little does he know she never got over him...
Little Sainz🩰 by IndieStarkey
Little Sainz🩰by Roma Sainz
Roma sainz! I don't know what to write in here also I cba so just read and lmk
Sweet lies | Lando Norris by ariastoryy8
Sweet lies | Lando Norrisby aria
Brianna Harrison, 19 years old girl from England, who came to Monaco to study in University. Her life was so uncomplicated until she met him again...
Flamethrower | A Leclerc Story  by malfoythegod
Flamethrower | A Leclerc Story by malfoythegod
Meanwhile Astrid was fighting for her own life, remembering she can't undo the unavoidable. She is going to have to push through the stillbirth. "How could he do th...