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Her White Eyes by EmilyAnnGoodwin
Her White Eyesby Emily
Sage Antaka is a Ninja in her village. When she was just a kid, though, she was cursed. She is blind. She has spent her whole life training, an outcast in the village ex...
No Name: The Organization Series #2 - The Troublemaker by VenenoBelleza
No Name: The Organization Series Kap Tim
No Name: The Organization Series #2 People usually says that having a complete family is one of the most happiest thing you could ever have. Maybe for those who believed...
Carson's book of Coolness by SamAnnLee
Carson's book of Coolnessby WeDontExist.
Idk. Random things I suppose @CrafterLily What's with the Alliteration? XD
¤《~☆Updates☆~》¤ by captain_cye
¤《~☆Updates☆~》¤by Cyeli Nobles
Just a few updates on my page. Goes over: - New books -New ideas -Book updates -Casual conversation -Comments I've read on my books (Neg & Pos) - Your requests -Though...
Into the Darkness: A Ronin Warriors Fanfic by MissKayura
Into the Darkness: A Ronin MissKayura
All five Ronin warriors are trying to put a stop to Talpa's evil plans to take over the world. Will they succeed? Read the story to find out! ~Anime>>Ronin Warrio...
Shin no Kaiyo by RumbleFish92
Shin no Kaiyoby Lady Mouri
Based on a idea that popped into my head during a listen of Moichido Baby Blue by Shin's original Japanese voice actor. Nozomu Sasaki