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New Start Shattered by Poggering
New Start Shatteredby Poggering
Your a normal person who got hit with a wave of nostalgia when you go into your bathroom and then exit only to fall from the sky and into a horde of shard amalgamations...
The Black Gem by RSPBLiterature
The Black Gemby R.S.P.B
Deep in an abandoned Diamond facility lies a dormant Gem. However this Gem is waking up and it is no ordinary Gem...
The Lost Gem (Steven Universe X Mha) by metalic0003
The Lost Gem (Steven Universe X metalic0003
this is a mha crossover with Steven universe, all credit go to their respected creators.
From Out Beyond Your Star (Book 1) by BleedingDreamer
From Out Beyond Your Star (Book 1)by (/^-^)/
Rosaline Quartz Universe is a huge mistake, according to Pearl. Then on a rainy night in Beach City, she's warped away for what seems like forever. The gems seem to forg...
Perma-Fusion Obsidian AU by longfurbymoment
Perma-Fusion Obsidian AUby Angelkittiezz
Essentially the title; What if Obsidian was a permanent fusion? There will be major changes to the plot but it will be mostly the same. [Cross-posted on AO3]
Being Human by RSPBLiterature
Being Humanby R.S.P.B
When a Young Adult has to suddenly move across the country with his dad he ends up in the town of Beach City. Will his life be a mundane existence or will there be somet...
◇One Wish◇ Jasper x reader by UruyikuSemaraiki
◇One Wish◇ Jasper x readerby Uruyiki
Jasper is a very lonely gem, with her purpose and duty taken away she has no idea what to do with herself. But faith seemed to have aligned a path for a extinct race of...
(Steven universe x Nemesis reader) GEMS!!! by Poggering
(Steven universe x Nemesis reader) Poggering
Y/n was captured during the gem war he was taken to a testing facility and torn apart and put back together with all sorts of different organics from different planets o...
A Internecion Cube meets ⭐️ Steven universe ⭐️ (on hold) by -a_dusty_skeleton-
A Internecion Cube meets ⭐️ Geno!dust sans
Hello!, good night/morning/afternoon or whatever works for you!, this is gonna be the first actual story I'm gonna make!. So prepare for really dumb mistakes like gramma...
heart of pastel. [steven universe diamond! x reader insert] by emotionalsunflcwer
heart of pastel. [steven ⋆.* ༄‧₊˚
❝Life and death and love and birth and peace and war on the planet earth. Is there anything that's worth more than peace and love on the planet earth?❞ ― steven universe...
STEVEN UNIVERSE - "the off colour" MALE GEM by Rubeedude111
STEVEN UNIVERSE - "the off colour" Rubeedude111
you, the reader, are an off colour Male gem, a turquoise, to be exact. This story is kind of a ship story. Turquoise, being an outcast, has mysteriously ended up on eart...
The Black Diamond by OmegaWilliam95
The Black Diamondby Omega
When the strongest race unexpectedly dies out by an unknown being, its reincarnation takes the form of their natural resources.
The Green Guardian by Saintmaster24
The Green Guardianby Saintmaster24
Deep within the forest in an old temple lives the last gem that has believed to have gone extinct. But when Steven and the gems stumble upon this new gem by mistake, the...
Naruto: beneath the surface by Syphen200
Naruto: beneath the surfaceby Syphen200
After the forth great ninja war, the world is left a Wasteland with no one left save for Naruto and Sasuke. But with the sage of six path's help, the world is reset and...
Isekai'd as a Sapphire by Pixel_birb
Isekai'd as a Sapphireby Pixel birds
A very forgetful person dies and get sent to the world of Steven Universe. "Maybe i shouldn't have used the microwave..." (Disclaimer don't own pictures or Ste...
Hands of creation (A steven universe x original male diamond character story) by Toxicologist-
Hands of creation (A steven Toxicologist-
Subsequently dropped into Godhood with no explanation or warning at all, our once human now ascended young adult was given the chance to create and destroy anything at t...
Steven Universe x Cozmic guardian reader. by HAROUTORA
Steven Universe x Cozmic BLITZØ
😶😶 (I dont own any artwork used in this)
Steven universe one shots by SmolMelowPaladin
Steven universe one shotsby Queen of Pieck
I'll take requests when I can but I don't promise for any on quick notice. But I'll explain the the Request page STEVEN UNIVERSE BELONGS TO REBECCA SUGAR!
The Onyx Recruit by SydneyWrabbit
The Onyx Recruitby Some guy really
Steven Universe, on a mission with the Crystal Gems, finds a large black gemstone with wave like patterns in the colors of fire. He shows it to the gems, who've surprisi...
Steven and Nora Universe  by SardsSU
Steven and Nora Universe by SardsSU
A Steven Universe AU where Rose Quartz gave birth to twins, Steven and Nora, who each shares one half of their mother's gemstone. They live with the Crystal Gems: Ruby...