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When Two Different Worlds Collide (Larry Stylinson AU) by temptingmistakes
When Two Different Worlds temptingmistakes
A few times- or at least once in your life, you'll find yourself in a situation where a certain someone catches your eye- yet, you never seem to catch theirs. Your adora...
Seer || Peter Parker x Reader by dylanstoriess
Seer || Peter Parker x Readerby dylan
Sequel to Prophet, a Peter Parker x Reader - Y/N never thought she would become an Avenger. She never thought she would date Spiderman. And she certainly never thought s...
When Worlds Collide (a Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fanfic) by LivingLife_123
When Worlds Collide (a Harry Danielle
"Seven must travel to the place of magic and spell To unite with new faces left alone to dwell Together you must travel to face two old foes united once they fell...
Heavenly Bodies by falling_like_icarus
Heavenly Bodiesby Emerson
Cassiopeia Crea Hamilton and Regulus Arcturus Black were potion partners. Nothing more. Until Regulus makes a bet and Cassia makes a bad decision. They were two stars, f...
The Love Square [boyxboy] by SkeneKidz
The Love Square [boyxboy]by Jen
Outgoing Anthony Andrews has been verbally and physically abused by the homophobic Colin Archer for five years. Ant endures the torment, deeply infatuated with Colin and...
Brothers • Brooks Brothers Fanfic • by BrooksTwinsx
Brothers • Brooks Brothers Fanfic •by Bella ♣︎
Jai has lived with his dad for as long as he can remember. But his dad doesn't even deserve that label with the way he treats him. Luke has lived with his mum and older...
Kanes and Percy go to School by Thy_username2
Kanes and Percy go to Schoolby Thy_username2
Percy and his friends end up meeting the Kanes at Goode High School. You can guess what happens after that. They meet, things go "BOOM!" and such.
Doom at your service  by Crooning_nightingale
Doom at your service by Crooning_nightingale
Princess Aria , the princess of the doom world was completely different from what a doom was supposed to be , happy , cheery and kind while Dooms were emotionless , abso...
Collide |Akaashi Keiji FF|Akaashi x Reader by KOOKIE_KID
Collide |Akaashi Keiji FF| Bulletproof_Forever
THE COVER AND PICTURES DON'T BELONG TO MEEE!!!! CREDITS TO THE OWNER Akaashi Keiji is a quiet but smart kind boy. For the past 3 years of his life in Fukurodani Highsch...
GLEE Break Free (Ryder Lynn Gay fanfiction) by Musicalme1998
GLEE Break Free (Ryder Lynn Gay Be each other's company...
"All he knew was that it hurt...looking at him hurt. No being able to say all the things he needed to say". It's Junior yea...
Collide by itsky07
Collideby Sky
Jennie Kim, a famous Singer-Rapper of Kim Entertainment, is already living her dreams in life but later on, she realizes that she just wants to have genuine happiness in...
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Invisible (Larry Stylinson AU) by topcat7115
Invisible (Larry Stylinson AU)by Topcat7115
Louis and Harry went to the same highschool. They had never met nor seen the other in school. Louis was the type of guy that everyone noticed but he wasnt popular, he ha...
When Worlds Collide (Sailor Moon & Yu-gi-oh! Crossover Story) (On Hiatus!) by Animegirly134
When Worlds Collide (Sailor Animegirly134
What if the Pretty Soliders entered the world of Yu-gi-oh? And what if they had two new pretty soliders in their group? Can they help save the world from the Negaverse a...
A Past Revealed-Part 2 [On Hold] by -Inactiveasof2021-
A Past Revealed-Part 2 [On Hold]by Sorry
When Aphmau's secret life as a superhero was discovered, her friends thought they knew everything about her. They are soon proven wrong as Loki brings in some familiar a...
Hacker Revalations World's Collide X Turning Red (Series) by theunkown2002
Hacker Revalations World's The Unkown
This series will have some stories that never got a chance to see the light in worlds collide. Now the stories are like a story timeline. idea by the muffinboy #1 in the...
worlds collide // demi lovato by sixfortyseven
worlds collide // demi lovatoby émilie
"chin up child. in my experience, when life seems to be falling apart, its usually falling into place. and when it feels like the whole world is against you, i'll...
collide ⚡ barry allen [2] [ON HOLD] by scrambledmegs
collide ⚡ barry allen [2] [ON HOLD]by megan
"Maybe Oliver was right." "Oliver? What are you talking about?" "Being with me puts you in danger. It's not worth the risk." The day Barry...
When Two Worlds Collide {Percy Jackson + the 39 clues} by Calypso_31
When Two Worlds Collide {Percy ♡
Crossover between Percy Jackson and the 39 clues. When Percy Jackson receives an Iris Message from an unknown person, he travels to Attleboro to answer the call...
Two cats collide~  A Katnep love story~~~~~~ by LightWithoutAngels
Two cats collide~ A Katnep love Misoee Clover
This is a love story about the two 'cat' trolls Karkat (karkitty/kitkat) and Nepeta!! (We are using their quirk a little xD but don't get karkats quirk mixed up with his...
Hacker Revalations World's Collide: Season 1 by theunkown2002
Hacker Revalations World's The Unkown
From The Creator Of Hacker Revalations: RESISTANCE and The Unknown Beta, Witness the beginning of world's collide. Join with Sam,James,Max,Drake,Thomas,and skull as you...