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The Rogue's Mate by CeCeAnnT
The Rogue's Mateby CeCe.
Alpha's aren't all that. Trust me.
A love against all odds (student/teacher) SAMPLE due to publishing by lexia_09
A love against all odds (student/ lexia_09
The last year of senior school is a tough year for 17 year old Cassy. The finals are close and with that in mind she's isn't too keen in spending time with her boyfriend...
Pure Blood (UNEDITED) by stefymay
Pure Blood (UNEDITED)by Stephanie May
Growing up alone in the forest Snow is faced with constant attacks from male wolves. She doesn't trust them until she stumbles onto Hunter. The Alpha's son and future Al...
Being Bitten by MADcreations
Being Bittenby MAD
Juliette is a human. Your typical quiet girl, the one who's always listening to music and blocking herself out of the world. Romeo is a werewolf. He's your typical popul...
A Message From My Ex (Completed) by LeAsianSupahstah
A Message From My Ex (Completed)by Aria Calliope
After 10 years in a relationship, Lindsey breaks up with her loving boyfriend, Chris. After a year, Chris who is still devastated receives an anonymous love letter. Ch...
Love, Lust and Zombie Guts. by JessCanFlyy
Love, Lust and Zombie Jess
How many hours are in a day when you don't spend half of them watching television? When is the last time any of us really worked for something that we wanted? How long h...
Secrets & Spies (Complete) by TheLittleBookMonster
Secrets & Spies (Complete)by TheLittleBookMonster
Juggling school, studying and being a spy was something that Patricia had to do on a daily basis. That definitely doesn't make her your ordinary teenager. Whilst on the...
Secrets of a Tomboy by TaraLDeclan
Secrets of a Tomboyby Tara L. Declan
Who ever said being a tomboy was easy, they were so wrong. Especailly when you face the struggles of growing up and dating. Andie is a seventeen year old farm girl a.k.a...
Letters from Vietnam [Watty Awards 2012] by hayley_renee
Letters from Vietnam [Watty Hayley
Angela's day started out like any other day. She slept, she got up, and she got the mail. She didn't even know how much that one small task could change her life forever...
18 years later with the Alpha by JazzTayla
18 years later with the Alphaby Jazz Tayla
Sequel to Dating the Alpha It is set eighteen years later from my last chapter of Dating the alpha. People are back from the past but is it a good thing or a bad thing?
Foxblood: Rise of the Hellion (WattyAward 2012 Finalist) by foxifae
Foxblood: Rise of the Hellion ( Raquel Lyon
The sequel to Foxblood: A Brush with the Moon. Something’s stalking Sophie and it’s not just her boyfriend’s cute cousin. Pulled from a life of obscurity and chosen to s...
His Name was Noah by thumbelinawithapen
His Name was Noahby thumbelinawithapen
Creaky old house - check. Strange and unexplainable occurrences - check. Handsome boy that lives in the mirror? - CHECK. Cassandra Reynolds is finally living a dream, he...
Watty Awards 2012 Interviews - Round Two by yme123
Watty Awards 2012 Interviews - yme123
Interviews with the showcase finalists of 2012.
How I Love You. [EDITING] by BubblesLovesYou
How I Love You. [EDITING]by Sabrina J. Styles
How can you lose someone who means literally everything to you, especially when you find out things you wish you knew before anything deepened between you both? How can...
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Excuse My Charisma (Student/Teacher) by Affirmation
Excuse My Charisma (Student/ Bianca
Action Romance. Watty Awards 2012. Book 1 of The Finnigan Chronicles. Aly Finnan is the quiet school girl, that is until she 'meets' mysterious Jasper Renn. Ever since s...
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Stuck with Stupid (NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON) by sassysmartgurl93
Stuck with Stupid (NOW PUBLISHED Tiffany Ford
This story is published on and available in paperback and kindle After a tragic car accident leaves them orphaned, Rachel Colt and Aaron Michaels have no one...
Hockey Love by NousSommesHiver
Hockey Loveby Kayla
[Book 1] In Calgary and Edmonton, Hockey is not the only big thing going on. Marie and all of her friends are very excited to go to the World Juniors. When Marie gets...