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Someone In Red by e_cucumber
Someone In Redby d0gcucumbr
TMNT 2012 Raph x Reader My first fanfic!! #1 in raphael (1/1/23)! #1 in turtles (1/15/23)! #1 in raph (1/17/23)! #1 in teenagemutantninjaturtles (1/31/23)!
Muted Soul by Kittymasterofall14
Muted Soulby Kitty
Tmnt-2012 "Shut up, just shut up!" Raph screamed at the orange-masked turtle. "I swear, I wish I could sew your mouth shut, things would be better if you...
Don't Make Me Fall For You | Raphael x Reader by songsofthesky
Don't Make Me Fall For You | sky
"Aha! So you are soft! I knew it!" You poked him in the middle of the shell. "What-no! That's not what I meant-" "You act like you're this macho...
My Savior - (A Donnie x reader Fanfic) by KCdoesWriting
My Savior - (A Donnie x reader K C
hello! welcome to my Donnie X Reader Fanfic! this fanfic is about the 2012 version of Donnie, but for the sake of the story, April will not appear here. please be warne...
Dancing In The Rain by Welcomebackmydude
Dancing In The Rainby ♡ ⱤΘƬƬƸƝ_ƁⱤƖƊƸ ♡
pit pat pit pat. The splash of fat raindrops on the New York cement. "Not now," You had no umbrella, and no rain jacket. Carrying groceries at 10 PM to your o...
Tmnt x mermaid reader by DoddleDara
Tmnt x mermaid readerby DoddleDara
You where a normal teenage girl until you ran it the wrong people. Your body got mutated and you became a mermaid withe the power to control water. The turtles start to...
Stitches  (TMNT) by XxCyberBunnyxX
Stitches (TMNT)by Anime is gay
Mikey listens for the first time • • • Warnings: Blood, mental issues and angst (Updated the Cover Photo)
It's Chemical {Donnie x Reader} (Donatello x Reader) (TMNT x Reader) by OnlyFoolsLove
It's Chemical {Donnie x Reader} ( OnlyFoolsLove
This is how you, young Dr. (y/n), fall in love with Donatello. An outbreak in New York has caused deathly mutants to run wild, and you are one of the fortunate few to su...
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios FEMALE READER by Jeepgirl173
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios FEMALE Jeepgirl173
Not exactly your typical scenario book. I write a little differently than what you'd find elsewhere. I do not own TMNT but all the scenarios belong to me! No copying! Al...
Splinter's Bestie by Hydranga2
Splinter's Bestieby Misaki
So you know the story of tmnt 2012 right. But what if half of the events never occurred. What if Splinter had a Child hood friend who he's know longer then Saki. What if...
Falling For You... Both by oXShimmeringMoonXo
Falling For You... Bothby oXShimmeringMoonXo
Y/N was a 16 year old girl who was bffs with April O'Neil she met her about six months ago even though Y/N kind of hated people April and her just clicked. Only after si...
When the past catches up Donnie x reader by krisetello
When the past catches up Donnie krisetello
(Y/n) is a 25 yr old girl from the UK, certain turns of events see's her start a new life in NYC, but how was she to know the past she was trying to get away from woul...
His Voice | Rise! Donnie x Female Reader by WritingRosette
His Voice | Rise! Donnie x Takeshi Reika
Cross published on AO3. Set before the movie, since the book was created before the trailer was released. She/Her pronouns used since that is what I'm comfortable with...
Risen from Ashes by 2-Lett2304
Risen from Ashesby 2-Lett2304
THIS IS A SLOW BURN, EMOTIONAL FANFIC. One year after the Krang's inversion, the turtles are growing stronger and working together as a team. But now, the turtles are fa...
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by MilaRaph
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Emma Grace
Leo. Raph. Donnie. Mikey. You. Enough said, really. ~Not really, but I saw a lot of people making this, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon too. Hope you enjoy y...
The Mutants: Leonardo x Reader by Nerdfanatic247
The Mutants: Leonardo x Readerby Nerdfanatic247
New York City. A place in which it seems every single story takes place. And who are those people in those stories you ask? Heroes. People with extraordinary ability's t...
Tmnt Sister Scenarios by casie2015
Tmnt Sister Scenariosby fandersfangirl
One cold night master splinter comes from the sewers to feed his four sons but comes across a little baby abandoned by her mother and father. Splinter takes her in as on...
More TMNT boyfriend scenarios by LikeATurtleDo
More TMNT boyfriend scenariosby LikeATurtleDo
Weeelll I see a bunch of these and decided, hey why not add to the mix! These are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle boyfriend scenarios. I hope you guys like it. Please don't...
Love Potion || Donnie x Reader by captkkxm
Love Potion || Donnie x Readerby kayy ♔
2012!donnie x fem!reader. DONT EVEN READ THIS BOOK ITS HORRIBLE. ‼️ - huge disclaimer that this book was made in 2019! i have greatly improved on my writing and there is...
[ The Portal ] - [ ROTTMNT x 2012!TMNT Crossover ] by reeseisinpiecess
[ The Portal ] - [ ROTTMNT x Jay
[ One day in Donatello's lab, a triangular portal opens up from an unknown object- and a few familiar faces fall from it ] Bolded name are 2012 turtles, nonbolded are ro...