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My Friend, My Hero - Ducktales 2017 by Author_Bingette
My Friend, My Hero - Ducktales 2017by Bingette
A Fenton x OC story Liz Feathers is one of the most outgoing ducks you could ever meet. If she had a superpower, it would be her sheer friendliness and extraversion. It...
Ducktales: Abandonment by TheHardie-Boy
Ducktales: Abandonmentby TheHardie-Boy
Three year old Clarissa Duck was there to see everything. The launch of the Spear of Selene, Donald leaving, the family being torn apart, and Scrooge's descent into isol...
"Youngest" Duckling by Pink_Journal
"Youngest" Ducklingby Blank
Meet Isabelle Duck a.k.a. Izzy Don't get fooled by her lazy attitude she's actually quite hardworking and when you pushed enough buttons she will explode. Throughout her...
🥀Kiss From A Rose 🥀 (Ducktales 2017) by wolfchibi27
🥀Kiss From A Rose 🥀 (Ducktales wolfchibi27
Maria 'Rose' Duck is the older sister of Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Running a flower shop in the town of Duckberg. She's also the niece of famous adventurer Scrooge Mc...
Opal McDuck: The Lost McDuck by skye4everyandever
Opal McDuck: The Lost McDuckby Who said I can't do this?
Small sequel to my Scroldie one shots Opal McDuck was the daughter of Scrooge McDuck and Goldie O'Gilt. She was taken by Goldie after she thawed and left Scrooge behind...
ducktales oneshots ! by backpocketkazoo
ducktales oneshots !by ⚠️stein⚠️
💌Ducktales (and darkwing duck) x reader oneshots-! ‼️On hiatus??? ‼️ 💌Requests: CLOSED . . . ⚠️Mild to excessive profanity⚠️ I'm really out here feeding the gyro sim...
Collision! by ChoirGal000
Collision!by Shush
Andria Isabelle is a twelve year old foster kid who's been bouncing from home to home. That is until she wakes up in the world of favorite tv show, Ducktales. Now with t...
DuckTales x Reader Stories by just_another_Disnerd
DuckTales x Reader Storiesby just_another_Disnerd
First fanfiction! All rights reserved to Disney. - #35 in Disney out of 3.6k stories!! 9/13/2018 <3
DuckTales x Reader Oneshots (Under Revison) by QuackingQuackerzzz
DuckTales x Reader Oneshots ( Commando Lexie
Various DuckTales characters x reader! Cover not mine.
DuckTales: Mysteries of the Past by PokemonSoldier
DuckTales: Mysteries of the Pastby PokemonSoldier
After a particularly boring day at the Bin, Scrooge finds himself looking after three pre-teen boys who happen to be his nephews. Great, just what he needed. As if havin...
Kitten| Louie Duck x Reader| by PhoenixFire2305
Kitten| Louie Duck x Reader|by PotatoDuckling
Warning: V E R Y slow updates (Y/n) West-Cabrera is a tanned duck. The daughter of a great adventurer,Thomas West. She just so happens to also be related Fenton Cracksh...
Chloe- Little Sister AU (DuckTales 2017) by AnwynB03
Chloe- Little Sister AU ( AnwynB03
A week before her triplet eggs were to hatch, Della laid another. She disappeared a few days later, leaving Donald with 4 eggs to worry about. The 4th egg hatched a mont...
On My Father's Wings by beetlegoose01
On My Father's Wingsby beetlegoose01
In which Della tells her sons the story of their father. ~Told mainly in flashback~
DuckTales: The Moon by KittenCrusade
DuckTales: The Moonby Mad Melody
My name is Clover Duck. My mom accidentally took my egg with her on the rocket, and we got stuck on the moon. I've only ever seen the vast nothing of the moon, but the c...
Amhrán Na Farraige (Ducktales 2017) by wolfchibi27
Amhrán Na Farraige (Ducktales 2017)by wolfchibi27
Saoirse is an orphan living in Duckberg's orphanage before meeting an armoured duck on a dark and stormy night by faith. The only item was an ancient shell that belonged...
Ducktales 2017: Gizmoduck's/ Fenton's Duck Of His Dreams (DISCONTINUED)  by wolfchibi27
Ducktales 2017: Gizmoduck's/ wolfchibi27
Maria Rose is the niece of famous adventurer Scrooge McDuck. She was adopted by Donald Duck shortly after Della went missing becoming a big sister to the triplets. Maria...
Look to the Stars by Kim_the_Rabbit17
Look to the Starsby Kim_the_Rabbit17
Ever since the Shadow War, everything had gone back to normal with the family growing closer together. Charlotte had really grown out of her shell with Scrooge's help. S...
The Adventure of a Lifetime by Kim_the_Rabbit17
The Adventure of a Lifetimeby Kim_the_Rabbit17
With the invasion over and Lunaris defeated, everything was getting back to normal. At least, that's what Charlotte thought. F.O.W.L., the Fiendish Organization for Worl...