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An accident (COMPLETE) by Hannah123687
An accident (COMPLETE)by Hannah123687
This is my first fanfic story I hope it's good. Sebastian has kept a secret from ciel for a long time. One morning just before Sebastian woke ciel an incident happened.
ClickBait by SugaBlccsom
ClickBaitby FOLLOW @AnglzTearz
When Ciel suddenly gets a message from a mystery person flirting with him, he expects it to be a joke. Obviously, he doesn't take it too seriously, so what will unravel...
The wrong lover by MoscowxLondon
The wrong loverby kris
Sebaciel (Sebastian x Ciel) smut First one be nice Ciel falls in love with his butler from a young age and as he gets older he has very vivid dreams will his fantasy b...
Every Demon's Curse (Sebastian x Ciel | SebaCiel) by phantomatsuoka
Every Demon's Curse (Sebastian x Phantooom
[Highest rank: #1 on sebastianxciel, #6 under the sebaciel tag] Bound by a curse to last until he come face to face with his perishable end, Sebastian Michaelis once tho...
demonized(sebaciel) by King_yaoi_senpai
demonized(sebaciel)by King_yaoi_senpai
it was supposed to be an easy task... avenge his family... then take his soul... the falling in love part wasn't in the plan... so... I made him a demon...
Ciel X Sebastian by Otakuux
Ciel X Sebastianby Otakuux
Smutty smut smut
Surrounded by Doubt | Kuroshitsuji by Sir_SleepyKnight
Surrounded by Doubt | Kuroshitsujiby Sir V
Ciel has fallen ill after a mission from the Queen regarding illegal use of gas in London. Convinced it's just a cold he suffers from, he starts to doubt the one closest...
Heaven And The Demon  by SilverKnight202
Heaven And The Demon by SilverKnight202
My first Ciel x Sebastian story. This is suppose to be like beauty and the beast expect it will not be the same completely. So hope you guys like it 😊
➪𝕤𝕖𝕓𝕒𝕔𝕚𝕖𝕝 by mommymilkers__
➪𝕤𝕖𝕓𝕒𝕔𝕚𝕖𝕝by 【佐助】
this is only tiny storys that will be one chapt long if you like it then comment and rate it! :D hope you like it!!! ((love y'all))
Forbidden Love (A Sebaciel fanfic) by c_phantomhive14
Forbidden Love (A Sebaciel fanfic)by Teacup__
What happens when you sell your soul to the devil that you end up falling in love with?
Ciel And Cookies {COMPLETED} by Yourdailybinoftrash
Ciel And Cookies {COMPLETED}by Bin:)
obviously I am a weeb so when I stumbled on black butler I kinda had to make a fan fic and yes it is going to be dirty. PS this is crack and not ment to be taken serious...
So wrong but so right (sebaciel) by phantomhive_royalty
So wrong but so right (sebaciel)by Ciel Phantomhive
Sebastian is in love with Ciel but Ciel doesn't know it. What will happen when Sebastian thinks he does and tries to make a move on him? kuroshitsuji fanfic. Sebastian x...
The demon and the spider by _Shieru_Fantomuhaivu
The demon and the spiderby Just a piece of weeabo trash
I just had a crazy thought in my retarded mind. Alois vs Sebastian, fighting over Ciel! This is a pretty crazy thought but I love the idea so keep reading to find out wh...
K I K || Cielois by IzuruForPresident
K I K || Cieloisby in klance hell
A Cielois fanfic written as kik messages. Modern day AU. No contracts. No dying Luka. No sad Ciel backstory. I made Alois' backstory a bit like his canon story, but yeah...
SebaCiel: Under the Mistletoe by Ciel_the_Writer
SebaCiel: Under the Mistletoeby 🐍 𝕾𝖑𝖞𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖓 𝕮𝖎𝖊�...
It just so happens to be Christmas Eve, and one small move made Sebastian and Ciel change their feelings towards a particular someone. How will this play out..?
What we never knew  by rowynlove
What we never knew by Rowyn_chan
Sebastian x Ciel Ciel wakes up to find his dosent match how he went to bed, in an out rage he calls from the man he knew he could trust but nots all as it seems in the...
SebaCiel Book 1 [DISCONTINUED] by Lil_MelanieM
SebaCiel Book 1 [DISCONTINUED]by UwU I scream
Hello. This is my very first fanfic. It's not good. I think about making it a yaoi soon, but, I don't know how to descrbe it.
I'm yours //Sebaciel Yaoi// by xkuroshitsuji
I'm yours //Sebaciel Yaoi//by Jess
Young Ciel Phantomhive has found himself falling in love with his butler, Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian feels the same way and confesses his feelings for Ciel after he...
Daddy's boy  by Alex101328
Daddy's boy by ALEX LEPORE
ciel a 15 year old boy freshman moves to a new school he meets a 16 year old freshman named Sebastian what Happens when Sebastian finds out ciel's secret and about his...