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Can't Put a Name to this Feeling by 1as2aa
Can't Put a Name to this Feelingby ...
Cale looks forward to spend time with his father each and every opportunity he gets but when things get too much he decides to give up. Finally when he reaches his break...
Trash of the count's family characters reacts to their wiki and future chapters! Warning spoilers of the novel!
TBOAH react to cale in teyvat (DISCONTINUED) by huishshu_10
TBOAH react to cale in teyvat ( Yuu
The death of the Deruth henituse eldest son Death had spread like wildfire in the Roan Kingdom. Some said that he deserved it but some doesn't. It's been months after Ca...
Tboah react to TCF {Choicale - My au} by Shy_PlaySs
Tboah react to TCF {Choicale - Iruma-Kun!
Tboah gets teleported into a room that looks like a living room but with Barriers between heroes and villains. what will they do if they find out that the people in the...
Transmigration As A Deruth Henituse. by Nulho1
Transmigration As A Deruth Nulho1
All I could see, was darkness as a strong sound hit my ear. . . . "husband?" I opened my eyes, saw the face of a beautiful brown haired woman. 'What did...
Reacting to the Misunderstanding Moments of Cale Henituse by AyaneKuze
Reacting to the Misunderstanding AyaneKuze
Title: Reacting to the Misunderstanding and Coughing out blood Moments of Cale Henituse. Wattpad wouldn't let me have the original title, so here it is. Timeline: Afte...
TBOAH Doesn't Deserve That Trash (TBOAH React) by CrackHead_Zombie
TBOAH Doesn't Deserve That Trash ( CrackHead_Zombie
Just A reaction for TBOAH character to TCF Timeline... And the reason why TBOAH world don't deserve OG! Cale (。ノω\。) This story is my AU and there will be my OC here! ...
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King's maker by Tiffany_Henituse
King's makerby Tiffany_Henituse
At the age of 18, Alberu gain himself a new instructor. "Your highness, Alberu Crossman, I will make you the king of this kingdom." "What the fuck."...
Snow Storm by StarbrightHuntress
Snow Stormby StarbrightHuntress
Og. Cale had lost everything, with his family dead and House/Territory destroyed he fell in despair allowing him to gain an ancient power hidden in the Henituse Library...
TBOH react to TCF!! by CaleHenituse684
TBOH react to TCF!!by Cale Henituse
hello i dunno what to write here but....this is my first time making a react fanfic and im doing this for my own entertainment so there might be a slow update. i have se...
someone to be protected  by Poets_Dead
someone to be protected by Nanamiii
Cale dies after stabbing himself in the heart, but instead of him transmitting it, his companions are the ones who receive this gift. or when original Cale Hanituse has...
personification of the past by user19406503
personification of the pastby roon000
cale Henituse is forced to tell his family the truth about his identity. Why? Because little Kim Rok Soo is going to move on to them. (The cover is not mine!) The tras...
Money comes first [On Hold] by EmiYuan
Money comes first [On Hold]by Emi-chan
Getting reincarnated into a novel? That's okay Being a maid? That's okay The novel I reincarnated in was Trash of the count's family? That's okay No money!? Oh hell N...
Wmmap react to cale henituse (crossover) by Kirstin_isadummy
Wmmap react to cale henituse (
hello again my darling readers!! this is a reaction story on Cale x Claude Diana in this is rude and sly the personalitys might not be the same but i hope you all like...
Is this goodbye? by Tiffany_Henituse
Is this goodbye?by Tiffany_Henituse
The war is over no one really died but something is wrong here they can feel it. They feel like they lost something precious. Something seem to be missing and empty. The...
My Another Half by fluffbunn19
My Another Halfby Cathy
Cale Henituse's life began to changes when he was 6 years old. Count Deruth whose loves his mother greatly affected and began to hate Cale's appearance. Little Cale beco...
The Twisted Fate of the Ugly Duckling by Tsuki_Tsuki16
The Twisted Fate of the Ugly Crystal Tsuki
So Cale from "How Cale Henituse Changes His Future" woke up to a nightmare-like world, a world where everyone hates him for having an ugly birthmark. Will Cale...
tboah React girl cale/Og Cale As by izaniee_jejezz
tboah React girl cale/Og Cale Asby izzy_jejez
Cringe asf and bad English cause Im an Indonesian 💀💀 and no idea and girl!cale AU and Reaction cale/Cecilia au
It Was You From The Start? by _bubblyTea_
It Was You From The Start?by bubble
(rewrite - I didn't change it too much. Mostly just Kim's name and some of the words to make the story better in my eyes😂) "if I know it was you from the start...
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How Cale Henituse Changes His Future- Extras by Tsuki_Tsuki16
How Cale Henituse Changes His Crystal Tsuki
The extras from the main story....