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Long lost Lovers • EDDIE MUNSON x FEM!HENDERSON!READER by brewingdecisions
Long lost Lovers • EDDIE MUNSON x...by brewingdecisions
You return to Hawkins after 13 years, thinking it wouldn't be or feel like home but it looks like it might do after all. (Not following the ST s4 storyline and just fur...
eddie munson x reader <3 by pixiedust333
eddie munson x reader <3by rose <3
smut, fluff, and all of the above about our favourite "freak", eddie munson. hope u enjoy ! :)
eddie munson smut 🤭🎸 by thesmallestfunkopop
eddie munson smut 🤭🎸by
⚠️: 18+ // for my eddie munson lovers 😍 (and horny people)
Eddie Munson One-shots by unlabledteacup
Eddie Munson One-shotsby Babes~
Smut Fluff Angst A. U Mod. Dm requests are great
Honey I'm Home  / Eddie Munson x you (female reader) by trashmouth-richie
Honey I'm Home / Eddie Munson x y...by trashmouth-richie
when your roommate moves out and no one answers your ad in the paper-Eddie Munson, your brothers best friend, moves in. He's a menace, disgusting in the very way and a...
You Give Love A Bad Name - Eddie Munson  by ENElover195
You Give Love A Bad Name - Eddie M...by ENElover195
Y/N is the girlfriend of Billy Hargrove until the school's drug dealer steals her heart away and they form a toxic love that they can't walk away from it. WARNING: Smut...
GUIDE | Eddie Munson x reader by cmiygl222
GUIDE | Eddie Munson x readerby venusfairy
It's your first day in a new school in Hawkins and a charismatic guy gives you a tour of the school and possibly something more~ SMUT! and some talk of drugs later on
Eddie Munson smut oneshots???  by Visiximoff
Eddie Munson smut oneshots??? by Phebz <3
Smut of Eddie because he is way too fine for this world and I need to get this out of my system. Also you can request specific scenarios if you want! ;)
Hellfire lover  by charlottebarnes3000
Hellfire lover by charlottebarnes3000
You ask Eddie to pretend to be your bf after you ex cheats on you but is it all pretend. Follow the relationship between y/n and Eddie (some smut)
Still Loving You by eddiemunsons80sbaby
Still Loving Youby Elizabeth
Elizabeth Henderson left Hawkins for a small town college and left everything behind her, including the boy she loved. She has moved on. Amazing friends, a boyfriend who...
Did the freak became soft? // Eddie Munson by The-fanfic_Writer
Did the freak became soft? // Eddi...by gay
Warnings: Some parts may have smut,fluff, a lil bit kinky etc. etc. Y/N Harper and her parents just moved to hawkins, When she and her sister transferred she made f...
eddie munson smut<3 by erens1andonlywh0re
eddie munson smut<3by mrs booty hair
pls give requests😭😭 enjoy ig-
The One Where You Handcuff Eddie To The Bed by hellfirehoe
The One Where You Handcuff Eddie T...by hellfirehoe
Cover photo credits to Shelby Chamberlain.
Eddie Munson X Reader Fics by GoblinWitch6
Eddie Munson X Reader Ficsby Rose Taylor
Eddie Munson X Reader fanfictions. Mostly lemon stories but I will write some fluff stories as well. Some VERY kinky situations. You can send requests if you'd like, I m...
Stranger things Oneshots  by KrissyMunson
Stranger things Oneshots by Krissy
FILTHY SHIT ABOUT STRANGER THINGS MEN... and possibly Robin. Warning for 18+ many different kinks used in some, not sure eif I should give a warning on those... probab...
Eddie Munson <33 by _1ov3rb0y
Eddie Munson <33by Ace 🫶
you stared to realise your feelings for Eddie and he catches on <3
Eddie Munson x (Y/n) Smut by bhapti_
Eddie Munson x (Y/n) Smutby El
(Y/n) moves into Hawkins after an accident in her home town where she meets Eddie Munson and they begin to form a relationship. There will be smut in this story, please...
Eddie munson// one shots by chloesfantasies
Eddie munson// one shotsby chloesfantasies
!!⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️!! -mains are y/n+eddie we recommend for you to be a older reader due to the mature aspects of this book hope you like this also please give me feedbac...
☆~ eddie munson fics ~☆ by eddies-ang3l
☆~ eddie munson fics ~☆by eddies-ang3l
♡♡ all of my reposted eddie munson x reader fics from my tumblr, @eddies-ang3l ♡♡
Eddie,my love (contains smut) by Jocelyn151940
Eddie,my love (contains smut)by Queencheryl
You're Dustin's older sister who plays dnd