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Wattpad Manji gang  by therealkodzuken
Wattpad Manji gang by bald Draken <3
Our gang ✨A Cursed Book For A Cursed Gang✨
Cursed Book by RomioneAndHinny
Cursed Bookby RomioneAndHinny
Umbridge looked at the five books she found in the room. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets. Harry Potter and the Prisone...
Bosip goes to Walmart by Shit__nugget
Bosip goes to Walmartby Shit nugget
Mr. Linden's Library by FursonaCosplay
Mr. Linden's Libraryby Nex
It's a short story. Like really short. It was an old school essay. Hope you enjoy.
Mr. Linden's Library by allynicolek
Mr. Linden's Libraryby allynicolek
"I warned her about the book. Now it's too late," Mr. Linden thought as the police carried her out of the house. "She should have listened. And now, becau...
fandom, fanfic and original books and random things  by Areymao
fandom, fanfic and original areymao UWU
the work about books and the stuff i do is here Art in picrew All art ITS not mine Cuz i cant draw 😔💅
The Cursed Book (On Hold) by somiwtp
The Cursed Book (On Hold)by somiwtp
Highest rank #1 in cursedbook. "Lips red as blood, Hair black as night. Bring me your heart, My dear dear Snow White." ________________________________...
[*|Death forest|*]- Trapped friendships by Lorza_groupworks
[*|Death forest|*]- Trapped Lorza_groupworks
Catastrophe in the darkness. Forest of immensity and death. Story telling of the doom counter. Tolerate for the fallen. Betrayals yearning to be fulfilled. The sun rise...
Do not READ by priya_shady
Do not READby Piyu
What would you do if you got to know that the library you visited yesterday was closed from past 2 years?  A girl named Piyu is fond of reading, writing books and who i...
The Whisper From The Book by AphiosAllehan
The Whisper From The Bookby Aphios Allehan
The most horrifying book in Earth "Whisper" became famous world wide. But, every people die after buying that book. What's the story behind it? Or maybe.....Wh...
The Book of Blood by Halafahoum
The Book of Bloodby Halafahoum
An old library isn't that interesting, right? An old library is nothing but peaceful. Wrong. Keith Davis, aged sixteen, knows better, for when he had first entered that...
Cheryl's Scary Stories by GirlonFire5555
Cheryl's Scary Storiesby Katrina Vitek
What If Uncle Bedford DID kill Cheryl? Along with Toni, Nana Rose, and Penelope? Years filled with rage and abuse brings Cheryl back as an evil ghost. And anyone who has...
The Cursed Diaries by saitamasStar
The Cursed Diariesby saitamasStar
This story is about a high school kid called Ethan that accepted a challenge to enter The Cursed School by his friend Zack ... Ethan finds a book in The Cursed School bu...
The cursed book by milMcCaule
The cursed bookby Yellow2Black
This book is known to be cursed let's see what happened a in the next chapter