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Agents Of Zodiac by TRAVALERRAY
Agents Of Zodiacby Lady Of The Lake Of Jord
12 agents 1 goal Find the key to the wheel of zodiac. The agents of ZODIAC have their job cut out for them as they race against time and the Seven Deadly Sins to aquire...
Codes of a Womanizer (Lavarejos Series #1) by roheinea
Codes of a Womanizer (Lavarejos R.
Amina was set up to an arrange marriage by her parents with her chilhood friend whom she loves. Masaya para sa kanya dahil naikasal siya sa taong minahal niya mula pagka...
My Code is Family Blair Bilkins O'Connor Z by SeanFastandFurious
My Code is Family Blair Bilkins O' Hailee Fast and Furious
After the passing of her mom who was a part of the HPD Task Force Blair begins the search for her father. Blair finds her dad in Miami, where he is a special agent. Blai...
Game Of Life: Volume 3 by suneowara
Game Of Life: Volume 3by ʀᴀᴍᴇɴ ɴɪ ᴠɪɴɴʏ
VOLUME 3 Back from the start, but not as a team. What are they suppose to do FIRST? Continue playing the game and collect the pieces? Or fix their bond to win? Don't tru...
[COMPLETE] "How can you live your life if you can't create new memories?" "How can I move forward when I'm stuck in the past?" "I know that...
Arcanum Academy (On-Going) by crazy_anacer19
Arcanum Academy (On-Going)by Elleeeey_Recaña
A place where everyone has a hidden ability A place where everyone you don't want to encounter. Meet Czarina Eshreen Alzaga the lost princess, after the incident she los...
✔️Cafe Chit (completed) by krizal
✔️Cafe Chit (completed)by Krizal (Kruti Mehta)
What would happen if you suddenly end up making a secret friend in a cafe with whom you exchange everything about your life? You have never seen each other but you commu...
The Test [Book One of The Test] (Watty Award Winner 2014) by OBSESSED_WITH_BOOKS_
The Test [Book One of The Test] ( gracie irene
[Book one in 'The Test' series] All seventeen year old Lexi James wanted to do this summer was spend it with her friends. But what happens when she goes to sleep one ni...
Detective Diaries (With A Mysterious pages) by IamVillain_1
Detective Diaries (With A Rem Yamson
Thunder Series#1 Mystery is like a book. It has many pages that full of excitement and mystery. Hindi mo alam kung kailang matatapos ang misteryo o matatapos pa nga ba? ...
Codes and Ciphers by divabooo
Codes and Ciphersby -•• •• ••- •- -••• --- --- ---
Wanna learn about Codes and Ciphers, well you're in the right place.
Codes and Ciphers by AZaspie
Codes and Ciphersby Avierra Zylith
Compilation of Codes and Ciphers (ft. Riddles and Logics)
𝐀𝐏𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐎, polarr codes by A-ACHOO
𝐀𝐏𝐎𝐋𝐋𝐎, polarr codesby 𝒎𝒆𝒊.
❝𝑻𝑯𝑰𝑺 𝑶𝑵𝑬 𝑴𝑨𝑲𝑬𝑺 𝑰𝑻 𝑳𝑶𝑶𝑲-❞ ━━━━━ APOLLO By A-ACHOO ✸ A world where Mei gives you many polarr codes ...
Ciphers and Codes by fffkye
Ciphers and Codesby kei
Think you can solve it?
Codes And Ciphers (Complete) by donnajhane31
Codes And Ciphers (Complete)by Donna Jhane Rigon
Let's learn about codes! Credits to the rightful owner.
W41K3R5 J01N || the beginning by xwalkergirlx
W41K3R5 J01N || the beginningby Chris
The world is in chaos. According to the governments, already in 1997 aliens have landed in Norway. Everyone knows the name of the first Walker, as they call themselves...
Codes and Ciphers by JediWrites
Codes and Ciphersby Ms. Komasan
For those who want to learn codes and ciphers.
CODES AND CIPHERS by mystaorius
Different codes and ciphers, credits to where I've got those- probably from Google or people I know.
Project Loki (Fanfiction) by JhMcQngng
Project Loki (Fanfiction)by Woof..?
Probably a series of LoreKi fanfictions created by yours truly. This is merely a work of fiction and the original story is by Cris Ibarra entitled Project Loki. P.s the...
Mathematics by ExTacey666
Mathematicsby CJ
Try to understand math.