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Re:Summoned to another world os the wielder of Ten Shadow by AbelLucis
Re:Summoned to another world os Raphael Santos
Subaru Zen'in Fushiguro, the wielder of the Ten Shadows, in the completion of his 17 birthday he was promoted as a Special Grade Sorcerer, regarded as one of the stronge...
DarkerTale (crossover fanfiction) by Sunnyyboy
DarkerTale (crossover fanfiction)by Sunny
When Chara wakes up one day in a mysterious and completely new world, she has no idea that her fate is already sealed. To return to her own world, she must find seven pu...
Story Void by Loblast
Story Voidby The True Loblaster
There is meanings, whether immediately apparent or not are dependent on the circumstances. This is a void where stories can be shown through. Most will be cannon in Cros...
;; forbidden love. || matthew x kyna [academyAU] by scawamyy
;; forbidden love. || matthew x amyy<3
in which seok matthew is transfer student in the famous kaliasin academy. the academy was known for its achievement, and its history. matthew and his friend, zhang hao c...
Male Purplejane x Female Polnareff by JohanRyheden
Male Purplejane x Female Polnareffby Johan Ryheden
The story about to lovers, separated by fate. A story with both passion and action.. if you get my hint.
The tale about the mystical world of Yorstate. (CROSSOVER EDITION) by mamamilkieqhscq
The tale about the mystical mamamilkieqhscq
Another day in Yorstate... ...but... what if... Mario was in Yorstate?