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Sun/Moon x Y/N by ToasterKitten13
Sun/Moon x Y/Nby ToasterKitten
Will have angst/fluff/smut/etc, tw for some dark stuffs, minors dni. First story, please forgive any grammar mistakes lol. Y/N will be a girl in this Just made new cover...
A Comforting Character | Sun/Moon x Fem Reader 🌞🌛 by MJTiny
A Comforting Character | Sun/ MJTiny
You had just lost everything. Your friends, your family, your job, all of it except for your house and life. You were about to end it all when you saw an advertisement f...
[FNAF] Sun and Moon x Reader - Oneshots by simp-sama
[FNAF] Sun and Moon x Reader - simp-sama
Requests are currently closed. Pretty self-explanatory; I write (my interpretations of) canon!Sun, canon!Moon, canon!(Ruin)Eclipse, and canon!(Balloon World)Eclipse, and...
Surface Of The Moon (Moondrop × Oc)//(DISCONTINUED) by DE4TH_K177Y
Surface Of The Moon (Moondrop × dio ⭐🌙⚡
All the animatronics got bodily updates. The company said it would allow more comfort to guests to give them more "human-like" features. These updates are mak...
You Are My Sunshine (Sun and Moon x reader) by clownfreak222
You Are My Sunshine (Sun and clownfreak222
I'm fixated on another funky character which is a surprise to no one, fanfiction time
sunshine :) by 0mqlia
sunshine :)by 0mqlia
⚠️ this story DOES contain sh and some sensitive topics so if you dont feel comfortable with that then please do NOT read this ⚠️ this is my first ever story! it is a su...
.'~ 𝐿𝓊𝓃𝒾𝒮𝑜𝓁𝒶𝓇 ~'. by Re1koHas_arrived
.'~ 𝐿𝓊𝓃𝒾𝒮𝑜𝓁𝒶𝓇 ~'.by ☆ 。ᴿᴱᴵᴷᴼ 。☆
In this world, you apply for a job at The Mega Pizzaplex, although aware of the company's dark past, you try to put that behind you. You might even to start to like it h...
Prayers of the Forsaken by T-Night
Prayers of the Forsakenby T
Was a slice of pizza and a warm place to sleep too much to ask for? Gregory was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. If he hadn't been so tempted by the thought o...
[FNAF:SB AU] The Promised Twins by VocaloidRULES456
[FNAF:SB AU] The Promised Twinsby Kitsune-chan 2
Fazbear Entertainment recently brought forth a new concept in Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex: A daycare. A daycare called the Superstar Daycare. In it, kids play, do ar...
[FNAF:SB AU] Beyond a Miracle by VocaloidRULES456
[FNAF:SB AU] Beyond a Miracleby Kitsune-chan 2
Set 15 years after the events of the FNAF fanfic "The Superstar Miracle", Sunbeam (formerly known as "Mini-Sun") and Elise Taylor are now a couple...
moondrop x reader by raccoonwaffles
moondrop x readerby danny
😈 this is a joke 💀
The Phantom Art Journal, Volume Two by Inky_Kuro
The Phantom Art Journal, Volume Twoby Danielle Inightlin
Obligatory forewarning: Unless I give you my clear, express permission, you may NEVER use my art or any original characters that I post within this book for any reason...
Goofy DCA ONE-SHOTS by JustyDrawz
Goofy DCA ONE-SHOTSby JustyDrawz
Just a bunch of random DCA/fnaf-related ONE-SHOTS open to request! [all art in all my stories is by me]
Revamped by Andyfranclark
Revampedby Andyfranclark
Fazbear entertainment is back.As Freddy Fazbear mega pizzaplex is a gigantic establishment, family friendly fun centre.Freddy and the gang are excited to see you. [TW wa...
Sundrop and moondrop requests by 321Jonahlover123
Sundrop and moondrop requestsby Ray
this includes sams non-sams and au's and original stuff ofc!! any warnings will be said at the start of story requests
Hopeless Fate by Daranki
Hopeless Fateby Daranki
A man who was watching the Sun and Moon show got somehow, in some way in one of the main antagonists body, Eclipse, he doesn't know how act and he isn't the most friendl...
Memory Remembered by Voice by Astrid_Morgasa
Memory Remembered by Voiceby Astrid_Morgasa
[°✨°] FNAF SB.~. Most of us know about what happened with Gregory and Security Breach right? Survive the night, PapaBear 😎, Peepaw Willy🦽, ya know! (This is the fire...
Security Breach Headcanons by Quartzala
Security Breach Headcanonsby Quartzala
I don't think I'm going to include Gregory or Vanessa only because I don't have any headcanons for them at the moment. (THESE CHANGE FROM TIME TO TIME SO DONT BE UPSET I...
☀️ Sun x Moon ~ One Shot 🌙 by SxnnyandM00ny
☀️ Sun x Moon ~ One Shot 🌙by Sun x moon💓
🌜 REQUEST: Open 🌜 Everything you desire is here. Come and read this fantastic ship, here are three main key 🧸 Fluff 👅 Smut 🥀 Angst AU are welcome as well ;)
Yandere Sun X Moon by IndigoPearl89
Yandere Sun X Moonby Nightmare Night
Because it's yandere, there's A LOT of adult themes here. I have listed them in the first chapter so people can read them and choose to read or avoid this book. This is...