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lovely neighbour | tommyinnit  by 1223pm
lovely neighbour | tommyinnit by 1223pm
"I'd jump in the cadillac with you," I jokingly said. "Oh shove off," he replied as he turned away to hide his smile. u should just read the story u...
Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Pure Imagination (Solo Leveling) by Kllemen_Tine
Pure Imagination (Solo Leveling)by Klemen.Tine
Reborn in a wold that was pure fiction was NOT the plan the now Yuki had. In his previous life, he was a she, and enjoyed reading the popular Manhua, Solo Leveling. Now...
Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
7 minuets ( clexa) by camrenlives17
7 minuets ( clexa)by camrenlives17
Ever heard of seven minuets in heaven? Lexa hadn't until this night. A story where Clarke and Lexa are in school (how original I know), but they fall hard.
He Came Back To Make Me His. by AishaJ
He Came Back To Make Me His.by A.
Melanie fell for Stephen in college, only for him to soon turn against her. Four years later, Melanie's engaged, when Stephen returns, telling her three things that she...
Why? (bakudeku) by Littlevanna
Why? (bakudeku)by Axy
(Updated description) Tw for those who suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, masking , and various other things there will be that in this book this will be a quirk...
A couple of drinks by SouhLesath
A couple of drinksby xSouh Lesath
Sakura. Itachi. Un par de copas puede ser el inicio de algo. -No estoy borracha... solo un poquito feliz.
SeroBaku Love Story by PhoenixEyes1
SeroBaku Love Storyby PhoenixEyes1
I couldn't find a SeroBaku story that has smut and fluff that was sad so I decided to make one! If you don't like that then leave! 😃 ⚠️WARNINGS⚠️ This story will contai...
Soulmates by moonlight_winter
Soulmatesby Alice
A girl named Liv was back from New York and she and her friends went to a club. As Liv went to get drinks she saw a man named Tom Kaulitz who flirted with her. He tried...
16 And Pregnant (Justin Bieber)  by PrincessVictoria_
16 And Pregnant (Justin Bieber) by Vi☁️
A good girl, A bad mistake, A blessing in disguise. Find out more by reading 16 And Pregnant (A Justin Bieber Love Story)
Drink or Dare// Kiribaku fanfic by lazy_bunnY1234
Drink or Dare// Kiribaku fanficby lazy_bunnY_
[COMPLETED] SMUT! DRINKING! FLUFF! ----- A series of drink or dares the bakusquad do. Mainly focuses on kiribaku tho,,, Ships: -kiribaku -kamisero
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Turn My Page | Led Zeppelin by CoyoteQueen
Turn My Page | Led Zeppelinby Jenni
[This story takes place in 1972, when Led Zeppelin was touring in North America]. Vicky loves Led Zeppelin. Especially Jimmy Page. She's obsessed with him... all she wan...
Behind Those Nerdy Glasses by peaceanddisaster
Behind Those Nerdy Glassesby ☮peaceanddisaster☮
Josie Greenwood is a nerd; Rob Carter is the most popular guy in the school. Their families are good friends. Josie ignores Rob, and hides away in her room during family...
Pretending by KlarisaDeVill
Pretendingby Klarisa De Vill
The popular kids, every school has them. The head jock and head cheerleader are well known for the torture upon the less popular ones, but not in this school. Rebecca S...
Your Safe Place |Krbk| by Exploski_Riot
Your Safe Place |Krbk|by Exploski_Riot
A story about two boys living two different boring lives..But they decide to make their lives a little less boring by jumping off roofs, driving 100 miles per hour down...
bad date // depp by Isobeldepp
bad date // deppby Isobeldepp
In which, Chloe Thompson, a journalism student and 20 year old New Yorker is stuck in a very Bad Date with a random college jock is saved by a certain man who she eventu...
Birthday (Laito x Reader) by sakamaki_triplets
Birthday (Laito x Reader)by ➵ KT ; 민혁
A birthday only comes once a year. A sensible person would try to make the most out of her birthday, whereas an idiot would waste his. But sometimes, it doesn't go the...
Pear Shaped by fireflying505
Pear Shapedby Amber
~Chicklit short story contest finalist~ For Chloe Mills, her life starts to go pear-shaped when she turns thirty. Her boyfriend has just left her and soon even her job a...
Je t'aime soul mate. by angelheaven101
Je t'aime soul mate.by angelheaven101
Halynn is the type of girl all parent wish for. Student Council president, French Club Member, Volleyball Player, National Honor Society Member, and upcoming Class Valed...