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Just Friends by hopeless_romanticXD
Just Friendsby Hopeless Romantic
Tess isn't really sure when the feelings she has for her childhood best friend began to bloom, but they did. And now she's been saddled with the dilemma of not only havi...
Just Following Orders by hopeless_romanticXD
Just Following Ordersby Hopeless Romantic
He usually prefers his employees to be less...bubbly. Energetic. A little more like him, essentially. But there was something about her the moment she introduced herself...
Working the Case by hopeless_romanticXD
Working the Caseby Hopeless Romantic
Book #1 ---- When a string of murders brings FBI agent Evie Hopkins and her profiling team into a small town in California, she and her team must find their killer befor...
The Beauty in Time by Helpless_RomanticXD
The Beauty in Timeby Helpless_RomanticXD
Matthew and Elisa live across the hall from each other in an apartment building. When Elisa's cat starts bouncing between their balconies, it leads to unexpected encount...
Heartless - Jotaro x Reader by Anti-SocialEnby
Heartless - Jotaro x Readerby Ren
* Modern High School AU * Post Stardust Crusaders Haven't really come up with a description yet but will soon. Also, I'm not sure about the title so that'll probably end...
Is My Life a Wattpad Story? by Bokuaka9
Is My Life a Wattpad Story?by Bokuaka9
A 18 year old girl is in her final year of Highschool and is expecting an ordinary year full of studying and hanging out with friends before college.. But what happens w...
A Missed Opportunity by hopeless_romanticXD
A Missed Opportunityby Hopeless Romantic
In the bustling streets of New York City, Kiara Stone is faced with a life-altering decision. The health of her beloved mother hangs in the balance, compelling her to re...
Dumb Luck by hopeless_romanticXD
Dumb Luckby Hopeless Romantic
A meeting between two different high school students who form unexpected connections and undeniable chemistry. These two high school students find themselves trapped wit...
Romancing the Rebound by hopeless_romanticXD
Romancing the Reboundby Hopeless Romantic
Join Danny, with a freshly broken heart, as he embarks on an unexpectedly life-changing adventure. As fate would have it, he crosses paths with Skylar, a spirited and in...
Working Her Heart by hopeless_romanticXD
Working Her Heartby Hopeless Romantic
Book #2 ---- In the picturesque town of Roseport, California, sparks ignite once more in the rekindled love story between FBI agent Evie Hopkins and the irresistible sma...
Just For A Little While by hopeless_romanticXD
Just For A Little Whileby Hopeless Romantic
Unfair grudges are made all the time. Sometimes they aren't rational, sometimes they are. In Samantha Langley's case, her grudge is completely reasonable to the people o...