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MOTHER ONLY KNOWS...POWER { 1st - Mother Knows series} by _Strawberry-Tea_
A Descendants story | Prince Ben x OC| Rain Gothel is rotten to the core. Her mother made sure of that. Rainhas quite a history with the Isle and has grown fond of the...
MOTHER ONLY KNOWS...FEAR { 2nd - Mother Knows series} by _Strawberry-Tea_
MOTHER ONLY KNOWS...FEAR { 2nd - 🎟Poppy🎟
Sequel to Mother only knows...Power | Rain Gothel has been a VK her whole life. Causing havoc and enjoying herself. But after fairly recent events, her whole life has c...
Descendants: Wicked world by _Strawberry-Tea_
Descendants: Wicked worldby 🎟Poppy🎟
One of the Sequels to Mother only knows... Power. King Ben x OC This follows Rain Gothel through the weeks after Descendants 1. She's trying to be good, trying to get a...
MOTHER ONLY KNOWS...ENVY { 3rd - Mother Knows series} by _Strawberry-Tea_
MOTHER ONLY KNOWS...ENVY { 3rd - 🎟Poppy🎟
Sequal to 'Mother only knows...fear' | Rain Gothel-Fitzherbet is finally happy, even Mal's constant reminder of Uma can't get to her. Too much at least. However, Ben doe...
Not A Princess (Sequel to Princess Of The Underworld) by -buzzbuzz
Not A Princess (Sequel to blakes
"It's good to be bad" When Hadey feels as though no one likes her for the real her, she heads back home to the Isle, where Ben is kidnapped. Now it's up to...
A Story Worth Telling by _Strawberry-Tea_
A Story Worth Tellingby 🎟Poppy🎟
Who doesn't love an alternate universe? Rain Gothel plays an important part in the future of Auderon. But just as she arrives. Her and everyone with real importance to...
 Not your Typical Princess by StellaKron
Not your Typical Princessby Stella Kron
'I'm not your perfect, pretty princess, I don't think I ever will be' Allison Triton, Daughter of Queen Ariel and King Eric. She had never been like the other princesses...
A Descendants story | Prince Ben x OC Rain Fitzherbert was kidnapped when she was only a baby by the same woman who took her mother. Luckily though, she was found and w...