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Control || Suicide Squad by callmebyyourmango
Control || Suicide Squadby m a n g o
"What the hell was that?" "That was only a fraction of what she can do." Ava Wilson is one of the most dangerous criminals you could ever meet. Other...
Rimuru And The Four Primordial Demons by rxmxrxx
Rimuru And The Four Primordial Dem...by :D
After Rimuru death, he got reincarnated in the underworld with his human form and the title Chaos creator, exploring the world trying to leave this part of the world, w...
Devoted to Destruction ❖ SUICIDE SQUAD by grandeiisms
Devoted to Destruction ❖ SUICIDE S...by MJ (on hiatus)
"I can smell your fear, Edwards. So I'll give you - and ONLY YOU - my ʀᴇᴀʟ answer to that stupid question Flag asked me back at Belle Reve. The only reason that I'm...
Hydra's powerful experience (Suicide Squad/El Diablo love story) by CarlaBucky
Hydra's powerful experience (Suici...by Carla Bucky
Some Hydra's scientists made an huge experience on Layla Quinzel, Harley Quinn's sister. She has many powers. She was Hydra's killing machine before she is arrested. But...
Reincarnated as a Nymph ||Reverse Harem Romance|| by ladybird1864
Reincarnated as a Nymph ||Reverse...by Ladybird1864
(Reverse Harem: Souei, Benimaru, Veldora, Diablo, Guy Crimson, OC Male) Being reincarnated is rough. Being in charge of a whole ecosystem even more so. Having the attent...
True Star Dragon Queen : Re-written by ImJustLazyy
True Star Dragon Queen : Re-writtenby ImJustLazyy
This is an Improved version of the old book. -possible harem -AU -Fem!Rimuru Little heads up there will be cringe moments and some events will happen differently. Lets...
A Hero for Tristram by AlexHelms
A Hero for Tristramby Alex Helms
What makes a hero? Strength? Dexterity? Intelligence? When all of Hell's army is unleashed upon the world of Sanctuary, only the Nephelem, the children of mortal angels...
That Time I Got Reincarnated In Tensura  by Azazelofcalamity
That Time I Got Reincarnated In Te...by Azazelofcalamity
A guy got killed meet with the Great ROB Sama get has wishes granted and reincarnated in tensura before the era of DEMON LORD'S
That time i got reincarnated as a slime one shots by RimuruSimpForLife
That time i got reincarnated as a...by RimuruSimpForLife
This story won't be updated often because I only made this for fun, but if you have any requests then feel free to tell me :D I'll do my best to make it also this book w...
How Not to Summon a Loli and Demon Lord by KoChan03
How Not to Summon a Loli and Demon...by Korosenai_KoChan03
I, Sasaki Ayano, am not normal. I'm, what you would call, " a loli." I'm also, just really into weird stuff. Things that normal people aren't into. Like, st...
Pregnant Obey Me!! by wolf28235
Pregnant Obey Me!!by Jodie sparks
Pregnancy scenario's and more with Obey me brothers!!! These are cringe worthy read at your risk ⛔️ Lucifer- Mammon- Leviathan- Satan- Asmosdeous- Beelzbub- Belphagor...
Lovely || Ethan Cutkosky ✔ by diablosdemons
Lovely || Ethan Cutkosky ✔by 👾
"I like you. I mean I like you a lot more then a fri-" she was cut off by his soft lips against hers A/n: mind my spelling mistakes Cover by @KINGKYLIEW Milest...
Gods & Monsters (Suicide Squad) by JessicaHarris924
Gods & Monsters (Suicide Squad)by IRON HEART
Scarlett Eleanor Diamond, is one of the most gorgeous women in the world yet one of the most deadliest criminals known to man. With beauty that could fool almost anyone...
The Two Great Demons [ Mairimashita! Iruma-kun x Tensei shitara slime ] by kisses4iruma
The Two Great Demons [ Mairimashit...by Astria ✨
This is my first story<33 Diablo asked for permission to visit his old friend Sullivan from the netherworld, ofcourse Rimuru agreed because Diablo deserved a rest cau...
RimuruxLuminous by 121308ispass
RimuruxLuminousby 121308ispass
RimuruxLuminous ship
Fairies and Demons by VSP0528
Fairies and Demonsby I luv catz
"You annoying demon!! Stay away from me!!" "Fufufu your so adorable glo-chan~" WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS
Suicide Squad: Parent Scenarios by Davidsmate24
Suicide Squad: Parent Scenariosby I 💚Loki
What's so good about being bad? How about having the badest of bad be your new parents? All chaos will regin. I will do Joker & Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Katana, Capta...
Past 7 Primordial Demons React to Future by SMDV13
Past 7 Primordial Demons React to...by SMDV13
Past 7 Primordial Demons React to the future
Nihility dragon god (discontinued) by TM-Mei-chan
Nihility dragon god (discontinued)by Mei
Dont read it its trash and i lost motivation writing it. And also it has no potential. Rimuru Tempest the True Creator of the Universe and Veldanava's elder sister. Anyo...