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Dying Light 2: The Volatile Hunter by Freedom_Aviators
Dying Light 2: The Volatile Hunterby Zven
(Discontinued) 22 years since the events in Harran. the entire world is in shambles as the infected run rampant in the streets, it seems that humanity is dying but only...
Reborn as a monster in a monstrous world  by Laureen2111
Reborn as a monster in a monstrous...by Alpha Reptilian Queen
An unusually tall thin poor teenager no older than 13 was carrying his violin on his back on his way home. Suddenly out of nowhere an old manhole with number 13 on it. H...
Shadows of a Dying Light by Slimsy_69
Shadows of a Dying Lightby Slimsy_69
Kyle Crane, once the amazing hero of Harran and best runner of the Tower, has now turned into a sentient Volatile, much like The Mother. Crane begins to deal with these...
RWBY Trailers by REAVER508
RWBY Trailersby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
A Collection of actual Trailers parodied as RWBY stories
Dying of the Dead by TheBurnedCaesar
Dying of the Deadby TheBurnedCaesar
My name is Kyle Crane and I'm a student of Fujimi Academy, I've got transfer from America to Japan and live with my childhood friend Takashi and his family. It was durin...
The runner of UA by CAPTAINJackSparrow31
The runner of UAby Nirmiak
Crane was doing a night run for antizin, He found the crates but accidentally set off a car alarm, he grabbed the antizin and fought the volatiles that came, however his...
dying light - mutation files  by jealousflame91
dying light - mutation files by jealousflame91
Learn all there needs to know about the infected and how to survive them.
Luz Noceda, the runner by theconstantineking
Luz Noceda, the runnerby theconstantineking
When the outbreak started, Luz was in Harran with her mother, who was later killed by the first wave of infected. She was later taken in by the runners, and adopted by B...
Dying Twilight Stay Human (Dying Light X Twilight) by ArkScorpion669
Dying Twilight Stay Human (Dying L...by ArkScorpion669
The Two brothers of Rosalie hale YN and Aiden are test subjects of crazy doctor name Waltz who been doing experiment on children giving them some type of drug this drug...
The Nighthunter Bodyguard (Dying Light x Blackpink) by ArkScorpion669
The Nighthunter Bodyguard (Dying L...by ArkScorpion669
YN Crane is a Survivor of Harran the city where a zombie outbreak happened the city was left to die YN went to the county side of Harran because there were rumors of peo...
Dying Twilight (Male night hunter reader x Twilight) by ArkScorpion669
Dying Twilight (Male night hunter...by ArkScorpion669
you are the night hunter after you escape from harren before it got nuked you been on a killing rampage for about a year killing innocent people but you ate a strange pe...
I'm Not What You Think I Am!(Male Kyle Crane Reader X My Hero Academia) by DrHigh77
I'm Not What You Think I Am!(Male...by Dr.High
This is my first story so please go easy on me. This will have some bad grammar and spelling so if you see some please tell me so I can try to fix it. Also I'm probably...
NIKKE: DYING LIGHT by Grimmknight016
After the Outbreak, You are a Lone Survivor from The Surface, Encountered and Fought many Zombies Until a New Generation of Military Rescuing Survivors called Nikke's.
Dying light Roleplay (Rp) by Lockerol
Dying light Roleplay (Rp)by Bluffpenguin801
There was an infectious outbreak in a country called Harran
Dying Light 2 X male modern reader by Freedom_Aviators
Dying Light 2 X male modern readerby Zven
Seeing the title you know what I've gotten into Y/N a pretty modern boy from 2022 ends up getting sucked into a game This has no plot it's just me pulling shit outta my...
Dying Light: A runner's heartbeat by MrWildRiver
Dying Light: A runner's heartbeatby MrWildRiver
This is a dying light (the game) fanfiction. The reason I wrote it is simple, some things in the game irritated me. I wrote my own story without these things happening...
A Light In The Darkness by Pride_rawr
A Light In The Darknessby Gabriel
Tony Downey Winchester an agent on a mission to find a cure to save the zombie apocalypse Inpisred by alot of zombie movies and mostly the plot is similiar to Dying Ligh...
Fading hope by niftytrack61627
Fading hopeby niftytrack61627
This story is based on the game dying light. You follow the story of Ned, a tourist trapped in the city of Harran due to air traffic. No one knows that the city has been...
Good Night.Good Luck. by JustYourAverageNerd_
Good Night.Good Luck.by JustYourAverageNerd_
Tucker was an Unlikely survivor of the Apocalypse that engulfed America. He was a Fourteen year old orphan, and he was born of Rich parents who died when he was young. N...
Dying Light by Sithead
Dying Lightby J. Dunham
In a ever darkening world, one man takes a stand against the ever growing evil. The Light of the world is slowly dying, and Grant Smith is uncertain if a God is even rea...