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After Her Last Straw (Dream Series #1) by Zanashi
After Her Last Straw (Dream Zanashi
After knowing that someone aside from her is capable of securing the top spot, Aphra felt nothing but hatred and utmost dislike towards that person. Will her opinion of...
How to Date an Asshole by AlanisKorali
How to Date an Assholeby Alanis Korali
Like most people, Lauren had a big crush on a celebrity when she was a teenager. Unlike most people, she met hers ten years later, learned how big of a jerk he was, loa...
Mr. Prick by oH-JBx
Mr. Prickby Hayley
America was an unplanned venture for Asher Reid, he never wanted to move there but unfortunately a certain type of mother can drive you to it. After months of unhappine...
TILL THE END  by blueb3rry104
TILL THE END by blueb3rry104
Vedant & Avni. They don't know what the future holds for them. But, one thing is for sure - have you ever heard of the invisible red string theory? The invisible red s...
ALANA: Bandung and London - Love Story of a Secret Agent by TRahman007
ALANA: Bandung and London - Love T Rahman
When an auditor's special assignment in London collides with a high-stakes mission, he is thrust into a world of intrigue and danger. The auditor meets Alana a.k.a. &quo...
PRIDE » Zarry ✅ by itsZaynAndhaRRY
PRIDE » Zarry ✅by Lacy G. 👩🏾
A man tells the story of an affair with his father's male accountant. Harry Styles is a well respected future heir of Manly, a company his father owns that sells product...
Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management 1 Notes  by lllean
Fundamentals of Accountancy, L E A N
This is a notes of Fundamentals of Accountancy, Business and Management 1 subject for ABM students.
Her Life with the Prince (Completed) by PhoenixEun
Her Life with the Prince ( Phoenix Eun
She was Shirley, a Certified Public Accountant who had a big problem in terms of money. She needed money to help her family escape the poverty they were suffering. Her j...
Say It Again  | ✓ by yourmavs
Say It Again | ✓by Mavs
Say It Series #2 "You are everything a girl could ask for..." Started: April 07, 2023 Ended: April 21, 2023
ACCOUNTING  by jeniechoi
ACCOUNTING by Jenie Choi
Maybe you are here because you're an ABM Student. Grade 11 or 12? This may contained a detailed notes in FUNDAMENTALS OF ACCOUNTANCY BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 1 (FABM1).
Accounting Services in Ahmedabad by sesplanjali
Accounting Services in Ahmedabadby sesplanjali
Crown Wealth Management Services,
Income Tax Consultant in Ahmedabad by sesplanjali
Income Tax Consultant in Ahmedabadby sesplanjali
In Ahmedabad, a city known for its vibrant economic activities, the services of an income tax consultant are invaluable.
Accrued Interest by Felinesses
Accrued Interestby LEAGA FanFics
Accrued Interest: Interest that has been earned but not yet paid Lea has finally decided. Five months of serious and deep consultancy with her subconscious and inner-sel...
Glimpse by AlianaUnnie
Glimpseby AlianaUnnie
Get a GLIMPSE of a behind-the-camera story of the famous vlogger Vincent Villanueva. Be ready to wander into his lesser-known world and meet the other lesser-known peopl...
Spotlight on Me  by llydrwi
Spotlight on Me by yla
Alodia Maurisse already knew from the beginning that except for her studies, she would also have the great determination to continue her passion---volleyball. Finn Kaizh...
The Accountant by rc_summer
The Accountantby rc_summer
Hunter Adams The handsome ranch owner who needs an accountant. He is expecting someone to sort out his accounting and financial records, but is he willing to get his fee...
The Silence Within by Queen_of_blooms
The Silence Withinby Hameedah
Within her was the rising wave of memories, bowling over in violent tides, trying to crash through the barrier she had built over the years. She could feel the force tha...
No Accounting for Murder by LeeannBetts
No Accounting for Murderby LeeannBetts
Carly Turnquist, forensic accountant, can't let any stone go unturned when it comes to a mystery. When her daughter is accused of embezzling money, her super-snooper rad...
For You to Remember by rveally
For You to Rememberby rveally
Allah once said in Surah An-nur ayah: 26 "A good women are for a good man." he the right person? Adam a Turkish American study in UK University. His fami...