Demonslayercorp Stories

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⌑ You closed your eyes so I could see ⌑ Kagaya Ubuyashiki by R0manceCE0
⌑ You closed your eyes so I R0manceCE0
"Stop staring at me, Aya." "Is it a crime to admire you?" "If it was, you'd be locked up for sure," ♡ A love story between two members of t...
Demon slayer group chat (Tanjiro Harem?) by Hestia626
Demon slayer group chat (Tanjiro Hestia Einstein
•Tanjiro created a group chat for everyone in the Demon Slayer Corp to use. °Chaos Chaos •Also, I know that they aren't in the right timeline but let's just roll with...
Demon Slayer: Frozen Butterfly by xshadowmonx
Demon Slayer: Frozen Butterflyby RedLightZ
In the Taisho era of Japan, we live in a world that is being ravaged by demons. Aokime, a strong hearted individual who grew up on the side of a mountain with his family...
Kibutsuji's Brother by ViktorWuxian
Kibutsuji's Brotherby Viktor Wu Xian
kibutsuji resented his twin brother M!Y/n for making his very own demon empire. He also hated that as children he gained respect from his brother's uppermoons. His eyes...
"私の光を惜しまない" Douma X Reader by dontforgetmesunny
"私の光を惜しまない" Douma X Readerby FIXING THIS
Prior to the story of the Kamado Family, there was of a Hashira who went missing... Or rather.. Untold of. Their story was vague, as the ones who told it were lucky. (Y...
KNY Info Cards  by PeggingMuzan
KNY Info Cards by #windarcherfanclub
Told by: Kirubot ¡Manga Spoilers! Please tell me if there is anything I should add to the info cards.
The World's reality (KNY x Reader)  by September_Gail
The World's reality (KNY x Reader) by Gail_Purple123
Under major Editing! Updates on Wednesdays ____ Y/N L/N was a cute, intelligent, bright girl who almost had the perfect life.... But one day.... A certain unwanted Trage...
The Shadow Hashira (Demon Slayer) by MaddisynRoe
The Shadow Hashira (Demon Slayer)by Zero
Kumori Gushvin(Shadow Hashira) and her friend, Amamia Manabu(Kinoe)follow along side Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and the Mist Hashira, Muchiro,to go back to their hometow...