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You've Changed by MissManifestation
You've Changedby Miss Manifestation
He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...
Changed: Deep by I_Am_Frosty
Changed: Deepby Frosty
// A/N = (Spoilers) This book contains a heck ton amount of MGRR references to the point that it's overused and cringe. If you can't handle the amount of MGRR cringe wit...
[ChangedxBnha] by JustAUser69420
[ChangedxBnha]by JustAUser69420
Just a person writing for fun and to advance my writing skills(please give criticism) I'm not that good at description's but I will try. I'm tried and it's 3:00 am might...
How did I get here-? [Purogen headcanons, SCP, other] by Purogen
How did I get here-? [Purogen Purogen
How did purogen come to be? What is his story? Misc. Interactions, some violent scenes, blood, torture, etc..
Life Turned Upside Down by LilJonn
Life Turned Upside Downby LilJon
This story follows Jeremy a teenager that babysits for money buy doesn't like it. Leading him to do some mean things to those he watches until he meets a little girl tha...
(changed) puro x reader  by moonfoxgirl
(changed) puro x reader by Twilight fox
you are a (favorite animal) latex like creture and you were friends with a dark latex wolf latex named puro and you didn't noticed that he has a crush on you (if you guy...
Changed - The Awakening by DizzyDwarf25
Changed - The Awakeningby DizzyDwarf25
Awakened in a scientific lab with no memory, you strive to escape the lab to discover your past and what happened before your amnesia. But along the way, many strange mo...
tere bina  by arshifan2711
tere bina by arshifan2711
sheetal track ... After basket ball match A complete different story... A new bold khushi ... Peep in the story to know how arshi will reunite ...
Mate's Redemption || ✔ by waenker
Mate's Redemption || ✔by R
Reese endured the hatred of everyone from her pack after her parents were murdered, everyone's fingers were pointed Reese as they blamed her. It all became too much from...
Best Friends With The Bad Boy ✓ by TypicalTimes
Best Friends With The Bad Boy ✓by Blessed
After an unpleasant two years away from her hometown, Chloe Woods is excited to return. She's looking forward to rekindling her friendship with John Allen, her best frie...
Changed by SapphireRosekook
Changedby Kim Seo Ah
She wasn't always like that, but you know, people change. So did she... An 18 year old, named Rose, is a cold, rude, brave and fearless tomboy, who has learned to live i...
Fast and furious. My version. by TheBookLoverof99
Fast and furious. My TheBookLoverof99
Lexi Turner was a normal girly girl and did whatever her parents told her..... up until racing changed her. After that she decided she was making her own choices, starti...
Everything Has Changed: Book Two by paperandpen444
Everything Has Changed: Book Twoby ~Samantha~
Tears rush down to my cheeks and splatter on the wood floor of Danny's university apartment. He has an imprint on his face from the creases in his pillow and keeps blink...
Changed // jikook by taestybaek
Changed // jikookby angie ((:
park jimin, a third-year art major in college, crosses paths with a withdrawn, first-year, jeon jungkook.
Changed - Awakening by DizzyDwarf25
Changed - Awakeningby DizzyDwarf25
Waking up with no memory in an abandoned institute is not a great start to anyone's day. So, like any other person, you set off to find your way out, get your bearings...
The Girl Who Changed The Alpha's Life (UNDER MAJOR CONSTRUCTION) by rawrzeez
The Girl Who Changed The Alpha's internet dweller
Avery Bently isn't exactly the type of girl most would evaluate as "typical". Her unusual but striking white hair catches the attention of all; however, the da...
One in the same! (Puro x Lin) by Distressedbeing
One in the same! (Puro x Lin)by #1 Changed fanboy
The two have finally escaped together to the outside world. The question is...what now? (Absolutely no smut in this story. If you want realistic characters with fluff a...
Pranking The Playboy ✓ by TypicalTimes
Pranking The Playboy ✓by Blessed
Joe Smith. A basic name but there was nothing basic about him. With his chiselled features, green eyes that could pin you to the spot and a smile that meant trouble, he...
Badass Izuku Midoriya by Sniper_Moon_Fox
Badass Izuku Midoriyaby Sniper_Moon_Fox
Finding out that Ochaco Uraraka has cheated on him for the past few weeks. He decided to move to America to get a better life. Will he still be the perfect cinnamon roll...