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A Smile of an Angle That touch a Killers Hearth (creepypasta Dr.smiley's love) by Jinx_Vinx
A Smile of an Angle That touch a Yuuna Uchiha
What can a bind girl like her do to a killers who is amused on killing and making others suffer? Can she really be the one?
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios by Nyghtfall
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenariosby Nyghtfall
CreepyPasta: Fictional Horror Characters Includes: SlenderMan; Eyeless Jack; Jeff The Killer; Laughing Jack; Lost Silver; BEN Drowned( Doctor Smiley And Homicidal Liu Ha...
Heartless Proxy (Hoodie x Reader) by DemonGirlMe
Heartless Proxy (Hoodie x Reader)by Qhim
You couldn't stop it. The evil that was taking over, you couldn't control it. You needed to kill. It was telling you to. You've done it before, so why do you stop the...
Laughing Matter  (Laughing Jack Fic) -Completed- by CodeNameFanGRL
Laughing Matter (Laughing Jack Code
Felice Fiore Grande always had rotten luck. She never knew her biological parents, she was always stuck in the abusive or just down right creepy foster houses. And to to...
A night with the smiling killer (Jeff the killer x reader) by lemonartist04
A night with the smiling killer ( lemonartist04
You have had a rough life and a smiling killer is going to make your life change completely.
Unlikely Romance by AlexMasters0
Unlikely Romanceby Wolf
Lizzy is a sassy feminist who loves being alone. She was pampered her whole life, and thus has everything. Everything, except love and peace. She finds these two importa...
You Shouldn't Have Done That (A Ben Drowned Romance)  by sweetserenade4life
You Shouldn't Have Done That (A sweetserenade4life
"The haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge. Have you heard of it?" Vanessa is possibly the only person in her whole school who has never heard of the creepypasta kn...
Unlikely-a creepypasta fanfic by JassyLol
Unlikely-a creepypasta fanficby Cetefilleestperdue
I'm Allysa Moore. I'm an average girl , good grades, I'll say I'm a bit attractive. This story isn't about me being bullied so bad I run away from home, no none of that...
fazzbear mansion by themememaster
fazzbear mansionby themememaster
so five nights at freddy's animatronics meet the creepypastas at killer mansion
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by Nanny_McreepyPasta
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenariosby Isa Chann
Different creepypastas, different scenarios, and you :) You're just the average person, living the mediocre life, but that is about to change when you've met the guy of...
Flipping the Scene by Chmxlrabz
Flipping the Sceneby Chmxlrabz
Most people fantastic about their favorite story coming true. Maybe even a character being transported Into their world, or the other way around. Enitan Schafer, a 16 ye...
toby x clockwork by jacksgirlfreind
toby x clockworkby jacksgirlfreind
hey yalll this is my first story dont judge me also i may have a few spelling errors here and their but i try my best so yeah enjoy this story.
Creepypasta Lemons c; by rosieposie_123
Creepypasta Lemons c;by Rose c:
Hi, there ^.^ So, this is my first lemon/fanfic thing (>.<), please bear with me! ~WARNING~ This does contain some sexual content. Hence why it's called a lemon...
Marxin Full Creepypasta Story Collection by Loucina242
Marxin Full Creepypasta Story Moonzy2008
Marxin is a mysterious shadow entity who appears in Jake's dreams since childhood. He informs Jake on what will happen to him in the future and in order to prevent him f...
Roleplay book  by arsonellapastaburned
Roleplay book by Elizabeth Todora
This is for anyone who wants to roleplay we can do it in the comments or DM me whichever one is fine with me it's for ships or any fandom plus I am bored lol