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Sons Of Anarchy Imagine by blaizy21
Sons Of Anarchy Imagineby Mrs.Daryl Dixon❤️
Just a bunch of Sons Of Anarchy imagines. Some are mine, some aren't. Credit to owners
Born for Anarchism (On Hold) by Ghoulia666
Born for Anarchism (On Hold)by Ghoulia666
This is the story of Alice Telford, Chibs' daughter from Scotland. It's going to go through all the seasons, you'll catch bits and pieces of each in different chapters. ...
The Past Returns Jax Teller love story by Lacey118
The Past Returns Jax Teller love Lacey
What if Andy had dark past before she became a cop. What if after her mother left she became a different person, so her father sent her to spend her teen years Charming...
Breɑking Free |Twilight/Sons of Anɑrchy| by SusanBenson2812
Breɑking Free |Twilight/Sons of HappilySparklyUnknown
Addison Maeve Swan or Addy as she's known by most who know her has a secret that she's been hiding for months. Her older sister, Bella, has been physically and emotiona...
daydreamer // soa fanfic by taurusvibes
daydreamer // soa fanficby 💕
This is about the daughter of the Sons of Anarchy. How does she handle "the life"? She deals with her own life, meanwhile her mother pushes her to hold the tit...
The Killer Bartender | sons of anarchy  by nyrassire
The Killer Bartender | sons of 🦋Iliana
|Happy Lowman x OC| Marisol Galindo has spent her whole life working for her father but after he marriage goes south she decides to walk away from that life and move to...
Anarchy In Our Veins by jawaring
Anarchy In Our Veinsby jawaring
"She's gotta come with." Juice said with a finality that she hadn't heard from him before, as he jabbed his thumb in her direction. "No," she shrugg...
🆃🅷🅴🅸🆁 🅵🅾🆄🅽🅳 🅵🅰🅼🅸🅻🆈 HappilySparklyUnknown
Olivia Lennox is your typical teenage girl living in the small town of Charming, California. She lives with her father Hal and younger sister Bridget. She also has an ol...
Love Put A Gun In My Hand | Opie Winston | SOA by UlulateSuntLupi
Love Put A Gun In My Hand | Opie UlulateSuntLupi
Ace Teller-Munson has lived her life in and out of care homes and juvenile detention centers. Unloved, unwanted and completely silent. What will she do when her older br...
The Story of Skylɑr Cɑse |Sons of Anɑrchy| by SusanBenson2812
The Story of Skylɑr Cɑse |Sons HappilySparklyUnknown
Skylar Case is the daughter of Wendy Case. She lives with her single mother in the small town of Charming, California. She doesn't know who her dad is but she's pretty...
Sons of Anarchey part 2 *requests open* by Silverose365
Sons of Anarchey part 2 * Robbyn
A bunch of soa one shots I have came up with and I am also taking requests! you can measage my them of comment them. I will do any including smut. I DO NOT OWN SONS OF A...
Tribulation | Jax Teller by untilmynextstory
Tribulation | Jax Tellerby t.
After serving five years, Jax returns home to his family. He soon learns that despite weekly visits, five years was a long time and his family has changed -grown - witho...
Kiara Anne Knowles - Teller by PaigeKitching
Kiara Anne Knowles - Tellerby PaigeKitching
your the daughter of tara knowles and and jackson 'jax' teller and Joshua "Josh" Kohn hates you as much as he does tara so he beats you and experiments on you...
A Stranger in Familiar Land by thunderbolts_no
A Stranger in Familiar Landby thunderbolts_no
Ella spent four months in Charming, California working as a waitress before she met the Sons, but once they came into her life nothing was ever the same again. JAX/OC
Athena Katie Decker-Morningstar by PaigeKitching
Athena Katie Decker-Morningstarby PaigeKitching
you will be reborn into sons of anarchy and other shows into one but mainly sons of anarchy, you are lucifer daughter and your way more powerful then anyone even God, ev...
Stone Cold || Chibs Telford/Sons Of Anarchy Fanfic by thatfandomwhore
Stone Cold || Chibs Telford/Sons thatfandomwhore
Love comes when you least expect it, and with people you've never dreamed of.
Whᥱrᥱ I Trᥙᥣყ Bᥱᥣoᥒg |Tᥕιᥣιght/Soᥒs of Aᥒᥲrᥴhყ| by SusanBenson2812
Whᥱrᥱ I Trᥙᥣყ Bᥱᥣoᥒg |Tᥕιᥣιght/Soᥒ HappilySparklyUnknown
Charlotte Swan is the adopted daughter of Charlie Swan. They are as close as if they were father and daughter by blood. Charlotte adores her pops and loves spending time...
🅕🅐🅜🅘🅛🅨 🅘🅢 🅔🅥🅔🅡🅨🅣🅗🅘 HappilySparklyUnknown
AU Wendy Case is a widowed mother of twin teenagers. She works as an emergency room nurse at St Thomas Hospital in the tiny town of Charming, California where she lives...
With the Wind by theprettyrecklss
With the Windby theprettyrecklss
The town of Charming has been eerily quiet and for any outlaw that is an unsettling feeling. What happens when an old lover struts into a town she once called home with...