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• ||Ciel X Sebastian|| • by BButler80
• ||Ciel X Sebastian|| •by BButler80
~•This is the story of Ciel•~ phantomhive and his demon butler ~•Sebastian Michaelis •~ (Also sorry I haven't been updating any of my stories I'll try to be more active...
Surrounded by Doubt | Kuroshitsuji by Sir_SleepyKnight
Surrounded by Doubt | Kuroshitsujiby Regina Papilio
Ciel has fallen ill after a mission from the Queen regarding illegal use of gas in London. Convinced it's just a cold he suffers from, he starts to doubt the one closest...
Ciel And Cookies {COMPLETED} by Yourdailybinoftrash
Ciel And Cookies {COMPLETED}by Bin:)
obviously I am a weeb so when I stumbled on black butler I kinda had to make a fan fic and yes it is going to be dirty. PS this is crack and not ment to be taken serious...
Vacation with the Sakamakis  by animelooverr
Vacation with the Sakamakis by ♡
VACATION!? yes you got that right Black butler went on vacation in Japan bumping into Yui on her daily run from the Sakamaki brothers... lol I guess if you like yui don'...
An accident (COMPLETE) by Hannah123687
An accident (COMPLETE)by Hannah123687
This is my first fanfic story I hope it's good. Sebastian has kept a secret from ciel for a long time. One morning just before Sebastian woke ciel an incident happened.
His butler, in bed [[Ciel X Sebastian]] by sexysebbyyy
His butler, in bed [[Ciel X Sebastian ☆ Alois
When Ciel gets his dick stuck in a door, Sebastian gets more than a little turned on ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Like A Mirror (Reader!Modern Ciel!GenderbentXBlack Butler) by RedStrom
Like A Mirror (Reader!Modern Srena_Foxstar
A modern girl named Ciela (reader) and her demon butler, Sebastian or called as Kristian by her. Suddenly fall into a hole when step into Undertaker shop and went into a...
The Demon's Neko by KillerandBeastly
The Demon's Nekoby Killer/Beastly
Yaoi You been warned
Demonic love (Sabastian x Ciel ) by Love_demon13
Demonic love (Sabastian x Ciel )by Loser
After Ciel became a demon Ciel requested the Sabastian should stay with him forever, Sabastian agreed to this but slowly starts to catch feelings for his dear young mast...
A Turn For The Better (Sebaciel) (Yaoi) by fifhfhfjdj
A Turn For The Better (Sebaciel) ( Phoebe (Duhh)
When Ciel Phantomhive loses his parents he is sent to live with his aunty. On his first day at school he meets a handsome and popular boy named Sebastian Michaelis.
ClickBait by SugaBlccsom
ClickBaitby FOLLOW @AnglzTearz
When Ciel suddenly gets a message from a mystery person flirting with him, he expects it to be a joke. Obviously, he doesn't take it too seriously, so what will unravel...
Bittersweet SebastianxCiel by pastprince
Bittersweet SebastianxCielby pastprince
What happens when Ciel Phantomhive, a beautiful, blind boy at St. John's mental asylum, falls indisputably in love with his doctor's voice? Modern AU. Sebastian/Ciel
Dadbastian  by aloistoucher
Dadbastian by aloistoucher
Ciel seeing Sebastian as a father
I'm In Love With A Demon by Bill--Cipher--
I'm In Love With A Demonby
Ciel finds that he is in love with his butler and that his butler shares his feelings.
What we never knew  by rowynlove
What we never knew by Rowyn_chan
Sebastian x Ciel Ciel wakes up to find his dosent match how he went to bed, in an out rage he calls from the man he knew he could trust but nots all as it seems in the...
Every Demon's Curse (Sebastian x Ciel | SebaCiel) by phantomatsuoka
Every Demon's Curse (Sebastian x Phantooom
[Highest rank: #1 on sebastianxciel, #6 under the sebaciel tag] Bound by a curse to last until he come face to face with his perishable end, Sebastian Michaelis once tho...