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The Hellwalker Roams: A DOOM X Overwatch Story by After_Hours_Writer
The Hellwalker Roams: A DOOM X Austin, An Author of Stuff
A lone man, one long forgotten by all, returns to his home planet, only to see nothing but death and abandonment. Realizing the world needed him once more, he roams the...
DoomTaker by ShadowPixels
DoomTakerby ShadowPixels
After the Invasion of Earth, The Doomslayer dives into the depths of Hell to prevent a second invasion wave. However, he discovers a part of Hell with a different kind o...
Eri's Vigilante Bodyguard (Eri-Chan x Male Vigilante/Father Figure) by Victor_TheRiper
Eri's Vigilante Bodyguard ( Victor Hernandez
You're an anti hero/vigilante, who has the right yo kill murders/villains, you have the law in your hands and the right to do so. Your mission is always to kill murders...
Harbinger of Doom (Doom x DxD) by TIMEMASTER101
Harbinger of Doom (Doom x DxD)by Frederick Ygot
Disclaimer: Original creator is @Wacko12 Sent away by Samuel Hayden, the Doom Slayer arrives on Earth in a different time with no memories. But that quickly changes one...
Percy Jackson & The Doom Slayer | The Only Thing They Fear Is You by TheIronGhost1223
Percy Jackson & The Doom Slayer | TheIronGhost1223
Gaea has risen, and her armies stand near Camp Half-Blood. The Seven drop in, safely landing as their flying ship the Argo II, and are ready to do battle. But all is not...
The Return of the Hellwalker: A DOOM Tale by After_Hours_Writer
The Return of the Hellwalker: A Austin, An Author of Stuff
After preventing the world he knew and loved from being taken over by demonic forces, the Doom Slayer grew tiresome of the endless struggle between humanity and the divi...
Fairy Tail's Doomslayer by AnimeLoverDxD19
Fairy Tail's Doomslayerby AnimeLoverDxD19
Demon's, after the battle with Zeref and Acnologia a dark guild wanted to take over the Kingdom of Fiore, they used a forbidden spell that opened a portol to hell, but w...
Doomwatch - Tracer X Reader by cheesEPIC
Doomwatch - Tracer X Readerby Cheese Epic
The events of doom eternal happen in the overwatch universe, however, you as the doom slayer are there to fight like hell and along the way, finally find happiness in an...
Doomsuba: Hell's Wrath by ThatFootballGuy
Doomsuba: Hell's Wrathby ThatFootballGuy
After the defeat of the Icon of Sin, the Doom Slayer is summoned to save another world that is about to face the torment of Hell. Goddess Aqua, the one who summoned him...
Scp 666-0 by faithtale
Scp 666-0by Scourge of Hell
When the doom guy is tethered into the scp universe it is time to rip n tare!
Jaune Slayer by Jaunedice
Jaune Slayerby Buster Seven
Jaune didn't accept Pyrrha's act of sacrifice believing that his team deserves to have the best opting to sacrifice his worthless life for a life worth saving he rushed...
Doom of the Galaxy (Issue 18) by The_Doctors_Stories
Doom of the Galaxy (Issue 18)by The Doctors' Stories
The Scourge of Hell awakens to another Hell invasion and is ready for action. Unknown to him, Dr. Samuel Hayden has sent a distress message in hopes of someone coming t...
Dc's Doomguy by Carnageking
Dc's Doomguyby venom
Markus Fredrick is thrown into the role of doomguy as he tries to save the Dc universe from evil.
Doom With The Halo by Circuit-Sans
Doom With The Haloby Circuit-Sans
Doom and Halo two good games in my opinion get a crossover why? Because I can😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 heh but why? Because I never seen a crossover for Halo and Doom but the cha...
The rising of the DOOM hero by aDOOMotaku
The rising of the DOOM heroby aDOOMotaku
When the sky split open and demons poured out yet again, something more came out of the fracture... He massacred the amassing horde... Those who stood in his way were r...
The Hellwalker in Remnant by KiRBY_iZ_HERE
The Hellwalker in Remnantby ZatyaÚristen
After the defeat of The Icon of Sin, we can follow Slayer's path, as he walked into the portal that was about to led him to The Fortress of Doom, but something went wron...
Doom Berserk by Ezero09
Doom Berserkby Ezero09
Guts and Casca face the devils if the eclipse, everyone of their friends is dead, no hope is around, that is until Skull Knight arrives and brings a partner with him, an...
Video Game Character Oneshots by Aimes__
Video Game Character Oneshotsby Aimes__
50% ff, 50% meme dump Requests open :)) SLOW updates :P Gender neutral. Sorry if I make any mistakes, just point it out and I'll fix it! I do not own these characters :P
Doom Slayer Male Reader x RWBY (ON HOLD!) by SoliareofAstora
Doom Slayer Male Reader x RWBY ( Agent47
After being in hell for years and years. The Doom Slayer is finally captured and sent to an unknown planet. He is stripped from his armour and weapons. Hell thinks they...
The Slayer Symbiote (Doom oc x Crossover harem) by SavPhoenix
The Slayer Symbiote (Doom oc x SavPhoenix
Follow the adventures of the Doom Slayers adopted Symbiote son, as he Slays Demons, Makes friends, and even finds love. Thank you @Math4523 for helping me with this book...