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His Hush Hush Girl by tales_writer
His Hush Hush Girlby tales_writer
His Girl series #1 When you're destined to be with the person you love, none can rip you apart. Akruti Arora, an innocent soul yet beauty with a brain. She loves her fam...
Marrying my mistake by AnupriyaJollyChugh
Marrying my mistakeby Anupriya Jolly Chugh
3 LAKH + READS!! PROUD MOMENT FOR ME. I can't believe so many of you much like me, fell in love with Neil and Ishani! Thanks for the support! Kissing without marriage i...
Hate To Love💘 by NayanaVihaan
Hate To Love💘by NayanaVihaan
Krithika was in love with Ankith for 8 years,They were neighbours and best friends . But ,all of sudden Ankith stopped talking to krithika she tried to talk to him but...
Destined To Be With You by sidra_akhlaq
Destined To Be With Youby Maltesers & Marshmallows
"How I wish you had first seen your ugly face in the damn mirror before confessing your shitty feelings to me!" He smiled cunningly while taking a sip from hi...
It was destiny ✨ by roseshrills17
It was destiny ✨by roseshrills17
#2 in childhoodlove (08/03/2021) Haya secretly loved Azlan all her childhood, but she could never confess, not even when he was moving to London. They were cousins but s...
Wounded by OutOfMyLimit17
Woundedby Kenadee
Kayla Winter's boyfriend, Brett Perkins, decides to join the Marine Corps right after high school. They promised to stay in touch, but life happens. Flash forward eight...
She Belongs To The Billionaire ✔ by HephziLolami
She Belongs To The Billionaire ✔by Ayomipo
Billionaire's series ~ 1 Kara Wilson is your average twenty years old college student, striving to make herself and her family proud while currently studying Econom...
You Belong To Me  by Selenophile_Rai
You Belong To Me by Ranita
Arushi Knight Soft Timid Naive Polite William King Arrogant Tempered Possessive Calm Yet Destructive If Someone Tried To Snatch What He Possess Or Love Therefore...
Childhood Sweethearts|| Jeon Jungkook ff  by BTS7MyLIFELINE
Childhood Sweethearts|| Jeon MidnightRose🥀
- "Y/n will you marry me, when we grow up?" -"Only, If you'll treat me to my favourite ice-cream every day then I will marry you." ••••••••••••••••••...
It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey Series 1 - Highschool  [COMPLETE!] by Riela_pollie
It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey Riela or Yra (Aira)
Leah Valley, whose life started with secrets and lies, has an arch-nemesis. A childhood friend name Stephen Tylline. Because of him, she has never been able to beat him...
I Don't Want To Be A Magpie Bridge (END) by Queiro9
I Don't Want To Be A Magpie Que
I was reincarnated as the supporting character of a novel. As a wingwoman in a depressing romance novel titled at that. Romance is out of the question, and the future of...
Healed By Love by Scarletrobinson71
Healed By Loveby Scarlet
Been #1 in Chandigarh Ruhi Singhania. The CEO of Earthly Fashions. She is known for her luxurious lifestyle, outstanding work and beautiful features. She is the woman ev...
Heart to Break | Sim Jake by SKZ-LUVR
Heart to Break | Sim Jakeby yas
❝Don't fall in love with people like me. I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to th...
I Want to be friends with you | L.K Adaptation by kathujaan
I Want to be friends with you | silent moon
Pretentious Genius x Cute, IQ of of 190- Jeon Jungkook. The question he thinks about everyday is how to convince his parents to let him skip grades and distance himself...
OTHER GROOM... the tale of the rejected guy... by TheHimalayanPrincess
OTHER GROOM... the tale of the Adrija Chakraborty
Tulika's blooming love story faced tragedy when a bike accident took away her love Sumedh. Sumedh, the perfect guy for her, who was head over heels in love with her. But...
Please don't see me| أرجوك لا تنظر لي by haitang6x
Please don't see me| أرجوك لا تنظر HAITANG TEAM
كان شو جين خائفًا من أن تسقط نظرة شينغ شينغ هي عليه. كان خائفًا أيضًا من أن شينغ شينغ هي لن يعيده إلى عالمه أبدًا مرة أخرى. الكاتب: وي فينغ جي شو عدد الفصول: ٢٤ سنة ا...
小行星 | Asteroid [MTL] (Completed) by mygemmuxiao
小行星 | Asteroid [MTL] (Completed)by .
This is not my work. I own nothing, For Offline Purpose Only. MTL link - Associated Names Minor Planet 小行星 Xiao XingXing A...
you only belong to me"taekook" (Completed ) by AfreenKhan116
you only belong to me"taekook" ( Afreen Khan
If someone dares to touch what's somehow belong to me I promise you he will not be able to see next morning of his life
In A Heartbeat by shivnika
In A Heartbeatby Shambhavi Panchwagh
Shivay Singh Oberoi a cold heartless and arrogant businessman who is known all over the world for his smart business skills. Anika Raizada a beautiful and Cardio Surgen...
Pinky Promise (l.s.)✔(Under editing) by prnbox
Pinky Promise (l.s.)✔(Under prnbox
"Promise me Hazzie, we will meet again." A 6 year old Louis asked Harry holding out his pinkie. "I promise Lou." An 8 year old Harry replied. "...