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Since We've No Place to Go | ✓ by bateaux
Since We've No Place to Go | ✓by k. monroe
After Ingrid Kaufman drunkenly hooked up with one of her detestable co-workers at their annual office Christmas party, she didn't think things could get any more awkward...
Daddy's little slut by smexysmutts
Daddy's little slutby Daisy Renigal
Jared can't focus on his work project with his coworker Sarah at her house. As he tries to cover up his arousal and find something to eat Sarah walks in wearing nothing...
Teenage Fever by michaliza
Teenage Feverby michaliza
A love triangle... but make it gay.... Not what Leslie had in mind when he moved to Section 1 of Shoreview, Jordansberg with his girlfriend of almost two years but, hey...
FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS {Angelina Jolie/You) by lliirio
being Angelina Jolies Lawyer was simple. Until it wasn't. Angelina: 35 Years old Y/n: 28 years old and G!P
The Wrong Sister [Completed] by SavannahWritesYasss
The Wrong Sister [Completed]by savannah
All Cylus' life her sister, Chloe has always been the better sister. Chloe was the most loved by their parents and got all the boys and attention as she was more popular...
Crushing on my Co-worker by JumpmanJhope
Crushing on my Co-workerby 👑Queendom👑
What would you do if you old bully not only moves to your town but now works at your job? Keanna Carter is soon met with this question when she recognizes that her new c...
The Coworker by username031317
The Coworkerby Ella
The last time Alexa's life was normal was when she kissed her coworker after her shift. After being ripped from her home, she is unsure who she can trust but knows that...
Cast Me Out - Drew Starkey by writergirlworld
Cast Me Out - Drew Starkeyby EVELYN
The most successful and the most talked about actress on the media Josephine McCain was given a role in season two of the teenage show Outer Banks. The cast members knew...
Seoul Lights | Bangchan by Lucas_bub
Seoul Lights | Bangchanby 𝖆𝖓𝖓 ☻︎ (inactive)
- if you can't move on from your first love, this story is for you. :) 𝘚𝘺𝘯𝘰𝘱𝘴𝘪𝘴 : Seoul Lights. A majestic yet so terrifying place where all the powerful people...
STALKER || JUNGKOOK FF || by kookiekookie010101
STALKER || JUNGKOOK FF ||by kookiekookie
"I only wish to have you by my side forever instead of watching you from afar" ©kookiekookie010101 | 2020
More Than Fine. (Complete) by Designschool
More Than Fine. (Complete)by Designschool
Sometimes we hold ourselves back. We tell ourselves we're fine, when the reality is we're just barely getting by. We're living in a world of grey, when color is within...
Call Me Tae - VKOOK + Completed by bnanamlk
Call Me Tae - VKOOK + Completedby d a i s y
"Thank you Mr Kim." "Jungkook, call me Tae." . . . Taeehyung runs KimCredit and Jungkook works for the company. Yet, Jungkook starts to notice he has...
Relentless  by garicksons
Relentless by L'auteur
Nadia Rivers is the austere higher of an up and coming street wear company- desperate to find the keys to the company's success. Quentin Ruffing is a young self proclaim...
One Whole Week... (Nanami x Reader) (One Bed Trope) by bokucia227
One Whole Week... (Nanami x Alicia
(EDITING IN PROGRESS) You and Nanami have just been partnered up and will now be working together to take down evil curses. Everyone sees a powerful duo that can take on...
After work drinks by StupendouslyGood
After work drinksby Stupendously Good
If you are looking for a story about love, friendship, co-workers, loyalty, ambition, betrayal, drama, family and lots of steaminess, look no further. Lydia Bryce is...
Fanboy • ZeeNunew • by bellamaladroite
Fanboy • ZeeNunew •by tess
"Yes I'm just a fan, even if we are from the same company we will never be more than that" Disclaimer : Everything in this one shot except real people's names...
1 + 1 = 2 | Baldi x Reader [DISCONTINUED] by ZeroCiro
1 + 1 = 2 | Baldi x Reader [ ¡dumbass!
You and Baldi have been best friends since the 7th grade! How will he react when he finds out your secret feelings for him after all these years? Credit to angerissue fo...
In my greetings for you | MewGulf by pararanch
In my greetings for you | MewGulfby pararanch
Working in the same film industry together in the same office as well as having an unrequited feelings with your childhood friend would never be easy, at least that's wh...
vanilla, spencer reid by nostalgiamoth
vanilla, spencer reidby nostalgiamoth
under editing! (slower updates) start jul.20.2020 end tbd spencer reid x fem.oc no set season © nostalgiamoth 2020
letters i'll send when i'm dead by satansmilf
letters i'll send when i'm deadby lizzy 🦦
- i'll spend the next fifty years loving you