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LODOS by roketakimi
LODOSby Deniz & İnsan Evladı
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Tenkai Knights One Shots by UnlimitedWeirdness
Tenkai Knights One Shotsby UltimateRandomness
One shots of the tenkai knights. I don't own the tenkai knights. And if you want, you request one shots and I will do it.
Tenkai Knights : Our Leader by Shiningstar2483
Tenkai Knights : Our Leaderby Xyturia Uranus_Shinoa
The Benham Tower has been completed. So the entire town decided to have a festival, it's called The Benham Festival. The Knights were looking forward to the festival. H...
Tenkai Knights Betrayal to Protect  by Anime_Lover_6212
Tenkai Knights Betrayal to Protect by Alexis
Guren is one of the Tenkai Knights, but not just any Knight he is the fearless leader of the Tenkai Knights. Guren is the only one of the Tenkai Knights That has visions...
Tenkai Knights : ~ Connected ~ by Shiningstar2483
Tenkai Knights : ~ Connected ~by Xyturia Uranus_Shinoa
Lately, Guren has been hearing some strange sounds. It was like somebody was calling for him. Little did he know, that voice wasn't just his imagination. And it also ha...
Tenkai Knights : ~ Reunion ~ by Shiningstar2483
Tenkai Knights : ~ Reunion ~by Xyturia Uranus_Shinoa
[ Continuation of Tenkai Knights : Our Leader ] It's been three years since Guren moved away from Benham City. The rest of the knights are starting to get use to not hav...
Tenkai Knights : Salvation and Shadows by Shiningstar2483
Tenkai Knights : Salvation and Sha...by Xyturia Uranus_Shinoa
Its been a few months since the battle with villius. However, the tenkai knights has to face a new enemy. Who is this new enemy? Will the tenkai knights be able to brin...
Choko Drawings (Chooki x Nyko) by DarkNightShadow
Choko Drawings (Chooki x Nyko)by Peachy
So I will be drawing these picture and you will see how my drawing skills involves... I hope...anyway...you guys can request me to draw anything that will include Nyko a...
Ask Or Dare The Tenkai Knights by TenkaiShadowLydendor
Ask Or Dare The Tenkai Knightsby Shadow Dragons
Accidentally deleted to first one so put questions or dares in the comment section and I'll do them except for Yaoi
Tenkai Knights Fanfic! by akatsukigadaisuki
Tenkai Knights Fanfic!by Akanksha Dragneel
For anyone who loves Tenkai Knights as much as I do <3
Tenkai knights boys X reader by finny13
Tenkai knights boys X readerby finnywinny
There's a new girl in town, she's a knight as well with special abilities even outside the battlefield. Her looks are as astonishing as her power. Did I forget to mentio...
Brave~ Tenkai Knights Fanfic by TheAllukaZoldyck
Brave~ Tenkai Knights Fanficby ✨ NICO ✨
We all know the story of the Tenkai Knights. The original story. But it doesn't end there. What if there was more than one ending? Join the Tenkai Knights, Gen, Guren, B...
The Tenkai Girl {On Hold}  by alida_marie
The Tenkai Girl {On Hold} by Alida
ok, so this is my first story ever so please no hating. i'm not done yet so don't worry if you get to the end and there's a cliffhanger. Anyways the story is about these...
Nightmare by DragonblazedNight
Nightmareby DragonblazedNight
Ceylan doesn't know why but ever since Quarton, something just didn't sit right with him. His home life was intact, his friendships are still thriving, hell, his academi...
Tenkai Knights Oneshots :) by microwolf2007
Tenkai Knights Oneshots :)by Guren has a gun
this is probably mainly gonna be about guren because he's my favorite ! there's going to be many aus and angsty Oneshots in this because I see very little angsty stuff...
The Ominous Illusion (ON HOLD) by ChannyMouse
The Ominous Illusion (ON HOLD)by Miss Lady Luck
Ceylan Jones is used to his somewhat clumsy and mediocre life. After defeating the dark lord Villius with his friends, he reverts back to his eventless life. However his...
Evil?(Tenkai Knights Fanfic) by DarkNightShadow
Evil?(Tenkai Knights Fanfic)by Peachy
Vilius is finally defeated, everything seems to be good but Guren's hunch wont let him be at peace. Is he right? Is there Evil lurking amongst them? Is Vilius really gon...
Tenkai Knights: Hollow Beast by Minty2341
Tenkai Knights: Hollow Beastby Deerling
Months after Vilius's defeat, life has gone back to normal for Guren and his friends! but.. Then, something catastrophic happened. Now, the knights must be ready to face...
Choose by UnlimitedWeirdness
Chooseby UltimateRandomness
Choose which way you want to go. Choose how it ends. It's all up to you.