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Detroit Become Human x Readers by dairysticks
Detroit Become Human x Readersby bingus
These aren't mine! These belong to magical-musical-imagines/omi-writes-things/chiliadrevolution on tumblr! Since they stopped writing and archived all their old works, I...
These are my DBH imagines from my Tumblr - the first ones are from android-babes and the newer ones are from swanimagines! All my imagines are for all readers and SFW, s...
I Bleed Blue // Detroit Become Human by _NicoleSolo_
I Bleed Blue // Detroit Become Hum...by Once Upon A Time...
"My name is Connor. I am the android sent by CyberLife" Connor is a prototype android sent by the foundation CyberLife. He has one mission and one mission only...
Requests are closed and there's going to be some angst BTW there's no smut
Where Do I Begin? (Markus x Reader) D.B.H by LadybugCreativity
Where Do I Begin? (Markus x Reader...by LadybugCreativity
You were abused by your own biological family, but you would always love to visit your neighbor, Carl and his android, Markus, in your free time to stay away from you fa...
Detroit: Become Human X Reader by puppy-eyed-androids
Detroit: Become Human X Readerby hope
Reader-Inserts with Detroit: Become Human characters! Can also be found on Tumblr and Ao3. Requests taken from my Tumblr Inbox! Requests are currently: Open If you coul...
One shots and Hot shots a Detroit become human book by teristy
One shots and Hot shots a Detroit...by Joyce
I usually write down the things I daydream abt so here are the daydreams for this fandom lmao Wow ok message me for requests and I'll think abt it ????
Connor x Reader [ s̶o̶f̷t̶w̷a̷r̵e̵ ̸i̶n̷s̵t̷a̶b̵i̷l̵i̸t̵y̶ ] by _karoshi
Connor x Reader [ s̶o̶f̷t̶w̷a̷r̵e̵...by karoshi.
"What are you?" Connor narrowed his dark, oak eyes as he scanned her frame.
Detroit Become Human one-shots by purpolpukepanda
Detroit Become Human one-shotsby purpolpukepanda
To be Human by TheLostOne526
To be Humanby Layla
Iris Kamski, the younger sister of Elijah Kamski works for her brother as his top android engineer. Her greatest achievement was making the new Cyberlife prototype named...
(ON HOLD) The Forgotten Android (Connor x Reader) Detroit: Become Human by midnightXcross
(ON HOLD) The Forgotten Android (C...by Midnight Cross
"Perhaps the time has come for us to consider that androids are a new form of intelligent life. One thing's for certain, these events in Detroit, have changed the w...
Detroit: Become Human - Oneshot Book! by zero_dewdrop
Detroit: Become Human - Oneshot Bo...by Crystal
OOF HEY This will be my first time writing oneshots, so uh yeah. If you have any requests, feel free to leave them. Majority "x Reader" Majority female reader...
lovesick [on-going] by RK800GF
lovesick [on-going]by jay !
as the kind and obedient android, connor tries to help the new detective with her insomnia... by performing oral sex. (we're going for straightforward descriptions becau...
I Am Human (DBH Connor x Reader) by MadeByCyberlife
I Am Human (DBH Connor x Reader)by MadeByCyberlife
When Hank gets overloaded with deviant cases, he calls Y/N for help. Y/N goes to help and soon meets the android, Connor. All three of them, (Hank, Connor and Y/N) all w...
•A flower that will never wither• by soyoucomehereoften
•A flower that will never wither•by soyoucomehereoften
A month after the deviant's revolution, a reunion occurs on Christmas day. Connor is reuniting with our beloved heros, but a familiar face catches his attention. Chloe h...
Alive: to Live is to Love by KeiZiahKnight1886
Alive: to Live is to Loveby Kei Ziah Knight
Androids. Many humans believed that androids were nothing but pieces of plastic and metal, designed to just accomplish tasks and orders that they gave. They believed and...
Detroit: Become Human Memes by enjoythe_view
Detroit: Become Human Memesby Pesky Bees™
A collection of memes I make when I get bored :) On permanent hiatus cause school is s t r e s s f u l Plus I can't really think of any memes I can add.
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Exception || Simarkus Fanfic (Discontinued) by WhomstEvenCares
Exception || Simarkus Fanfic (Disc...by ❀
"It's a fucking deviant, no way in hell we're keeping it any longer. For all we know that machine is telling its little machine friends about everything we're doing...
The New Kid (Conkus School AU + Human AU) by FondueDuefon
The New Kid (Conkus School AU + Hu...by FondueDuefon
Connor Stern is the son of the headmaster of Cyber Academy, Amanda Stern. Markus Manfred is the leader of the "rebellious group", Jericho. What happens when Co...
tide || detroit: become human (completed) by -harkr
tide || detroit: become human (com...by harkr
What happens when you reach out to an old friend to find someone you love?