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Barry Allen/Flash One Shots  by ogteamflashforever
Barry Allen/Flash One Shots by Theflashisbae
This will be different one shots of Barry Allen in his normal life and Flash life. Enjoy! Snowbarry and Superflash and some other ships in some stories. Requests are cl...
What Happens at the CCPD by sillygoose12
What Happens at the CCPDby Queen Silly Goose
One-shots (or Two-shots) about Barry at the CCPD and doing CSI stuff. There will be some reveals and crossovers. And there might be a few that don't really have anything...
Life with the Flash by urmom_hasacrushonme
Life with the Flashby Lili
Ok so I mean it's kinda in the title but there is a lot of smut and I mean A LOT 😏😉. It's basically about ur whole life with Barry from when you first met to when he...
Arrowverse One Shots by SuperFlashVibe
Arrowverse One Shotsby SuperFlash
Previously titled The Flash One Shots. Just some one shots. If you have any requests please feel free to put them in the comments. :) (Slow Updates) Rankings: April 4...
Sebastian and Barry Allen by ILoveAGoodBananaMe
Sebastian and Barry Allenby Kim
The flash x Glee It takes place in Central City after the final episode of The Flash ( Season 6 ). Barry calls Sebastian for help not only to take down Eva and get Iris...
The Meta Halstead.  by chicagopdfangirl
The Meta Halstead. by Ugly Potato
The world of Chicago PD and The Flash collide as the Halstead brothers have a Sister who turns into a Meta the day the particle accelerator. The city they all live in w...
Flash Frozen by ScarletWSilver
Flash Frozenby Scarlet W Silver
My name is Barry Allen. And I am the fastest man alive. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friends at S.T.A.R. L...
Broken (Flash x Reader) DISCONTINUED by ZulukIgnites
Broken (Flash x Reader) Axel
A young y/n is coming from a very terrible home. She went over to Jitters to talk to somebody very special to her. She soon found a friend that leads to the Particle Acc...
Flash fanfiction  by AlexeiQuinn04
Flash fanfiction by Alexei.Quinn
Barry being the youngest at 22 yrs old means he gets into Trouble,Even CCPD he gets in trouble,Wally and Iris are twins at 24 yrs old,Caitlin is 25 and is Killer Frost,C...
the bounty hunter and the metahuman | | supernatural, the flash by underworld-king
the bounty hunter and the Hades
" oh, i wish i hadn't seen that. " " scarred. for. life. " " the horror! " team free will move to central city after cas died to get a fres...
The Flash by nkButterCup
The Flashby nkButterCup
A 23 year old girl named Rosalynn Howe (Rose) moved to Central City. Where she met her best friend Iris West. Which also led her to meet Barry Allen. (The Flash) She wor...
The Streak's by bluejay219
The Streak'sby L.A.
What I'm about to tell you, you need too believe on the impossible. Can you do that? Good. My name is Y/n L/n: I am the fastest woman alive. And well Barry Allen, he's...
Joining Forces (#TwistFateChallenge) by AShruinger
Joining Forces ( Katt
*** #TwistFateChallenge FINALIST*** Based on The CW's "The Flash." Eddie loves Iris so much that he would do anything. Anything. Even exchange his goodness...f...
The courtroom (Flash spin off) by the-flash32
The courtroom (Flash spin off)by the-flash32
this is about Celine allen barry allens sister being a DA for the CCPD and her adventures through her life in and out of the courtroom
CURSED: WOLF -Seventeen by lejindaryoung
CURSED: WOLF -Seventeenby shinbabie<3
"What do you want from me?!" "Your blood... Chwe Hansol" ****** Chwe Hansol, a young boy in Central City, South Korea, is oblivious at the fact that...
Ophelia ϟ barry allen by -scarletspeedy
Ophelia ϟ barry allenby -scarletspeedy
❝Ophelia, you've been on my mind since the flood❞
In a Flash (Flash/Barry Allen x Velocity/Reader) Discontinued by IronManFan21
In a Flash (Flash/Barry Allen x IronManFan21
You are a Forensic Scientist for the CCPD. You work with Barry Allen, but you don't talk much. You normally don't talk in general unless you have to. The reason being yo...
The Girl on the Bench (The Flash Fanfiction) by Infinity_Warrior_969
The Girl on the Bench (The Flash Flutist
Renee Elizabeth Taylor, age 16, born in North Seattle, Washington. She used to live with her family until things got out of hand and she had to run away from home rather...