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When Love Lasts by shintyatheresha
When Love Lastsby Shintya Theresha Silvana
Abigail is a 25 years old woman, who owns a successful bakery brand in Singapore, currently st the peak of her career, nothing seems like it could bother her. Not until...
Nobody Compares To You (Niall Horan) Watty Awards 2013 (Currently editing) by luv_niall
Nobody Compares To You (Niall Jessie Tee
Darcie Jones has a secret, a secret that made her leave the love her life so he could live his dream of being a singer. Niall was devastated when he found out that his g...
Nobody Compares- Sequel to Never Broken (Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) by scribblewrite
Nobody Compares- Sequel to Never scribblewrite
[Book 2] The events in New York are now in the past. Harry's leg is healed and the boys are finishing up with the tour, Eleanor's been charged for murder and kidnapping...
Comparing you | Jungkook | FF by btsjimin_kook
Comparing you | Jungkook | FFby bts jimin_kook
How would you feel if if your BF starts comparing you to his ex. Y/N's story is also something like this. Jungkook and you were dating for 2 years now. The first year wa...
You are unique  by umiishii12
You are unique by Layla
ඔයා විශේශයි..
Sonic the Hedgehog: Before and After by Jaden999
Sonic the Hedgehog: Before and Jaden999
This is a overview of the Sonic the Hedgehog series through three comparison between games released before and after 2010, with a rant about the Sonic series itself.
Wings of Fire: Who Is Better? by Wonderway32
Wings of Fire: Who Is Better?by Gone?
You can debate to see which wings of fire character(s) are better!
Why Twilight is better than Harry Potter by ArghIHateThePrinter
Why Twilight is better than ArghIHateThePrinter
Two of the most popular YA franchises of all time... Here are my reasons as to why Twilight is the better one.
Commercial Texas electric rates by Choicegenie772
Commercial Texas electric ratesby Compare Electric Rates|Texas...
Compare Electric Rates Making an energy choice that is efficient can make a big difference in the cost of your energy bill. No need of a major investment in time or mone...
Compare Electricity Companies by glowpower
Compare Electricity Companiesby GlowPower
GlowPower makes comparing electricity rates in your area easy! Get an energy deal that is suitable for your needs. If you live in Dublin, Ireland you can pick and choose...