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stosuh oneshots!  by germaphobeboi
stosuh oneshots! by lee ✨
this includes angst, fluff, and smut. (MoStLy sMuT tHo) :3
The Fic Where Stephen Realizes He's Gay From a Picnic by stan_stans
The Fic Where Stephen Realizes He'...by stan stans
He didn't like men, at least he didn't think so. Yet when he saw how Hosuh's eyes smiled in time with his lips, he couldn't help but stare, thinking of how beautiful he...
(Danplan) Stephen X Hosuh  by _just_a_writer_XD
(Danplan) Stephen X Hosuh by Just_a_writer
So I'm new at writing fanfic (this is the first one) so plz don't hate me if it's bad. Btw Stephen and Hosuh are from a YouTube channel called Danplan so plz go support...
Danplan x Reader Oneshots ♡ by SpoiledMilkshake
Danplan x Reader Oneshots ♡by Bee
Danplan x Reader oneshots! [UPDATE, 19/07/2022] I won't be continuing writing this book as I'm not comfortable writing real people in romantic scenarios anymore, so sor...
• DanPlan Scenarios • by okaytokito
• DanPlan Scenarios •by maeve
Danplan scenarios but it's just Stephan, Hosuh, and Jay 👌 ( Danplan Oneshots , Danplan Preferences )
【Jay x Reader - Danplan】 by Maiios
【Jay x Reader - Danplan】by Mai
***KEEP IN MIND, THIS FANFICTION WAS MADE BEFORE STEPHEN LEFT SOOOO YEAH*** Being friends with Danplan wouldn't be so bad, right? But imagine being Jay's friend. Maybe e...
subject : murder (aop ft. danplan) by timetravellingkarlos
subject : murder (aop ft. danplan)by karlos
[THE DISCONTINUED VERSION] read the rewrite in my profile! A slice of life story with the God of Fate altering the (former) DanPlan member's personalities. The 'innocent...
"I'm Fine, Guys..." JayXDan Story (DanPlan Fic) by potatoproductions22
"I'm Fine, Guys..." JayXDan Story...by Potato Productions
13 Year Old Daniel Lim works hard... Maybe too hard..? Welcome to 8th grade Dan, try not to break. Ships: • Jay and Daniel • Stephen and Hosuh • Ajay and Jo Guests: Actu...
subject : murder (actuallyoddplanb) by timetravellingkarlos
subject : murder (actuallyoddplanb)by karlos
[THE REWRITTEN VERSION] Welcome, folks, as the rewrite has been started! To those who have read the original, welcome back! To those who have not, welcome to the improve...
maybe only a few nsfw... idk, but I take forever to write stories because I write really long stories. Mainly hosuh x Stephen I don't think there will be any other ships...
Can You Hear Me? (stosuh, danplan fanfic) by icantwriteproperly
Can You Hear Me? (stosuh, danplan...by icantwriteproperly
💞Suicide, abuse warnings A slow-burn, stosuh story. hosuh has been suffering in an abusive family since birth. he was going to some of the toughest time of his life wh...
Behind The Scene | ACTUALLYODDPLAN AU by blueberryskes
Behind The Scene | ACTUALLYODDPLAN...by Ed_.ft
* This is a twitter AU, and I'm sorta a starter. The purposes of this story, is actually for my Instagram- Type in your password. _*_*_*_*_*_*_ 🔓 u n l o c k e d. Thi...
Ask or Dare! ActuallyOddDanPlan Edition by potatoproductions22
Ask or Dare! ActuallyOddDanPlan Ed...by Potato Productions
Ask or Dare with Dan, Hosuh, Stephen, Jay, and more! Cover art is NOT mine!!!! I found it on Google. Don't kill me. Shipping is allowed!! Go ahead!!!! The main is probab...
My Vampire Boyfriend by edgywriter1o1
My Vampire Boyfriendby Edgy Writer, Aye
2 young boys (in their 20s) go on a blind date from Tinder! Stephen and Hosuh felt like the date went well and kept dating. But Stephen felt low on something... somethin...
By the Way, what if we're Dead? [DanPlan Fanfic]  by CherryShoda
By the Way, what if we're Dead? [D...by CherryShoda
Dan and Stephen created their own channel long ago, creating video's and documentarys about Ghost's. They travel to supposedly haunted place's and check them out. One ni...
By the way, Danplan.exe not found  by an_afterthought
By the way, Danplan.exe not found by Blurry
One of the guys wakes up to a normal day. Is it, though? ------------------------------ The drawing in the cover photo belongs to @kiks-arts on tumbral
Sunflower - Gavin x Reader ( ActuallyStephen ) by Yuki_Yookie
Sunflower - Gavin x Reader ( Actua...by 🍌Yukari🍌
Its random as heck that you meet this very energetic boy that is the younger brother of the fabulous psychopath Stephen. a/n~ this was requested by two very lovely reade...
DanPlan x Reader || On Hold by ApplesAndMoreApples
DanPlan x Reader || On Holdby Apple
Here is a typical x ReAder thingy. It's DanPlan, but also features ActuallyStephen and OddJayAlter. You find a roommate to live with, whilst looking for somewhere to st...
Stephen X Hosuh by SunyoungPark9
Stephen X Hosuhby Sunyoung Park
Idk what to say. I will try my best!