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The misunderstood(Hiatus!!!) by Aggresive_Rice
The misunderstood(Hiatus!!!)by I’m dying
(The OC is MINE. Please don't not take it) You, a female cake dog who had found the means to become cookie like. Woke up in the oven, far to late to see your siblings a...
Cookie run x reader oneshots! by MeaghanKatrielleJao
Cookie run x reader oneshots!by It’sMeg
Feel free to request scenarios and oneshots of you being with your favorite cookies!, also no Mature stuff please, i am a minor, thank you!😊
Temptation of ignorance  by whomsdve69
Temptation of ignorance by 🏹🍃Wind Archer🍃🏹
(Self aware legendaries x gn reader x Passion fruit (oc) kinda? ): • " desire to be with your favorite cookies?.." someone with a feminine voice said ...
❥𝚁𝚄𝙻𝙴𝚂 •If you want to request, do it on the first page •No Smut/NSFW requests I am a minor •Yandere is allowed •Five (5) characters maximum per request...
A Phantom in the Night by Ben_Fakename
A Phantom in the Nightby Satan
By day, he's Roguefort. A shy citizen who's friends with Detective Almond. By night, they're Phantom Bleu. A well known criminal who's got a love for dramatic performanc...
cookie run x reader scenarios/hcs by SvperSad
cookie run x reader scenarios/hcsby deez nuts
☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ i hate it... i hate it here
Pirates of The Carribbean AU | SorbetMint / PepperShark  | Cookie run by SugarXFinXWrites
Pirates of The Carribbean AU | ~ Sugar Sharkie ~
" Mͦeͦ ͦhͦeͦaͦrͦtͦ ͦiͦsͦ ͦpͦeͦiͦrͦcͦeͦdͦ ͦbͦyͦ ͦcͦuͦpͦiͦdͦ,ͦ ͦIͦ ͦdͦiͦsͦdͦaͦiͦnͦ ͦaͦlͦlͦ ͦgͦlͦiͦtͦtͦeͦrͦiͦnͦgͦ ͦgͦoͦlͦdͦ ͦ.ͦ ͦ.ͦ ͦ.ͦ ͦTͦhͦeͦrͦeͦ ͦiͦsͦ ͦnͦoͦtͦhͦiͦnͦ...
Dark Choco Cookie x Reader by Gh0stly_Silence
Dark Choco Cookie x Readerby Silent Ghost
A series of Dark Choco Cookie x Reader one shots. 《DO NOT REQUEST!!》 Each and every dark choco Cookie one shots all came from the Cookie Run x Reader One Shot book. Some...
Darkness Grows||CRK/CROB Fanfic by sonictheforreal1243
Darkness Grows||CRK/CROB Fanficby sonictheforreal1243
Wizard and Cream Puff were studying new magic until Alchemist arrived but not the one everyone knows...
Lost and Reunited [A PureCacao Story] by Annosisity
Lost and Reunited [A PureCacao Annosisity
Hello First Story On Here If you don't like the ship that's fine! This is A Pure Vanilla x Dark Cacao story Some other stuff: Some angst No sumt Fluff
New Feelings  (wizardbrave fic)  by Kfccookie
New Feelings (wizardbrave fic) by Kfc cookie 🍗
Currently re writing <3 (There will be NO smut or lemon in this fanfic) There's like no wizardbrave stories on this site so ig I have to make it myself smh So basical...
Random Cookierun Ships Oneshots(DISCONTINUED :( ) by Lilac_is_a_bottom
Random Cookierun Ships Oneshots( Shalka💜🍄
This is mainly Madelespresso, YogurtLilac, Cloverice and more idk I love Espresso, Lilac and Licorice okay. (Not actually mainly those ships now) Just random stuff when...
Would you like a cup of coffee? (Cookie Run Kingdom) by T0xikSpr1te
Would you like a cup of coffee? ( Sprite
Espresso have always had troubles with his relationships. He knows what he wants, but his fear of rejection is stronger than his thrist of passion, or maybe not? Maybe M...
「Candle - Firewind」||【Cookie Run】 by rosanellu
「Candle - Firewind」||【Cookie Run】by rosie
Wind ventures out into the night, and accidentally strays too far from the Cookie Kingdom. As he continues his journey, he soon realizes he is lost -- and not only that...
Madeleine Espresso Oneshots by StinkyToesAreTasty
Madeleine Espresso Oneshotsby Gru
2 gay cookies ig, one shots written by 3 different people. Please read first page to understand some things, thank you :)
Cookie Run - The Calling Card by potownperuzzer
Cookie Run - The Calling Cardby bitterLicorice
As the days go by, life seems to be relentless for Almond. Never a dull moment, he claims... But as he finally thinks he's caught the masked villian hes been chasing, hi...
Is this Love? (editing/rewriting) by yantaol0v3r
Is this Love? (editing/rewriting)by Yes! I love KomaHina
Don't read this. I'm editing it, come back later ART NOT MINE!!! I also rarely update due to... *cough cough* laziness. This is Wind Archer x Fire Spirit because yes. I...
Cookie Run Artbook by Yaaravu_
Cookie Run Artbookby Yaaravu
a book full of my cookie run arts from digital to traditional. hope you like it. Please ask for my permission if you wanna use one of my drawings. Visit me from other s...
(Book 2) Cookie run x reader Oneshots by bluepatient
(Book 2) Cookie run x reader bluepatient
Request are close! Second book! This time including both Ovenbreak and Kingdom! Please check the info before asking for a request, and make sure as well my request are o...