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The Last Human (A Cars Fanfic) by Itzaclaurdz
The Last Human (A Cars Fanfic)by Itzaclaurdz
Aaayyyyyeeeeee Itzaclaurdz here! my fav franchise is getting a third and last movie, so I thought, why not make a fanfic in honor of it? I'm still working on my third...
Cars headcannons  by Enehu13
Cars headcannons by zare 1028 channel
basically headcannons about the cars movie and the characters in the movies
Cars: The Adventure with Humans by dong3474
Cars: The Adventure with Humansby JZackKDM
One day, three siblings, Kevin, Robin and Lena, cleared a warehouse, then three guys find a mysterious stone. But when the shined, the dimension portal was created, Kevi...
Paw Patrol: Cars 3 by Ericjrwatsongmail
Paw Patrol: Cars 3by Eric Watson
Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast cars, the legendary Lighting McQueen and the gang finds themselves pushed out of the sport that they love. Hoping to get b...
Jackson storm x reader by tiredhypnos
Jackson storm x readerby THATONEHUMP
Jackson storm x reader Human au What Happens when Jackson storm starts to take interest in the leader of his pit crew?
Adopted by McQueen (humanized) Book One by bookwriter1235
Adopted by McQueen (humanized) Britt
Chloe is a 9 year old girl in Creek of Angels Orphanage. Her parents died when she was only a baby. The crazy guard of the orphanage, Mrs Nelson, abuses Chloe for her ow...
Cars: Story of Jackson Storm by dong3474
Cars: Story of Jackson Stormby JZackKDM
Subsequent story of Jackson Storm defeated Cruz Ramirez in Florida 500. And mystery secrets divided into truth and lie... The story of the new racer Jackson Storm, seeki...
Human! Cars x Reader | one-shots by mutualdisorderr
Human! Cars x Reader | one-shotsby Medusa
Hi! there isn't a lot of writing in the cars fandom so I thought I'd made some! Will take requests!! : ), just comment who you'd like to see. None of the characters bel...
Adopted by McQueen (humanized) Book 2  by bookwriter1235
Adopted by McQueen (humanized) Britt
The season is over for racing. McQueen and Chloe arrive back in Radiator Springs to relax. Chloe then hears about the World Grand Prix Race around the world. And the Ita...
Driven to Win by CarsFanFudge95
Driven to Winby Fabulous Cars Crazy Fudge 95
Fudge is a human girl, who dreams of being a racer, but has been forbidden from doing so by her older surrogate brother, Lightning McQueen. With the arrival of the Next...
Cars (1-3) Oneshots by goldenfreddyoffcial
Cars (1-3) Oneshotsby Golden DJarin
This is where you can request any Cars character to be in a story.
Cruzing in the Storm (Cars 3 fanfic) by homeofallfandomz
Cruzing in the Storm (Cars 3 Hiii
(may be spoilers if you havent seen Cars 3) After the Florida 500, Cruz is getting use to becoming a racer and living her dream, with Lightning as her coach she feels...
Cars 3: The New Rival by ronmer545XYZ
Cars 3: The New Rivalby ronmer545XYZ
This story exists in an alternate universe where Lightning McQueen beats Jackson Storm using drifting. Now, Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, Cal Weathers, Bobby Swift a...
Cars One-shots by Lightning95McQueen
Cars One-shotsby Hannah
Some cute and maybe funny one-shots about Lightning McQueen and other cars in Radiator Springs.
101 Dalmatians: Cars 3 by Ericjrwatsongmail
101 Dalmatians: Cars 3by Eric Watson
Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast cars, the legendary Lighting McQueen and The Dalmatian Squad finds themselfs pushed out of the sport that they really love...
The Dash to Victory | A Cars Story by TheOverzealousOne
The Dash to Victory | A Cars Storyby TheOverzealousOne
In a compelling struggle over who to trust, Andrew "Dash" Boltarius gradually uncovers the truth about his past one step at a time. Various tragedies befall th...
Fanfic: In The Fast Lane by seeyarori
Fanfic: In The Fast Laneby seeyarori
Disclaimer, this is NOT my story. The author gave me special permission to post this on wattpad. She will be credited in the story. The story begins way back before Car...
Cars 🏁 Human AU 🏁 Jackson Storm X Diamond 🏁 My OC 💙 by ivankac171
Cars 🏁 Human AU 🏁 Jackson 💙Gina Glamrock💙
It's been a few months since The Florida 500. A new racer had join the racing center and SHE was the most beautiful person in the world and everyone are stunned and shoc...
Lightning Storm by TaranahCalisto
Lightning Stormby Rose Lovato
All that Jackson Storm ever wanted was defeating Lightning McQueen. But when Cruz replaced Lightning and won the Race.Jackson lost his chance. And when McQueen retired f...
Cars 3 Valentine's Day Short Story by DisneyPixarFanboy
Cars 3 Valentine's Day Short Storyby DisneyPixarFanboy
It's Valentine's Day in the world of Cars, as well as the day for another race. Jackson Storm doesn't want anything to do with all the Valentine cards, candy, or anythin...