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The New Little Glader by cghal1234
The New Little Gladerby cghal1234
When 7 year old Jessie goes into the maze the Creators can't interfere. with Jessie's memories still with her, will she ruin the whole experiment just by knowing to much...
Romance on set *Dylan O'brien fanfiction* by Princessdgurl11
Romance on set *Dylan O'brien fanf...by Princessdgurl11
This story is about co-stars dating each other, her name is Jeanette perz (pronounced gee-net) who is part of the cast of Teen Wolf. She's dating Dylan O'brien but will...
the glade | newt & thomas by cast_lyd
the glade | newt & thomasby yo daddy
"where am i?" "the glade,welcome to the glade greenie." ©copyright//http-olinsky all rights reserved
The Maze Runner Images/Preferences by Tommy-the-leader
The Maze Runner Images/Preferencesby Trick ass, bitch ass hoe
My dear Gladers, as you obviously love The Maze Runner and James Dashner as much as I do then add this book to your library comment and vote on how I can improve this bo...
Welcome to the Scorch by Ivory-willow
Welcome to the Scorchby Ivory-Willow Thyme
Once again you are thrown into the craziest of scenarios but this time you are prepared, this time your training of the Maze had prepared you for what's to come... Or h...
Tate ▸ Crystal Reed by -poseys
Tate ▸ Crystal Reedby tay
❝You get the best of both worlds.❞ [SOCIAL MEDIA - BOOK 1] [COPYRIGHT - POSEYS]
Best Friend's Brother (T.H) by gotmilknigger
Best Friend's Brother (T.H)by barfjulpod
Alana is a normal 19 year old girl. Her best friend is Amanda Hoechlin. One day Amanda's brother ,Tyler, came back from collage. Alana and him become very close. Now Ala...
Before You Were Famous by dylanodome_
Before You Were Famousby dylanodome_
Josie was you average college student. Good grades, great friends, etc. This year instead of living in a dorm she decides to live on her own. When she realizes her old c...
Love never fails  by Be_Happy2020
Love never fails by Be_Happy2020
Does it fail ? Do things change or the way we see it ? Does have always be the black or white side or the grey side do exist ? Is the world evil or are we playing the vi...
Teen wolf Season 2 by BellanaVanDerVlugt
Teen wolf Season 2by Bellana Van Der Vlugt
Based off Season 2 Teen wolf. May have some error's occur. Some scenes have been changed like order for example. In this season. Haley is facing her own problems. She h...
Life as we know it. by XxkailaxX
Life as we know it.by XxkailaxX
"It's not that I hate life... Cause I don't. I just... I... Ok fine I hate it. It just doesn't seem all great to me. I mean I think the only reason Why I was pu...
The Unexpected Twist by maestheticx
The Unexpected Twistby Maryam
When Chloe Bergman joined the group of murderers after suffering for almost all her life, she finally feels free from the prison called her past. Or at least that's what...
Dancing Hearts by pugscoverdinpastel
Dancing Heartsby 𝕕𝕒𝕚𝕤𝕪
I'm always a little innately shy when I first talk to a girl, and I think I always will be! But that's a good thing you don't want to lose that- Dylan Another Dylan O'B...