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Jevil in Hazbin Hotel by Kaijufan2003
Jevil in Hazbin Hotelby Kaijufan2003
Ivan not only ends up in Hell, but also as his favorite video game character. What will happen? Read to find out.
It Beats For You | Deltarune: Kris x Fem Reader by 0Lxnar0
It Beats For You | Deltarune: Kris
"You moved to a town full of monsters and new neighbors. You were never quite the chatter box but you also weren't quiet to make new friends. But to be the only hum...
I'm Kris But In Undertale?! by Anime-lover109
I'm Kris But In Undertale?!by Tsubaki
Y/n was born in the real world but he had lacked adventure in his life. The only thing that had given him a sense of adventure was a few games like undertale and Deltaru...
It's time to be a [BIG SHOT] in Remnant. by XpancakesBeconX
It's time to be a [BIG SHOT] in XpancakesBeconX
(My first story so sorry if there's bad grammar) The Rose family had never been more positive after they had there children. Plus each child had there own dreams. Ruby w...
I Don't Care DELTARUNE( Susie X Fem! Reader ) by The_Artsy_WereWolf
I Don't Care DELTARUNE( Susie X RoyalTeaLee
You were never one to solve everything with aggression. But holy damn did this one monster tick you off to the point where snapping back for yourself was the completely...
To Hell and Back (Gaster x Reader) by xsfolia
To Hell and Back (Gaster x Reader)by everail
"What's that look for? Are you perhaps unhappy to see me?" "Oh no. Oh no, quite the contrary, my love. I've craved to be with you for the longest time&quo...
Into the Dark | kris x reader [DISCONTINUED] by shxpgxdesss
Into the Dark | kris x reader [ shxpgxdesss
DISCONTINUED !! ((IT SAYS DISCONTINUED STOP READING THIS WHY DO YOU GUYS LIKE THIS😠)) (says discontinued in the title and the description and you all still read it- wh...
How To Write In Spamton by AnOmoriFanatic
How To Write In Spamtonby AnOmoriFanatic
I noticed that not a lot of people know how to write Spamton's dialogue correctly. Here's a guide.
I Reborn As Kris?! [ (Y/N) Kris X Susie ] by cherryfoxhk
I Reborn As Kris?! [ (Y/N) Kris cherryfoxhk
Cover by Rasra25 ____________________________________ You were a great streamer and everybody loved you. But one day, Your soul has been sucked into the game and al...
Why Me? - Susie x Reader by _Jevilsdevilsknife
Why Me? - Susie x Readerby hikkikomori.
You're new in Hometown from the city, and making new friends wasn't easy, especially since the school bully didn't like you. After an unusual adventure with her and your...
♡𝐷𝑒𝑣𝑜𝑡𝑒𝑑♡ (Delta Rune: Kris x Reader) by fufuvie
♡𝐷𝑒𝑣𝑜𝑡𝑒𝑑♡ (Delta Rune: ༻♡︎𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒐𝒕𝒊𝒄♡︎༺
He was deserted. Abandoned. Neglected. Disowned. Forlorned. She was compassionate. Affectionate. Solicitous. Warmhearted. Fonding. He was empty. She was fulfilling. She...
Ralsei X Reader | Deltarune by sodakatze
Ralsei X Reader | Deltaruneby SodaKatze
As Ralsei took off his hat and said his goodbyes to Kris and Susie, he hoped he would see them again soon... but as the fountain closed, days dragged into weeks and int...
Undertale AU Sibling Oneshots by CrowBorn666
Undertale AU Sibling Oneshotsby CrowBorn666
Yup! They're back! A thing I started back in my older account UndertaleKyannaKitty. They're your siblings now! Cute, edgy, as much angst as you want, sad-whatever! Reque...
Deltarune:Love and Adventure (REBOOT) by Darthjedi0
Deltarune:Love and Adventure ( Bryan Stone
Deltarune but with the male reader in it
Light And Dark's Love (Another Kris X Ralsei Story) by Emperor_Drakkon
Light And Dark's Love (Another Emperor of Confusion
(EVERYONE IN THIS STORY BELONGS TO TOBY FOX!!!!) After defeating King Spade and saving the world, the human of hometown began to miss his prince and decided to visit him...
The Final Timeline (Undertale Sans x Frisk) by HappyPotato0064
The Final Timeline (Undertale happy potato0064
Okay. I don't know what I'm doing with my life, so here.
Female Chara x Male Reader by yaboitekken
Female Chara x Male Readerby yaboitekken
Decided to just make a Chara story, so it's gonna be pretty dumb. This story is when you left the underground with everyone, INCLUDING CHARA, you don't have feelings fo...
Art Book 2 ❕ by SweggyLlamaQueen
Art Book 2 ❕by 😎YOUR LOCAL IDIOT😎
Basically what the title says XD it's an improvement of my old art from book 1- Enjoy my shit 😂 EDIT: Also I think it's important to mention that my art definitely get...
|Delta Rune Comics| by Irminsuls
|Delta Rune Comics|by ࿐ 𝚆𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚛
. . . . [Kris Greets You To This Comic] Disclaimer: These comics aren't claimed to be mine, all the credits go to the artist's.
Don't Forget by _Jevilsdevilsknife
Don't Forgetby hikkikomori.
The cover says it all, this is a Kris x Reader book for all the Kris lovers out there :D *I do not own Deltarune, all rights go to Toby Fox* Accomplishments • #5 in delt...