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Dirty Honey by Cometleo
Dirty Honeyby Cometleo
hey this is basically me letting you into my head. it's a lot, I know but we'll work something out. This book is basically a compilation of different sex scenarios from...
dad x boy by xoxocokebarbie
dad x boyby Lily G
Devon is a sophomore at Central High and one afternoon after school while at his friend Natalies house he has a unexpected encounter with his dad, Holden.
Ruby by makeitmatter
Rubyby kat
❝In the midst of a wedding, a young girl recalls her troubled past.❞ Book # 2 in the Jewels series, but can be read as a standalone. Cover by @xxflawfully_amazynxx.
Safe- L.S. by lovelylarrystyles
Safe- lovelylarrystyles <3
Louis is a feisty homeless teen, and Harry is a loving soul in search of a little. What happens when their worlds collide? Please read the tags and be aware of what this...
CANVAS by cystali
CANVASby 𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯
Olympia Remis became an artist to help people heal from old wounds by painting their most depressing memories in a brighter light. When she's given a a case about a dang...
History by jjwho_notme
Historyby Mon Amour
Book 2 of 2: History (Peggy POV) Peggy has always liked Logan. So when she starts flirting with her, Peggy finally decides to act upon it. She may be Logan's teacher, bu...
A second chance // DEVILDICE SMUT by Doindoinyrmom
A second chance // DEVILDICE SMUTby Donnie :p
I made this for a friend on the blue bird app1!1!
i wrote this as a joke but my boyfriend made me publish by bunnyatedrywall
i wrote this as a joke but my bun
PLEASE READ!! Stories may contain- cnc, dubcon, somno, stalking, drugging, blasphemy, manipulation, kidnapping etc.
Femdom Exibitionist  by femdomwriterr
Femdom Exibitionist by femdomwriterr
In open at dead of night fucking his brains out
Another Welcomed Guest by Pars01
Another Welcomed Guestby PARS001
This takes place five years after the events of A Welcome guest. What if the good deeds one did for one group of gods, sparked more than the interest of another group?
Maze runner smutshots bxb by oqhixlism8
Maze runner smutshots bxbby txtoutdid
These are smutshots about the maze runner characters!! Dont like, dont read enjoy!
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Chance Meeting by AngelStar100781
Chance Meetingby Angela A. Twigg
Steve meets a woman that changes his life forever.
.. by pppaari
#14 aphrodisiaC
Harley bruises himself. -- this work is not related to any character and or real person.
I Desire You by SkyLightMcNuggets
I Desire Youby SkylightMcNuggets
"It's yes sir from now on, if that's okay of course.." He adjusted his hips, I could tell he was eager to fuck me just by the sound of his voice. ...
Dirty commie. (One shot original smut) by GrungeGods69
Dirty commie. (One shot original GrungeGods
Read all description before reading! I don't do much research as this is purely for those with a military kink and 100% fantasy along with fantasying Russian military. I...
Ishqaan Forever by ContradictionQueen
Ishqaan Foreverby M M A
This is a book of one shots and random musings from the life and times of Ishqi and Ahaan, popularly known as Ishqaan from the Sony TV show ISHK PAR ZOR NAHI. I have ma...
Puss in Boots boyxboy by its_just_me_guyz
Puss in Boots boyxboyby VWA
It's Puss in Boots. A Were-Panther boy is involved in an accidental blood bond with a Druid and they have to figure out what to do from there. After they realise they ar...
Her Stories(BDSM CONTENT) by MadMatisbacc
Her Stories(BDSM CONTENT)by Mistress Macabre
A series of short stories revolving around male/ female subs and female doms. This will be run by you, the reader, in the sense that I take requests from you and write a...