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Second Chance [Dogday X Catnap] by Burntrapp
Second Chance [Dogday X Catnap]by Dogday ☀️
Dogday and Catnap are at odds with each other. Catnap, of course, worships the Prototype as his and the other toys' savior. Dogday, and the other critters, however, disa...
The Players Fan by TallFrogos
This is a Dogday x Catnap story. The whole gang go to their first year of high school except Catnaps not in the gang yet, but he is popular a bit as he is one of the bes...
"It's Nice Here With You" CatNap X DogDay ☀️🌙 by strawberrymxxnz
"It's Nice Here With You" CatNap PPT FAN
(I TAKE REQUESTS!!) DogDay has a hard time confessing his feelings to the one person he's loved since the day they met. Until one faithful day, dogday and catnap go to a...
🌟 roommates🌞 [Catnap x Dogday] by Frey4tic
🌟 roommates🌞 [Catnap x Dogday]by Fr3y4l
Most definitely discontinued due to lack of motivation Hello! first time writing a book, Dogday will mostly be top on this one :3 Not sure if I'llp make catnap top!! K...
The Moon to His Sun by Yua_Sugawara_2012
The Moon to His Sunby YuaHamato2012
There has only been 7 smiling critters in the neighborhood: DogDay the self imposed leader. Bubba Bubbaphant the genius. Kicken Chicken the Daredevil. Hoppy Hopscotch th...
Shine of the Night by Speedboy23
Shine of the Nightby
all critters had a normal heart, but only two critters have different hearts that combines them to this day. will they suffer in darkness? or will they work together to...
"You and me always!" by piixelsiin
"You and me always!"by piixelsiin
Catnap and his friends get moved to a new school. Not knowing what surprises he may encounter... Along the way, he makes friends with a hyper puppy. Will he get to know...
The Guilt || Dogday x Catnap || by _ma_r1_
The Guilt || Dogday x Catnap ||by _ma_r1_
Catnap, one of the smilling critters, who has betrayed them all over prototype 1006, was now back to normal as he wasn't under prototypes Control anymore, of course he w...
Lovely Miracle(Smiling Critters AU) Bubba Bubbaphant x KickinChicken by Shadvin
Lovely Miracle(Smiling Critters Shadvin
So here we are. Catnap, Dogday and Bobby agreed to help their nerdy friend about his feeling to a certain yellow critter. But he is puzzled whether or not it will go rig...
The Sun & The Moon by AgayAssFan
The Sun & The Moonby Turbo Turtle
This is my shot at a Catnap x Dogday book. Catnap and Dogday are both males, and gay. ;) Catnap is top. Message me suggestions for future chapters and i might consider i...
Smiling Critters Oneshots by Burntrapp
Smiling Critters Oneshotsby Dogday ☀️
A collection of a variety of oneshots of the Smiling Critters! Can vary in length, type of oneshot, among other things!
Academia de Dragones ( Dogday x Catnap) by lunaabigal
Academia de Dragones ( Dogday x Luna the wolf
Esta es mi primera historia de Dogday x Catnap espero que les guste Dogday: activo/seme/top/Alfa Catnap: pasivo/uke/botton/Omega
Smiling Critters Adventures by KattheCat1202
Smiling Critters Adventuresby Kat the Cat
Join Dogday, Catnap, Craftycorn, Bobby Bearhug, Kickin' Chicken, Hoppy Hopscotch, Bubba Bubbaphant, and Picky Piggy as they go on adventures and learn about the magic of...
Web Of Torture - Marie Payne by SausageDice123
Web Of Torture - Marie Payneby SausageDice123
Marie Payne's world is one cloaked in darkness and uncertainty. This is the origin of Mommy Long Legs.
The alchemy of love by Shilla_Okada
The alchemy of loveby Shilla Okada
Please note that I'm not a native English speaker, so I apologise for any mistakes. You should know that this is a rewrite of MY second work (translation excepted).
Dogday x Catnap  by StefanyRoque6
Dogday x Catnap by Stefany Stories
Hello everyone my name is Stefany Roque, or you can just call me Stefany for short, so here a new fandom that I'm a fandom into this, nope it's not Slendytubbies lll or...
✮✩✮     O Sol e a Lua  { Catnap x Dogday}   ✩✮✩ by malkitrash
✮✩✮ O Sol e a Lua { Catnap malki
To be continued because I didn't like at all but it contains smut
Within my care, may you find yourself safe. -Oneshot. by UbiquitousOverMorals
Within my care, may you find Ubiquitous Over Morals
cover art is not mine, please look at the watermark within it to find credits ! ---- A day in the life, for the critters this typically wouldn't be seen as something ou...
The Light And The Darkness [Catnap x Dogday] by Burntrapp
The Light And The Darkness [ Dogday ☀️
This book is primarily fun shenanigans with Catnap and Dogday [the main focus] as well as some others such as Kickin and Bubba! Some connected, some aren't. All charact...
NapDay one-shots (English) by ink_cute
NapDay one-shots (English)by ✨Mia ✨
English version! One-shots Catnap x Dogday! The characters do not belong to me, they are from the game "Poppy playtime chapter 3" Smiling Critters!