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Im Not Like The Rest, Harry Styles by whoooopdeedoo
Im Not Like The Rest, Harry Stylesby whoooopdeedoo
After Skylar Cowell's mother died, her father turned into the opposite of who he used to be. After some horrific events, Skylar is sent to live in London with her Uncle...
The Gleek Cinderella Story by DMSJ06261995
The Gleek Cinderella Storyby DMSJ1995
Two different people meet in one spot. They meet online. They never seen each other faces or hear each other voices. But that is what they thought. They only text, chat...
The Past Returns by DMSJ06261995
The Past Returnsby DMSJ1995
*Warning there is going to swearing. I don't own glee. I only own the plot. Rating is T to M.*People may look at me different after they find out what I know. My status...
Adopted by One Direction by 1d_is_lyfe_foureva
Adopted by One Directionby Elizabeth
Jaclyn is a thirteen year old orphan with a not so great past. Shes lived in a care home since she was nine. One day One Direction adopts her, and she moves to London wi...
When Life And Love Gives You A Second Chance (A One Direction Fan Fiction) by OneDStoryteller
When Life And Love Gives You A Sec...by 1DStoryteller
This story is about Summer, who dies at the age of 17. But her soul lives on and she watches the people she loves go on with their lives. Through a hidden letter and a...
A Twist of Fate by SheDevil1459
A Twist of Fateby Deanna
It's about a girl named Deanna who moves to UK and meets Harry Styles before he's famous. She tells him how she feels about him but he doesn't tell her how he feels. Aft...
What makes you Beautiful by Choco_Poyin
What makes you Beautifulby ROSE :)
One direction lyrics: what makes you beautiful, one thing, more than This, up all Night, another World,
Love from first sight [One Direction fanfic] by HugMeHoran16
Love from first sight [One Directi...by Alicja
Alice was just a normal girl, when one day it just changes, from being a normal 18 year-old girl into famous person, after she met the British-Irish Boy band:).... Plea...
WHAT!? Collaboration? by HAZZABEAR_JIAN01
WHAT!? Collaboration?by HAZZABEAR_JIAN01
Victoria "Tori/Vicky" Dawn Justice is an American actress, singer-songwriter, voice artist and dancer. Relationship Status: Single One Direction are an Englis...
Your Guardian Angel by WritingIsLife13
Your Guardian Angelby WritingIsLife13
Zayn Malik always thought he had the perfect girlfriend until he finds something out at the worst time! What happens when his best friend confesses her love for him?
Our Last Chance by DMSJ06261995
Our Last Chanceby DMSJ1995
A lot has happen in a year. I lost everything. I am going to return where it all began. Where I know I belong. I am going to being back the one thing that I know will he...
Pure Soul by clairerae
Pure Soulby Claire Rae Hayden
Emma Hayden a 15\16 year old girl also has a secret which is reviled to the handsome vampireGrayson Salvotor. After witnessing this astonishing happening he kidnapps her...
Little Styles. (Harry Styles) by IamMissBipolar
Little Styles. (Harry Styles)by Dat Chick
It just took one mistake to turn my life around and that thing that was once a mistake is now my most precious gem she is my world, my one and only, my daughter Kaitlyn.