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A ghoulish Assassination (Tokyo Ghoul and Assassination classroom Crossover) by Marina-Is-Amazing
A ghoulish Assassination (Tokyo Marina
When Kaneki awakes in a new world to the sight of a big yellow octopus he isn't sure what to think. While this world may not have CCG... There is another problem. If Kan...
Hell on Earth (Tokyo Ghoul x HOTD) by DarkOneTAS
Hell on Earth (Tokyo Ghoul x HOTD)by Dixon_FanZ
This is a Tokyo Ghoul and High School of the dead crossover. The world before kaneki changed after accepting his ghoul side. Everything changed when the news report of...
CCG's Top Ghoul ~ Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic by animeandmusic
CCG's Top Ghoul ~ Tokyo Ghoul Anime Lover~!
What if there was a ghoul in the CCG? She is stronger than anyone has ever seen but she doesn't know how to use her Kagune. She is only half ghoul. What makes her join C...
Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki and Amon by Luna_240
Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki and Amonby Luna Black
What would have happened if Amon stumbled apon Jason being cannibalized by an all too familiar ghoul in the 11th ward raid? Would Amon get the answers he was looking for...
ETO'S HUMAN PET (ETO X OC) Tokyo Ghoul by OkraTheSinOfWriting
ETO'S HUMAN PET (ETO X OC) Tokyo OkraTheSinOfWriting
hey guys here's my second Eto story pls support and leave a comment enjoy !
The Legend of Armstrong by johndoethemaster
The Legend of Armstrongby John Jimmy
Fuck it. This will be a story with no ships. We'll be doing a smart Senator Armstrong x Tokyo ghoul. -Images and gifs aren't mine -This is my work only
A Gory Love (RenjiXReader) by Amethyst_The_Otaku
A Gory Love (RenjiXReader)by Amethyst (left)
After the death of your late uncle, he left a share house that he owned in your name, since he had no children. You moved to the 20th ward where he once lived and found...
Survivor (Tokyo Ghoul x Male Reader) by 8_Bit_Bastard
Survivor (Tokyo Ghoul x Male 8Bit Bastard
In the year 2007 a 14 year old orphan boy who apparently lost his parents to ghouls, Was recruited into a new "Training program" for the CCG along with 14 othe...
Centipedes in my ears by The_Daily_Prophet09
Centipedes in my earsby ♡Always♡
Kaneki Ken was born as a natural one-eyed ghoul. As an experiment made by the CCG, he's treated horribly. He's considered less than a person or even a ghoul. Torture, ca...
The Lightning Ghoul by JinkusuKyuketsuki
The Lightning Ghoulby JinkusuKyuketsuki
"They know me. My real name is Seraki, Seraki Hiyori." "I'm the ghoul named Lightning Ghoul." "I work- I grew up in Anteiku! I'll die protectin...
【心做し】 Kokoronashi 『Between Ghouls and Doves』 by SheaArkada
【心做し】 Kokoronashi 『Between Shealailly
Ayato started a mission for himself. He entered the building of the Doves/CCGs along with Eto and he became Juuzou's new companion after losing Yukinori Shinohara. That'...
The Black Knight (Tokyo Ghoul x Reader) by Alumina_
The Black Knight (Tokyo Ghoul x Alumina
'A world of peace and security. That doesn't sound too bad.' That thought ran through Y/n's mind. What this bandaged up girl was saying, could she actually achieve this...
the change  by XenZyn
the change by Xeno Zynn
this is an original fanfiction, maybe i'm the first one who make this one but i really hope you like it. danganronpa v3 x tokyo ghoul kokichi as juuzou if yha interested...
【Asphyxia】  seongjoong by CoffeeIsMyForte
【Asphyxia】 seongjoongby Sam
Ghouls. Creatures that relied on human flesh to survive. Hongjoong had always known they existed but he never gave them much thought. He was just an ordinary music stude...
No Face ~ Uta (Tokyo Ghoul) x Reader by Neko-Chan94
No Face ~ Uta (Tokyo Ghoul) x Neko-Chan
Fanfiction of Uta from Tokyo Ghoul (Spoiler if you haven't read the ;RE manga) !Content is not following the original storyline! |English is not my first language, there...
Juuzou Suzuya X Reader|Oneshots And Lemons by DevillXD
Juuzou Suzuya X Reader|Oneshots Dev
Started March 13, 2019 - Hiatus 7/17/20 | There is a Website Called that is stealing my works so please be aware of that ! This contains Sexual themes as we...
Tokyo Ghoul Became Real by Animegirl_45
Tokyo Ghoul Became Realby Animegirl_45
(Y/N) is a young teen that loves Tokyo ghoul. She acts tough and get into fights a lot. What would happen if characters from Tokyo Ghoul appeared into the real world. Wh...
Juuzou Suzuya ~ One Shots ♡  by Rei_Jason
Juuzou Suzuya ~ One Shots ♡ by Juuzou's waifu
Published this book on 9/6/21. Contains ~ * Lemons * Fluffs * Gore , etc. Hey Juuzou Simps, where y'all at ?
Tokyo Ghoul:RE - Forgotten Memories [CONCLUDED] by Gallexier
Tokyo Ghoul:RE - Forgotten Gallexier
Kaneki Ken. After the incident between CCG and Anteiku, Aogiri and another ghouls everyone receives the notice that Kaneki Ken is dead. Sasaki Haise. A new CCG agent , R...
Black Goat's Nest [DRAFT] by mochimaddnes
Black Goat's Nest [DRAFT]by Potato
A Kaneki is Harry story inspired by Sora Labyrinth's story, Home. Harry accidentally apparated to Tokyo during the summer after first year and got adopted by a widow nam...