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Upper Orders//Benedict Bridgerton by stephie177
Upper Orders//Benedict Bridgertonby stephie177
Diana Featherington is the only child of the younger brother of the Baron Featherington. With the passing of both parents Diana has lived with the Baron and his wife sin...
Winx club and the COVID-19 pandemic by AW9999
Winx club and the COVID-19 pandemicby Anonymous writer.
This story is set after season 5. It's 2020 and COVID-19 was first identified on Earth. This is how the pandemic unfolds in the Magic Dimension. Let's clear a few things...
Winx Club: Family First (Book 3) (On Hold) by overthinkingWriter
Winx Club: Family First (Book 3) (...by overthinkingWriter
rankings: 79 on #winxclub (May 11, 2018) 41 on #winx (May 13, 2018) 43 on #winxclub (May 13, 2018) 50 on #bloom (May 13, 2018) 40 on #winx (March 29, 2020) 35 on #winx...
Debutante || A Bridgerton Girl by rosieivyy
Debutante || A Bridgerton Girlby ✧༺༻∞rosieivyy ∞༺༻✧
𝐴𝐿𝐿 𝐼𝑆 𝐹𝐴𝐼𝑅 𝐼𝑁 𝐿𝑂𝑉𝐸 𝐴𝑁𝐷 𝑊𝐴𝑅 Volume 1 Just a Bridgerton trying to make her way into society. She had the Bridgerton charm and beauty, but will that...
The Battle for the Dragon Flame  by EclecticBunchOfCrap
The Battle for the Dragon Flame by EclecticBunchOfCrap
Bloom has had her baby, Serina, and the Trix have found out. It's up to the Winx, Daphne, Roxy, the Specialists, and all of Alfea to protect Bloom and baby Serina. Will...
I'm Not That Girl // A. Bridgerton by haleystagner89
I'm Not That Girl // A. Bridgertonby Always May You Reign
Lady Alina Bridgerton is starting her first season with new husbands family but with Lady Whistledown keeping eyes on the entire ton she tries to navigate her new positi...
Winx Before Winx by DW1921
Winx Before Winxby Deyoncé
Ever wonder what it was like for Alfea faries before Bloom; even before the word Winx existed. Well be prepared for an adventurous ride following the life of a young fai...
Winx club Daphne's new life by EthelCBG
Winx club Daphne's new lifeby Ethel Crystal Bright Glimmer
You guys know how Daphne was lifted from the Sirenix Curse right? Well, now I'm writing a new season 6 eventhough it's out already. For Bloom and Daphne lovers only. ...
Harry Potter and The House of The Snake by WingedMonkeyREAL
Harry Potter and The House of The...by OutClaw
By a strange twist of fate, or perhaps a schemed turn of time, Harry is sorted into Slytherin. Will the famed house be able to bring out Harry's untold potential? What n...
The Mystery Within by RSPBLiterature
The Mystery Withinby R.S.P.B
Y/n has led a dark mysterious life up until this point. But finally fed up with not knowing if he will even live to see tomorrow he seeks to make a change in his life. A...
Daphne, My Love by sapphicbridgerton
Daphne, My Loveby brigerton/multifan.
My take on a sapphic version of Bridgeton Inspired by Bridgerton (book and season 1) Daphne (+other og cast) and my oc's
Secret of domino by shadowgal02
Secret of dominoby shadowgal02
We all know the story of blooms lineage but little do we know domino is keeping a big secret. Join bloom as she discovers something about her past with well know charact...
Bridgerton by jnjjjnj
Bridgertonby Maggiexxxx
OC x OC---Wealth, lust, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, when Daphnes best friend Adelaide must help Daphne through her debut onto Regency L...
This wasn't the plan (M.R x Reader) by Isabella714170
This wasn't the plan (M.R x Reader)by Bélla ✒️
You Allison Evergreen are attending hogwarts in the Sixth year after you set fire to your last school. Your twin brother Jake has always gone to hogwarts while you haven...
Bridgerton - His One True Love by jadiee94xx
Bridgerton - His One True Loveby jadiee94xx
With Anthony's mind set on never marrying and only having the intent on looking after his family by ensuring he finds the most appropriate suitors for his sisters and th...
Our Past | Mattheo Riddle by Rae_Riddle
Our Past | Mattheo Riddleby Fantasy Girly<3
When Natalie Blackwood drops out of Hogwarts with her best friend, Daphne Greengrass, at only 17. The reason remains unknown...to everyone except a few people. Not inclu...
Scooby Doo Movies Harem x Incubus Male Reader by PansGame
Scooby Doo Movies Harem x Incubus...by PansGame
Y/n is a incubus. He decides to travel to the Scooby doo universe. He and the scooby doo gang solves mysteries. Y/n makes women fall for him.
Bridgerton - Choose Your Own Story by chxckbxss
Bridgerton - Choose Your Own Storyby Ruby
Did you watch Bridgerton and wonder which brother you would choose? Well now is your chance! Play this "choose your own adventure" Bridgerton book and decide w...
Last Chance:  A Bridgerton Tale about Anthony (AU NON-COMPLIANT) by MinaGodiva
Last Chance: A Bridgerton Tale ab...by MinaGodiva
Anthony Bridgerton has snubbed so many marriage candidates his mother is at a loss and thinks her son will never wed. Anthony is, to his mother's dismay, still very much...
I'm not a hero by GAMERWHITEDEVIL
I'm not a heroby GAMER WHITE DEVIL
By JustBored21 James and Lily have been put into a coma, Adrian Potter is the boy-who-lived, Dumbledore raises him and drops his twin at his aunts. Harry the twin brothe...