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Only Time Will Tell by SOADRocker
Only Time Will Tellby m u s h r o o m
Max had a great life with her mother, father, brother, and sister and her pet dog. Until one night her apartment goes up in flames causing an evacuation of the building...
The Missing Piece by mandipandi09
The Missing Pieceby Amanda Green
In a world where you and your groups are in charge of each element of the Earth. 18 year old Iris Jones finds herself having to take the test which will decipher which e...
Own Your Skin. by Arthur2030
Own Your Arthur2030
It's is all about dealing with anxiety, depression, codependency facing our fear and literally just embracing change.
Bad Intentions by Supernaturaluvr1234
Bad Intentionsby Zoe M Taylor
Intro-Summary I don't know why exactly people put labels on other people. I get called names at school and I'm teased for who I am all day. If only they knew then maybe...
It's All About Love by l3eRadical
It's All About Loveby Sussanah Singh
"If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn't love others, I would have gained nothing. Love is pati...
Change Is Good / Ashton Irwin by hxrrystylx
Change Is Good / Ashton Irwinby hxrrystylx
"Maybe Change Is Good." Copyright hxrrystylx. ORIGINAL STORY// All rights reserved. 2014-2015...
PolkaDots by Un-Defined-Girl
PolkaDotsby Un-Defined-Girl
Ever feel outcasted from the world. Well thats how Nali feels. Having a lack of pigment in her skin causes her face to look white. This is a story about rises from the a...
Stop Bullying! by thebullyfreezone
Stop Bullying!by The Bully-Free Zone
Stop Bullying and sign up to be a member of The Bully-Free Zone!
The Law of Attraction by EmilyEgger
The Law of Attractionby Emily Egger
I am only a teenager just graduating high school who stumbled upon this mind blowing law...the law of attraction. We are the creators of our own lives. No one else creat...
Change at Jamaica Station by bmarshel
Change at Jamaica Stationby @againwithbeth
'Change at Jamaica Station' is modern, coming to terms with reality, roller coaster ride of a story for three childhood friends in New York City from 2018 to 2019. Tab...
The Change by ryleighlizzy
The Changeby ryleighlizzy
Lainey is a boring typical teenage girl, who is afraid of leaving her comfort zone. She never dreamed of finding love that just wasn't her thing but after one summer day...
Relief  by MasterCato
Relief by Master Cato
Self Help description of relieving stress induced situations.
The Introvert Club (A new perspective on High school) by AngelicaJordan101
The Introvert Club (A new Colourful_Insights
When his world became toxic she became his breath of fresh air. Jane Anderson is the epitome of surprises, from her unexpected introduction about herself as a new studen...
The New Girl by joeystraubel
The New Girlby Joey
⚠[swearing is involved in this story along with mature content]⚠ Changing schools is hard. So I've heard, and changing schools senior year is even harder. I'm stuck in...
Didn't Expect by Wifu_xox
Didn't Expectby ^Yamsz^
Who would expect her to change? Its not like they told her she did it because she wants it.... Hope u guys like it♡ its my first book...sorry for errors x Btw p...
Window Buddy by lemonboy17
Window Buddyby Shawn
They searched and searched for love in their right mind...only to find they did..but can't let go.