Crone Stories

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A Beastly Tail by Ladysausten
A Beastly Tailby Ladysausten
Guilty with an explanation? ***********************************************************(aka...stuff that happened long before la Belle met la Bête, & when they first met...
The End by VikingFenharel
The Endby Fen
Everything feels grey, and still, and strangely familiar as he begins to recount his sins.
My Black Knight by IveNeverBeenInLove21
My Black Knightby IveNeverBeenInLove21
Another Story... Black Knight?? your Life Savior
Maiden: A Feast of Fate Story by MeganDenner
Maiden: A Feast of Fate Storyby Megan Denner
In the heart of impenetrable thorns and vines lies a tower of shining marble. Who lives in the tower? What power keeps the tower safe? "Welcome to the Maiden's Tow...
A Female History- a bitchcraft femminist guide by GreatQueen_DarkWitch
A Female History- a bitchcraft Erikhaerys Morgane Morrigan
Bitchcraft femminist guide from Witches, Shield maiden, priestess and other fictnal and no female figure for know the female figure of the woman
The Crone and the Stag by BryannasBookShop
The Crone and the Stagby BryannasBookShop
The Crone and the Stag arrive during Samhain for the celebration and to receive their thanks. *This is a short story **also published in the 50th edition of Casper Coll...
The Shadows (ON HOLD) by VelvetSkyline
The Shadows (ON HOLD)by Abbie
Envy the vampire hunter has no feeling apart from hate, rage and jealousy. She bears a mark that humans do not accept; they stare and vampires hate the sight of her. She...
Age Versus Youth by JAGold1
Age Versus Youthby J. A. Gold
Magic, Action and Crypts cover this grand adventure as Amanda ventures on a journey to regain what was taken from her so long ago, her youth. A difficult task you may be...
YULE by RosyCarmelina
YULEby Rosy
* RUNNER UP * @ScienceFiction Contest 15 - The Old Magic of Yule - Oil stocks are almost out. Sea levels are rising further. Preparations for this Winter Solstice are...
Scarlet Song by DizzyAxolotl
Scarlet Songby Indrid Coleman-Mahler
In a world where inhumans live among the human world, LaRue must figure out where stands in the grand scheme of her own kind and where her life as Captain will lead her...
The Woman by twoheadedlemonboi
The Womanby A Person
A old woman goes alone into an alley, and comes out the other side. Nothing out of the ordinary at all.
Could You Love Me? (Victor Crone) by xx_HaleighBear_xx
Could You Love Me? (Victor Crone)by HaleighBear🧡
Stormy Walker and Victor Crone have been really close childhood friends. Ever since they were kids, they did everything together. They were always there to protect each...
The Doll Curse by JamesBowser8
The Doll Curseby CharmedFan1998-2006
Million of decades ago, an immortal witch who has been alive since the Renaissance times, had cursed bunch of dolls to take revenge on young girls in the 21st century, o...
C R O N E : A Feast of Fate Story by AnnaQuin07
C R O N E : A Feast of Fate Storyby ✰ Anna ✰
"Citizen Danu, your daughter has been selected." Death comes to all things, eventually. When the future is placed in the hands of the old, experience guides t...
Snow Angel (On Hold) by dissociativedesire
Snow Angel (On Hold)by dissociativedesire
The Devastation of 2047 leaves the world cold and bitter. Roran Gladimire grows up away from its cruelness, but only for her safety. Roran is unlike any girl her age wit...
How to Handle Rejection - Maybe by SinnerFantasies
How to Handle Rejection - Maybeby Red☠Frost
I am Tilly Wiz. I am an alpha's daughter, but I'm an omega. Last year, we were hosting the pack party, where various wolves come on a treaty and see if they can find the...