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If You Feel Better by emilieautumnays
If You Feel Betterby emilieautumnays
Aya is the daughter of Pharaoh Atem and future ruler of Egypt. The King of Thieves, Bakura, wants the entirety of the royal family to pay for the events that occurred in...
Master of None by DarthVegan99
Master of Noneby DarthVegan99
A displaced soul found himself in the tales of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX as a freshman at the Duel Academy. Witness his journey through a new reality, as every action created ripples...
Arc-V: Cultivating Future by Aquarius727
Arc-V: Cultivating Futureby Aquarius727
A normal person, with normal and boring life, wo was just regular Fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, suddenly got transported to YugiohVerse. It was not a planned event, but when life giv...
Fem Yugi and Atem x Male reader by ddxcrr
Fem Yugi and Atem x Male readerby ddxcrr
You are the twin of brooklyn rage also known as joey wheeler and what adventures await for you. #2 in femyugi 04/09/21
GX Story by DrexhunterCross
GX Storyby Drexhunter
Hi i do not own Yugioh or Yugioh Gx. They are owned by their respected coroporations. All i own is the story in my head. That wishes to be heard. ==== Book is based off...
My Time in Battle City [Tales of Luna, Book 1] by SDKang
My Time in Battle City [Tales of L...by SD
Luna is a girl from our world, fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, collector of all things Kaiba. Growing up hasn't been the best, but she has been adapting and doing her best. That is, u...
Yugioh GX...but Y/N exists And Is Stealing The Show by MADGamesX3
Yugioh GX...but Y/N exists And Is...by M.A.D.GamesX3
ok...here me out. we all should know Y/N from most (x reader) stories right? Good. So in this novel we start from Season 1, Episode 1 and make our way to the end...if po...
Heart of the Duel: A Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction by ImagiWorksNation
Heart of the Duel: A Yu-Gi-Oh Fanf...by ImagiWorksNation
Left in the shadows of her duel hungry boyfriend Seto Kaiba, young Kira Ellen wishes to make her own way into the world with a different perspective. Meeting Yugi Muto s...
Your Desire ? - A YuGiOh FanFic by Iraeis
Your Desire ? - A YuGiOh FanFicby Iraen Mitaes
The story will be set in the YuGiOh universe. I don't own Yugioh nor the images I used for the cover and this fanfic of mine. English is not my first language, if you...
The Priestess and the Ice Dragon (Rio Kastle X OC)  by KaitouDan
The Priestess and the Ice Dragon (...by Phantom Thief [dot] net
Yukio Aozaki meets and befriends Rio Kastle, a 2nd year student who goes to the same school as him. They later formed a bond that would lead to secrets unknown...
The Dueling Hero (My Hero Academia X Male Reader) by Goomba1914
The Dueling Hero (My Hero Academia...by Goomba1960
In Qingqing City, An extraordinary child was born who radiated light. After that, reports of people with superpowers popped up across the globe. No one knew what was cau...
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Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Games by StarlineStories
Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Gamesby StarlineStories
Anastasia Starline- head of Starline Enterprises is a developing company that specialises in nano- technology. After a friendly request from Seto Kaiba she is invited to...
The Silent Duelist ( Yugioh x Male OC Reader ) by Thatboihee
The Silent Duelist ( Yugioh x Male...by Thatboihee
(Discontinued for now) Dante Stryker a boy with cards given to him by his father wants people to see the power of them. But when people first see them they don't think m...
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Next Millennium (Male OC x Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) by MiddlMo
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Next Millennium...by MiddlMo
Max died how most young heroes did...Getting hit by a truck. The next thing he knows is that he's getting snapped at by a goddess at one moment and then thanked and rein...
issei the supreme king by nejirexdeku580
issei the supreme kingby green chicken storm
issei a lonely boy because he had nothing special like his siblings the only happines he had was a deck of card of creatures he could see that others can't and it was th...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains - Shadow of the Vrains [Slow Updates] by JackRyan658
Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains - Shadow of the V...by Jack Ryan
Playmaker is no longer the only one hunting down the Knights of Hanoi. A strange new duelist, named "Shadow Breaker", is hunting down the Knights of Hanoi as w...
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Cybernetic Kaiser (Male Reader X Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V) by ShiningGlory574
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Cybernetic Kaiser...by ShiningGlory574
Y/N was just a regular 18 years old Senior High School student. He loves the Yu-Gi-Oh! Series and playing the Trading Card Game. In all his life, He always feels like hi...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: The Fifth Factor(slow updates) by Dragon-Slayer454
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: The Fifth Factor(...by Dragon-Slayer454
A young duelist with a troubled past arrives at Maiami city in order to participate in the Maiami Championship, but soon finds himself embroiled in incidents exceeding h...
Yugioh Arc-V  x Male Reader by dunc1201
Yugioh Arc-V x Male Readerby Zarc1201
The resurrection of the Devil is inevitable, but what if there was now 2?, (I don't own the image)
Izuku Midoriya - road to the World Championships by Ad1TBh779
Izuku Midoriya - road to the World...by That random kid
the card game Duel Monsters has grown in massive popularity in the new millennium with many young kids around the globe aspiring to become pro duelists themselves. And a...