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The Reading✔️ by fair1015
The Reading✔️by dontcallme_annie
It's back up!!!! A characters read the book fic. I know... Overdone and overused. But this is my take on how it would unfold. Set after the Giant War, before ToA. The g...
The Reading ΙΙ by fair1015
The Reading ΙΙby dontcallme_annie
This is the sequel to 'The Reading' Read the first one before you read this one, to understand everything better. This goes through the events of The Titan's Curse and...
Chaos' Army, The Soldiers From the Past by Demi_wizard8610
Chaos' Army, The Soldiers From Lena
''Sometimes being a false son, makes you a true person.'' I am Omega, the son of Chaos, the Commander of Chaos' army. I was given a mission, go to the planet earth, sa...
PARTY OF DEATH | RIORDANVERSE | CLARISSE LA RUE Hildegund Winter grows up in a monastry under the protections of nuns. To keep herself safe she has know since a young gi...
Pjo and HoO oneshots n headcanons:) by LM-222
Pjo and HoO oneshots n headcanons:)by M
One shots of our fave characters :) I take requests (as long as its something I'm comfortable with), updates often. I was looking for something like this to read and cou...
The Sea of Monsters (gxg) by ahogwartswhore
The Sea of Monsters (gxg)by ahogwartswhore
The Sea of Monsters storyline but it's gxg. The main human characters (Percy, Annabeth , and Achlys) have been aged up a year to 14 years old. In which a group of four...
𝐈𝐆𝐍𝐈𝐓𝐄, percy jackson ¹ by cyrenade
𝐈𝐆𝐍𝐈𝐓𝐄, percy jackson ¹by boop !
katheryn boyce ignites something else rather than the forge's furnace. CHILD OF HEPHAESTUS [1] PJO. tlt - som percy jackson x fe...
Mortals Meet Percabeth by Readwrite4life
Mortals Meet Percabethby Readwrite4life
Mortals Meet Percabeth. Mostly mortal teens, some demigods!
Resistance by Y_A_Z_
Resistanceby Yuyue (Solstice)
Diana Hunt, daughter of an entity long forgotten, which is rising again. An entity older than the Gods, older than the Titans, that wakes up from it's slumber, into a ch...
karaoke night at Camp Half-blood  by LovelytheCrow
karaoke night at Camp Half-blood by LovelyCrows.
Apollo has a stupid but great idea, the idea of creating a karaoke night at Camp Half-blood! Listen to the demi-gods of Camp Half-blood sing their songs in hope to win...
[Percy Jackson 🌊 AU] The Initials by Bookwormbybee
[Percy Jackson 🌊 AU] The Initialsby Vye
What's it like when you grown up being called three letters? Never really having a name? The firstborn child of every family is given to the Firstborn Enhancement Felici...
This is a book with the hotties of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter!! Enjoy (;
Tartarus:  Dustbin Of The Gods ||  PJO by Shailzauniyal
Tartarus: Dustbin Of The Gods || Shailza
From the world of Percy Jackson comes an all new story: Tartarus is annoyed, because the gods are using him like a dustbin. He doesn't want to be messy and he wants just...
Shadowed Heroes (PJO story) by A_Winchester_Sister
Shadowed Heroes (PJO story)by Sammy di Angelo
Nico di Angelo leader of a group of teen demigods vigilantes. Called Shadowed Heroes. These demigods were tired of being shadowed by the seven just because they didn't g...
A World Of Demigods by Ranger_maddie1
A World Of Demigodsby The Silver Pen
Set after TOA, the demigods enter the real world. They marry, have families, and try and live a normal life. Unfortunately, that's quite hard for Demigods. All character...
Percy Jackson The Dawn Of War: Book 1 by Guyperson_yay
Percy Jackson The Dawn Of War: Guyperson_yay
As gods and monsters of old arise including the first god Keifan God of destruction and king of the dragons. As war seems more and more likely the seven and some new fou...
Not Your Choice by Annieboog
Not Your Choiceby heyo, it’s annathyn
"But he, and everyone else, remained emotionless. So that was the purpose of this meeting? To show how much control their parents have over them? Percy was grateful...
The Bachelor ~ Demigod Style  by GlitterSea
The Bachelor ~ Demigod Style by Glitter
What happens when Percy Jackson is forced to star in Aphrodite's new TV show The Bachelor - Demigod Style? You'll have to read to find out... ;)