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The Khalessi  by 90writer
The Khalessi by 90writer
What if Drogo didn't choose Daenerys. But her younger sister Rhaenrys instead. What would happen.
The Stark Khalessi (Arya/Drogo) (Game of Thrones)   by Woolley119
The Stark Khalessi (Arya/Drogo) (G...by Woolley119
Season 1 AU - where Arya didn't escape from the Red Keep. What if the Queen Regent had two Starks and one she could trade to keep the Dragon King away from Kings Landing...
Khal Drogo, Past, Present Future by Dottiesgirl1069
Khal Drogo, Past, Present Futureby Dottiesgirl1069
Khal Drogo, killed , burned his body and soul went to the Dragon's egg to bring it to life. Cheated and betrayed, The Great Stallion, bows to the Lamb, who returns Drog...
Rhaella Targeryen by 90writer
Rhaella Targeryenby 90writer
My name is Rhaella Targeryen the second of my name, the daughter of Aerys ll the Mad King. Also the unloved younger sister of Viserys and Daenerys. Being the one that...
Game of thrones-one shoots by bughead_gangsterlove
Game of thrones-one shootsby gangsterlove
Reader x (game of throne) character. Original character x (game of throne) character. Robb Strak x Reader Tommen x Reader Jamie Lannister x Reader Sandor Clegane x R...
Laxus Little sister by PandaHeart001
Laxus Little sisterby PandaHeart001
Layla Elisabeth Dreyar, Laxus little sister, she doesn't know she has a brother all she knows is her name, because when she was born her father Ivan saw her as nothing b...
X Baby & Child Reader Imagine  by shy_blue_blossom
X Baby & Child Reader Imagine by Blue Blossom
Y/n - your name L/n - last name F/n - full name H/c - hair colour E/c - eye colour ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't own any of the characters. If you have...
The Wolf and The Medic: An Is It Love  Fan-Fiction by ParadoxicalLux
The Wolf and The Medic: An Is It L...by ParadoxicalLux
After a wildfire that took everything away from her, Layla Vanderveer moved into Mystery Spell in hopes of forgetting the pain that continues to haunt her. Layla was gif...
Miss Jones  by Wondergirl578
Miss Jones by Anushey Hina
Amber Adam's belonged to a very cruel household of the very famous vampire, Daniel Adam's. Even though she is not a vampire she still looks after herself to escape her f...
My first story by KylieSantos831
My first storyby Kylie Santos
Inspire by kianga raven, is it love drogo, the seven deadly sins,and black clover. This story is where kianga raven is secretly the second princes in the clover kingdom...
Prose Arda: An Anthology of Short Stories about Middle Earth by ruscenedhir
Prose Arda: An Anthology of Short...by Nostariel Ruscenedhir
Short stories and flash fiction about Tolkien's Middle Earth
Imagines by MidnightRebrand
Imaginesby Arika
all my favorite people
Mes petits dessins by ZaphiraWolf
Mes petits dessinsby ZaphiraWolf
Venez découvrir mes petits dessins en toute modestie. N'hésitez pas à me donner vos avis et conseils :)
Is it Love?Peter by KawaiiWaffles1
Is it Love?Peterby KawaiiWaffles
You are a 19 year old girl who had traveled to the quiet and mysterious town of Mystery spell, you're an au pair for the Bartholy family so you can study in the college...
Drogo x reader by Olivia239849
Drogo x readerby brocoli à lAvoine🥦
Marianne, qui vient de se trouver un emploi de nounou à une étrange ville nommé mystery spell, est arrivé chez des gens assez spéciaux. [ bon eum je vous ai donné un nom...
Is it love - Drogo by user94867075
Is it love - Drogoby
Exactamente como a primeira do Peter... Só que com o Drogo... Pobre coitado... E pensava ele que a Claire era fácil.... Pobre...pobre...pobre coitadinho :)